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DEXTER, THOMAS:   is a native of Norfolk, England, where he was born November 16, 1829. Mr. Dexter was only seventeen years of age when he decided to try his fortunes in America, where two of his brothers had gone ten years previously. He accordingly made the journey in the primitive maner of the times, and eventually reached Orleans county.  New York, in 1847, where his brothers had located. Thomas Dexter's father was GOLDEN DEXTER and his mother was SARAH GOOSE, both natives of England, where they were married, passed their entire lives and where they died. They were the parents of six children, as follows: ROBERT died in Orleans county, New York. JOHN died in Whitewater, Wisconsin. JAMES died in England. PHYLLIS DEXTER MYHILL is still
living and a resident of Orleans county, New York. MARY DEXTER BARGEWELL still lives in England. All of the members of the Dexter family have lived to be over seventy years of age, they being noted for their logevity, and all have been industrious people.  Our subject, THOMAS DEXTER, began labor as soon as he was located in Orleans county, New York, principally upon the farm. His first summer's work resulted in his saving forty dollars, and the second summer saw sixty dollars additional saved. With this capital of one hundred dollars the young man, to quote his present words, thought he was fully the equal of John Jacob Astor or any of the then wealthy men of the country, and he at once placed the sum where it would be safe, and where it would bring him good interest. It will thus be seen that early in life he was filled with frugal and saving ideas and that it was his intention to accumulate property. After a few years spent in the state of New York, where he labored assiduously and saved his earnings, he decided to join the tide of emigration which had been flowing from the Empire state to Michigan
for nearly a score of years, and he accordingly made the trip here, arriving in Detroit in 1852. Three years previously Mr. Dexter had gone as far west as Whitewater, Wisconsin, Where he stayed only a short time, afterwards returning to his former home in New York. Our subject found his way to Branch county and Butler in 1852. Here, during the first few years of his stay, he worked by the month and continued his practice of saving, and he soon had sufficient funds with
which to purchase land on section two, which he has since added to, owning at one time one hundred and twenty acres thereon. This farm was almost wholly uncleared when purchased by Mr Dexter, and with his own hands he has made all of the many improvements since. The farm is a fine one, with good buildings and equipped with all of the machinery necessary for its successful operation. Mr. Dexter was married in 1863 to MELISSA McCONE, a native of   Livingston county, New York, she being the daughter of ISAAC McCONE. They were married in Butler and five children were born to them, as follows: A son FAY died in 1898 at the age of twenty-three years.  SARAH DEXTER married FRED EASTON. They have four children, NELETA, PEARL, THOMAS and LULA, and their home is in Homer. GOLDEN V. DEXTER married EVA MOORE and he lives in Butler. MARY DEXTER married CLAUDE HINKLEY and their home is in Girard. They have three children:  FLOYD, RUEL and MILDRED. CLARK DEXTER married ALTA CURTIS, and they have one daughter, Le MOYNE. Their home is in Butler, adjoining Mr. Dexter's farm. Mrs. Dexter passed away in June, 1898. Mr. Dexter possesses and interesting fund of reminiscence concerning the early history of this portion of the township of Butler, and the many changes which have taken place here. When he first came to this place the houses and settlers were few and far between, there were but few school houses, no church buildings, while the nearest postoffice was at Homer, in Calhoun county. Of the men who were living here then only two remain, Mr. Dexter and Phillip Haight, a neighbor, mention of whom is to found elsewhere in this volume. Those early days were filled with hard labor and few if any luxuries, but neverthe- less a great deal of solid enjoyment was extracted from life. Mr. Dexter has all his life until within a few years been a hard-working man, and he has prospered financially, his farm being one of the best in this section, and where he has a most comfortable home. He has now retired from active operation of his place, and he is passing his declining days in the section which has been the scene of his life's labors. Mr. Dexter has been a Democrat all his life, and although not an office seeker has served his district upon several occasions as an officer. He is a man who commands the respect and esteem of his fellow townsmen, all of whom hope he has many of usefulness before him.  (Source:  A TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF BRANCH COUNTY, MICHIGAN. by Rev. Henry P. Collin, M.A. author and editor published by The Lewis Publishing Co. New York. Chicago 1906 pages 799-801)