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HILL, ARDEN SPENCER:  (son of George W. Hill) was born June 28, 1870 in Little Cooley, Pennsylvania, and died September 15, 1915 in Coldwater, Michigan. He married MAUDE MAE GRAVES February 23, 1897 in Bethel, Michigan, daughter of William Graves and Mariam Burghduff.  Arden spent the first 10 years or so of his life in Little Cooley, then moved with the family to Bethel, Michigan in Branch County. After meeting and marrying Maude, they moved to Windsor, Ohio where Arden worked for Levi Hill in his cheese box business. While not substantiated, there is a belief that Levi may have been an Uncle or second cousin of Arden. Their son, Lloyd was born in Windsor Corners during this time. After 3 years they moved back to Coldwater, Michigan, to work for Pratt Manufacturing Company painting sled boards. He became the chief artist for Pratt designing many new patterns for sleds. His most famous design was a combination of roses and streping flowers. He did all the sled designs free hand. Unfortunately, the lead in the paint took its toll over the years and he died of a lung condition at the age of 45. When he became ill, the family rented a farm around 1911 on Jonesville Road so he could get fresh air. In 1915 they moved back to Coldwater to the home on Green St. where he died. He is buried in Batavia Cemetery.  Maude Mae Graves: As a young lady she was an elocutionist, and recited poems at entertainment events all over the immediate Branch County area. She became well known for her talents. Married to Arden in her parents home in Bethel. After moving back to Coldwater from Windsor, Ohio, she and Arden bought the home at 78 Green St. for $1800.00. She lived at 78 Green St. until 1948 when she bought the home on 25 Whitten Ave. and lived there until her death. She was in apparent good health until a stroke left her paralyzed for six months. Her daughter Ferne lived with her most of Maude's life at both locations. She lived 71 years. She is buried in Batavia Cemetery.
Children of ARDEN HILL and MAUDE GRAVES are: 
3. LLOYD GRAVES HILL, born December 25, 1898, Windsor Corners, Ohio (Ashtabula County); died March 15, 1983, Coldwater, Michigan. 
ii. MARIAM FERNE HILL, born December 22, 1901, Bethel, Michigan (Branch County); died January 05, 1975, Coldwater, Michigan. 
iv. JESSIE VIOLA HILL, born November 07, 1909, Coldwater, Michigan; died June 26, 1991, Coldwater, Michigan.
MARIAM FERNE HILL: Ferne, as everyone knew her, was a very pretty girl, with long auburn hair curls. She was very popular in school, always the teachers "pet". She worked for many years as a receptionist for Dr. Walter Bein, Optometrist. She never married. She was in poor health much of her life, but always a cheerful, upbeat person. She paid a lot of attention to her many nephews and nieces. In later life, she worked in a rest home in Arlington Heights, Illinois, near Chicago. She retired from there and came back to Coldwater until her death on January 5, 1975. She lived 74 years.
2. GEORGE M. HILL (GEORGE W.1). Children of GEORGE M. HILL are: 
ii. DANE HILL, married VIVA.  
(Source:  Richard Hill,, February 2005)

HILL, GEORGE W.:   Was born September 04, 1834 in Stark County, Ohio, and died March 18, 1899 in Bethel, Michigan (Branch County). He married (1) SARAH LEWIS in Little Cooley, Pennsylvania. He married (2) MALINDA SWIHART July 04, 1860 in Little Cooley, Pennsylvania.  When a young man, he moved with his family to Little Cooley, PA. There , he married Sarah Lewis to which two daughters were born. Polly died at birth and Marian, who later married Loren Bidwell of Little Cooley and later moved to Bronson, Michigan when her father moved to Michigan. Three years after the death of first wife, he married Malinda Swihart, the union to which Arden was born along with George M. and Dora, who died giving birth in 1918. He was converted when but 14 years of age, first uniting with the M.E. Church, later with the United .Brethren Church. George entered the ministry as a young man in Pennsylvania. When he moved to Michigan he served as Pastor of the United Brethren Church in Bethel Twp. until he died in 1889. He died of chronic Cystitis at 74 years, 6 months and 14 days. He is buried in East Gilead Cemetery, Branch County, Michigan.  (Source:  Richard Hill,, February 2005)

