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Places:Cemeteries:Sterling:Burials page 413

Arenac County Burials - Sterling Cemetery

Sterling Cemetery - Deep River Township

     From "Arenac County Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions", compiled in 1992 by Betty Brokoff Barringer, Carlie Welker Klumpp, Barbara Briggs Foster and JoEllyn Lawson Pedota.   Used with permission.   This copy contributed 2005 for use on this MIGenWeb site.

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Read in rows from North to South beginning in the Northwest Corner.

Page 413
GALLAGHER, Joseph W. Mar 14, 1907-Oct 12, 1989 ss
GALLAGHER, Thelma M. Nov 8, 1911- ss
COUSINS, Rozella I. 1906-1991 ss
COUSINS, Mayfield F. 1902-1988 ss
GALOVICS, Wayne A. 1950-      Son
GALOVICS, Jennie M. 1917-
KOZERO, Chester Cpl US Army World War II
April 25, 1914-Jul 11, 1989
SHERRILL, Marjorie C. 1922-
GILES, George Wagr US Army World War I 1888-1977
MATTERN, Arthur Orrin F1 US Navy World War II
Mar 3, 1919-Jan 5, 1978
AMES, Ella 1858-1894
AMES, Jay 1850-1935
REUTTER, Thelma Ames 1902
INGLIS, Julia A. Mother 1858-1939
COUSINS, Duane M. Oct 27, 1941-Aug 10, 1980
MANN, Ellman H. 1920-1978 ss
MANN, Bertha L. 1920-1978 ss
SMELA, Bill Joe 1919-
SMELA, Carl 1894-1977 ss
SMELA, Nellie 1893-1958 ss
BROOKS, Ora B. Ohio Pfc Co C16 Infantry World War I
DSC-SS Oct 26, 1894-May 25, 1962
BROOKS, Verble F. World War I Auxillery of Standish
Barracks #472 Sept 14, 1900-May 8, 1977

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