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Places:Centennial Farms

Arenac County Centennial Farms

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The Centennial Farm Program was begun in 1948 by the Michigan Historical Commission with support from local electrical power suppliers and farm groups.  Its purpose was to recognize farms that have remained in the same family for over 100 years. 

  • The Colombe farm in Standish Township is a Centennial Farm.  It was purchased in 1883.  The original buildings on the farm consisted of a saloon with rooms overhead, blacksmith shop, Hotel and Livery stables. It was a halfway house and stage coach stop.  It is located in Sections 4 and 5 of Standish Township, due east of the town of Standish.  (photoSubmitted by Burton Palmer.

  • The Goodroe farm in NE Section 19 of Deep River Township is a Centennial Farm. It is located along M-76 at the NW village limit of Sterling. (photoSubmitted by Carol Goodroe.

  • The Hertzberg farm in SW Section 18 of Deep River Township displays a Centennial Farm marker 1/2 mile NW of Sterling.  The property was acquired prior to 1886 by Gottfried and Marie Felske Hertzberg.  Submitted by G Knopp.

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