HILL,  LLOYD GRAVES:  (son of Arden & Maude)  was born December 25, 1898 in Windsor Corners, Ohio (Ashtabula County), and died March 15, 1983 in Coldwater, Michigan. He married ALICE HELEN LAFLER June 17, 1928 in Kinderhook, Michigan, daughter of HARRY LAFLER and NELLIE JONES.  LLOYD HILL: Lloyd had to leave school in 10th grade because of his father's death and to help take care of his mother and three younger sisters. He went to work for Flour Milling Company driving a truck at the age of 15. He never finished school but later in life went to night school where he was a whiz in mathematics - up through Advanced Calculus and Trigonometry. During this time, he became a skilled carpenter and cabinet maker. This led to another latent talent - architectural renderings of kitchens. He then began to design kitchens and build them for many of Coldwater's more prominent citizens. Some of his reputation led him out of town - for instance, he designed and built a new kitchen for the President of Hillsdale College, Dr. J. Donald Phillips. This had a later implication in the decision of his son, Richard, to attend Hillsdale College. After many years designing and building kitchens, Lloyd decided to work with Kerr Hardware as a clerk and tool buyer. His knowledge of power tools was surpassed by no one. A few years later he joined Moore Hardware as a buyer and stayed there until he retired at age 70. When he was in his twenties, he showed an artistic flair, probably inherited from his father, Arden. Lloyd became well known in Coldwater for his ability to design the window displays in all of the retail stores. Many years later, one can see this same innate talent in the work of his granddaughter, Sarah, as an accomplished Interior Designer in Ann Arbor. From Arden to Lloyd to Sarah. A case could be made that this lineage moved through his son, Richard, Sarah's father, who is an accomplished photographer, especially from a composition standpoint. Perhaps then from Arden to Lloyd to Richard to Sarah. In his late twenties, Lloyd became associated with a local jewelry firm and by 1928, he bought the former owners interest and the store became the Lloyd G. Hill Jewelry Store. Unfortunately, when the Great Depression hit in 1929, he was not yet established enough to sustain the business and lost it. During this same period of time, he was a member of the Michigan National Guard, where he started as a Bugler and worked his way through the ranks until he became a 1st Lieutenant in the 126th Infantry Division. A hard working man and a good provider for his family, Lloyd worked many different jobs during the lean years of the depression: a Timekeeper-State Road Commission in the construction of US 12; a coal truck driver for Pollack's Lumber; a truck driver for the Coldwater Diary and then a bus driver for Short Way Lines. Although Lloyd lived to age 84, he suffered for 7 long years with Alzheimer's and spent the final 2 years of his life in a nursing home when his wife could no longer care for him.   HELEN, as she was commonly known, was born in the small four corners village called Kinderhook, Michigan, Helen lived on a farm there for the first 15 years of her life. She enjoyed working with her father on the farm, milking the cows, driving the mules and various other chores. She attended the one room school in Kinderhook. She had many fond memories of visiting Lafler relatives in North Ridge and Lockport on several occasions during these formative years. When it came time for High School, she attended Coldwater H.S., some 10 miles north of Kinderhook. It was during this time that her mother, Nellie, became seriously ill, so the family moved to Coldwater, a town of about 10,000 and closer medical care. Nellie passed away in 1920. Harry sold the house and made arrangements for Helen and Ethelyn to live with friends so they could finished High School in Coldwater, while he went back to New York and worked the farms with his brothers. Helen graduated in 1924 and worked as a bookkeeper and cashier at a grocery store in Coldwater. Later, in 1927, Ethelyn graduated and went to New York to live with her father. Helen was supposed to go but met her future husband, Lloyd Hill. Lloyd and Helen were married in 1928 in Kinderhook at her Grandmother Jones home, the site of her mother and father's marriage. Lloyd owned the Hill Jewelry Store in Coldwater and lost it in the Great Depression of 1929. Meanwhile, Helen continued working at the grocery store until 1931 when their first child, Richard, was born. Times were difficult because of the economic conditions, but Lloyd found work where ever he could. In 1943, they had a daughter, Patricia. It would be several years before Helen returned to work. Patricia was not a healthy child but was able to stay on course with school. When she graduated, Helen decided to go back to work but chose a profession she was always interested in - the medical field. She received training as a Nurse's Aid and joined the local hospital in Coldwater. For several years, she became every new mother's helper and confidant. Over the years, she received numerous cards thanking her for the