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Places:Cemeteries:Sterling:Burials page 445

Arenac County Burials - Sterling Cemetery

Sterling Cemetery - Deep River Township

     From "Arenac County Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions", compiled in 1992 by Betty Brokoff Barringer, Carlie Welker Klumpp, Barbara Briggs Foster and JoEllyn Lawson Pedota.   Used with permission.   This copy contributed 2005 for use on this MIGenWeb site.

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Page 445
ROW 24
WILSON, Clara 1924-
WILSON, Kenneth S. Michigan Pfc US Army WWII
Sept 3, 1910 - Aug 24, 1965
ROW 25
JONES, E. Barnard 1902-1958 ss
JONES, Gail A. 1905-1956 ss
DEMURA, John T. 1914-1953
HOPKE, August Adolph 1874-1954 ss
HOPKE, Nora Belle 1879-1949 ss
HOPKE, Adolph Julius 1908-1918
BALDWIN, Ethel nee Neuman 1896-1987 ss
BALDWIN, Russell 1891-1986 ss
DETGEN, Frances S. 1897-1972
WILKINSON, George A. 1911-1945 ss
WILKINSON, Prudence 1886-1959 ss
WILKINSON, George A. 1884-1957 ss
LAWSON, Seward L. 1904-1976 ss
LAWSON, Macyl 1910-1983 ss
WITTY, Ivan G. 1912-1986 ss
WITTY, Irma J. 1913- ss
ROW 26
JARVIS, Ernest R. 1909-1984 ss
JARVIS, Ruth A. 1910- ss
JARVIS, Mary E. 1887-1969 ss
JARVIS, Martin D. 1885-1961 ss
ROW 27
RICE, William L. Sept 20-25 1947
Son of Charles & Lilly Rice
STROHAUER, Clara B. 1888-1966 ss
STROHAUER, Timothy S. 1874-1963 ss
BANGHART, Ethel Reen 1900- ss
BANGHART, Olin Lyle 1898-1954 ss
WHITE, Jeanne E. ENS US Navy WWII 1919-1981
PASSINEAU, Margaret F. 1916-1988 ss
PASSINEAU, Theodore J. 1906-1975 ss

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