professional and warm hearted care she gave mother and baby. She was even privileged to care for her first granddaughter, Martha, who was born in Coldwater in 1958. Helen and Lloyd enjoyed retirement for a few years until Lloyd became ill with Alzheimer's. Helen put her nursing skills to work once again helping him for about 5 years until the disease took its toll on both of them. When she became ill from exhaustion, Lloyd had to finally go to a Nursing Home. When she got back on her feet, she visited him daily. Never giving up her care skills, she fed him and made sure he was well cared for. Two years later, he died. Four years later, her daughter, Patricia, passed away at age 44. In these later years, she enjoyed her family very much and always delighted in seeing her son, four grandchildren and four great grandsons. She maintained a close relationship with her sister, Ethelyn and her husband, Ron and her sister-in-law, Wilma Hill Hyland. Over the years she was very active in the First Baptist Church. Helen lived to the ripe old age of 91 years, 8 months and 27 days. She passed away November 1, 1997 of congenital heart disease.  (Source:  Richard Hill,, February 2005)

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HOARD, ANDREW: A native of Ohio, was born May 7, 1840, of parents, Justice and Mariah (McClain) Hoard, deceased. He was married March 6, 1873, in Hillsdale county, Mich., to Magdalena Knecht, who was born in France June 30, 1852; her parents, both of whom have been called to their reward, were
Christian and Saloma Knecht. One child was the issue of this union, Fred. When the war was declared between the North and South, our subject was engaged in farming; he was 24 years of age when he was enrolled from Detroit, Mich., Sept. 22, 1864, as a private in Co. D, 1st Mich. V.I., 1st Brig., 2d Div., 14th A.C. In the spring of 1865 he was detailed as guard at Brig. Hd. Qtrs. for two weeks. He also took part in the battles of Black Run and Bentonville besides considerable skirmishing, and was honorably discharged July 17, 1865, at Detroit, Mich. His wife had two brothers in service, Christian and Frederick, the latter was wounded at Fredericksburg; her father served in the French army. Comrade Hoard is a member of G.A.R.; he is a farmer by occupation and his address is Bronson, Mich. Copyright 1999 by Denise Frederick. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives.
HOGABOOM, ANDREW: Son of John G. Hogaboom, living, and Anna (Middaugh), deceased, was born in Charleston, Mich., Sept. 17, 1849. He united his fortunes for life with Rosetta Robbins Sept. 28, 1873. She was born in Jefferson county, N.Y., Nov. 12, 1849. Her parents, no longer living, were
Philander and Harriet Robbins, deceased. Two children have been born to them, Minnie and Earl W. Comrade Hogaboom enlisted to defend the flag of his country and was but 15 years of age when he was enrolled April 1, 1865, as a private in Co. K, 15th Mich. V.I., which was assigned to 3d Brig., 3d Div., 15th A.C. Owing to the lateness of his enlistment and the close of hostilities so soon thereafter he was not called into active service and was honorabley discharged Aug. 15, 1865, in Arkansas. His brother Cornelius and his wife's brothers, William and Wesley, served in the late war. Comrade Hogaboom has been township treasurer two years; he belongs to Kilbourn Post, No. 185; his occupation is that of a farmer and his address is Sherwood, Mich.  Copyright 1999 by Denise Frederick. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives.
HOSS, GEORGE B.:  Was born in St. Joseph county, Mich., Aug. 23, 1848, of parents, William and Rachel (Bennage) Hoss, the former only is living. He was
united in marriage in this county, Sept. 19, 1867, to Rachel Narber, who was a native of Pennsylvania, born Feb 25, 1849; her father George Narber, is still living, but her mother, Frances (Gardener), has gone to her reward. Their domestic ties have been graced with four children, George H., Emma, Caroline and Fred. Comrade Hoss was engaged in farming and was 15 years old when he left home to fight for the preservation of the Union. He entered the ranks Dec.1, 1863, as a
private in Co. B, 12th Mich. V.I. In 1864 he was detailed at Duvalls Bluff to guard train and spent six months in this way. He took part in the engagements of Duvalls Bluff, Ny River and several others and was honorably discharged February, 1866, at Camden, Ark. He had two brothers in service, Samuel, who was wounded and died in service, and John. Comrade Hoss has been township treasurer; he belongs to Kilbourn Post; he is a farmer by occupation and his address is
Sherwood, Mich.  Copyright 1999 by Denise Frederick. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives.