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Coldwater City
Branch County, Michigan


Morse Street Cemetery is located on Morse Street in the city of Coldwater Branch County Michigan. Plaque on post "Where The Forefathers Of The Hamlet Sleep. Restored By The Coldwater Chapter Daughters Of The American Revolution." Dates of burial 1836-1857 INSCRIPTIONS:

LADD, Caroline w/o Thomas d: Sept. 17,1837 ae; 30y 5m 1d.

BINGHAM, Lemuel d: Mar 2, 1853 ae; 83y Sarah h/w, d: Oct 14, 1842 58y Hester Ann d/o L. & S. d: June 15, 1836 ae;18y Sweet be the rest.

TIBBITS, Rhobe Mariah d: Oct 19, 1851 ae;12y 5m

PADDOCK, Minerva w/o Ira B. d: Sept 7, 1836 ae; 50y Henry s/o Wm. B.& Mary d: July 1849 ae 10m

(?), Gilman s/o Jacob & Cynthis Leach d: Nov 23,1838 ae;32y

MOLEN, Nancy J. d/o John & Jane S. d: Aug 29, 1852 ae;1m 11d

WILLIAMS, David b:Oct 17, 1806 d:Dec 16, 1847 ae;41y 1m 29d.

CULP, Alvin Tyler s/o WM. I. & E. I. d: Sept 10,1855 ae;10m

ERVIN, Eunice w/o Francis d: Sept 22, 1852 ae; 73y

SHOOK, Byansi M. d/o L. & S. d: Jan 21, 1851 ae; 2y 3m 8d

PARSONS, George H. s/o A. D. & E. P. d: Mar 3, 1852 ae;6y 9m

CRIPPEN, Edward I. s/o Orin & Ann I. d:Mar 7, 1852 ae;5y 8m 11d.

MORSE, Mark s/o J. & R. d:Nov 22, 1841 ae;16y 22d.

DAUGHERTY, Ann Maria, Eldest d/o Thomas & Harreit d:Apr 13, 1839 ae;13y 5m

FOSTER, Wiley B., b:Aug. 26, 1816 d:May 17, 1848

PARRISH, Mary Jane, w/o T. M., d:Apr. 18, 1853 ae; 29y.,10m.,10d.

HAWLEY, Elizah, s/o William & Harriet, d:Dec 21, 1841, ae;21y

REYNOLDS, Rebecca, w/o Alex, d:Aug. 8, 1849 ae; 45y.,22d. John, s/o Alex, Rebecca, d:Jan. 30, 1842 ae; 17y.,1m.,13d.

WILLIAMS, Pharosina, d/o C. B., Lucy, d:May 15, 1839 ae; 7y.

BINGHAM, M. H., D: Aug. 21, 1845 ae; 30y.

BINGHAM, Mary, d/o L., S., d: March 20, 1849 ae;18y.,9m.

GILLETT, ?, w/o Isaac, (Native of England) d: Oct. 23, 1848 ae; 40y. A. W. G. on footstone

PARRISH, Polly, d/o Kimble, Mary, d: Feb. 15, 1851 ae; 1y.,5m. Roccell L. Y. A. M. d/o Kimble, Mary, d:July 12, 1845 ae;11m.

WILSON, John T., s/o John, Margarett, d: Dec.18, 1845 ae; 1y., 9m., 15d.

BERRY, Eliza C., d/o Ezra, Amanda, d:April 3, 1847 ae; 1y., 5m.

CONANT, Adele, d/o W., M, d: ---7, 1845 Maria, w/o Wm. B., d: Feb. 27, 1853, ae; 26y., 3m.

BROOKS, Maria A., w/o Aaron, d: May 17, 1852 ae; 26y.,7m.

WHITE, (Top Gone), d: Nov. 20, 1850 ae; 1y.,2m.,2d. (White Footstone) A.C. (White Footstone) M. C. (White Footstone) W. B. C.

FIRBY, Eliza, w/o J. M., d: June 13, 1852 ae; 29y.,11m.,9d.

ABBOTT, Elizabeth B., d/o L. G., Irene d: Aug. 20, 1852 ae; 1y.,1m.,4d.

HERRICK, Andrew T. (War Of 1812 Soldier) d: Sept. 15, 1842 ae; 47y.,4m.,15d.

POND, Clarissa, d: Jan. 16, 1853 ae; 53y.,6m.

BAKER, Polly, w/o Ira, d: May 25, 1854 ae; 56y.

HORTON, G. S., (Of Bort Gibson, N. Y.) d: June 18, 1854 ae; 35y., Among Strangers

WATERMAN, Kate H., d/o J. H., H. E., d: Sept. 19, 1850 ae; 1y.,18m.

WATERMAN, Julia F., d/o N. T., C. A., d: Oct. 30, 1850 ae; 1y.,10m.,26d.

TAYLOR, Augustus, s/o H. R., H., d: July 18, 1851 ae; 6y.,10m.

SUMMERVILLE, Maria, b:In Ireland Co Tyrone, d: Oct. 12, 1851 ae; 28y.,11m.

ROWE, Mary Jane, w/o Roderick,(Rest In Cement) (Top Of Stone Gone) d: Oct. 1, 1850 ae; 2y.,19d.

BUSSING, Emily, w/o Oliver, d: Aug. 27, 1850 ae; 32y.

BAKER, Joseph E., s/o T. H., A.A., d: Sept. 15, 1851 ae; 2y.,7m.,7d.

JONES, Stoell, d:July 31, 1848 ae; 34y.

CLARK, *****, w/o C., d:Sept. 3, 1848 ae; 16y.

(White Footstone) W. M. B.,

WINANS, Lovisa Humphry, w/o Dea. Wm., d: Sept. 2, 1854 ae; 67y. Aaron, d: July 24, 1849 ae; 28y.,3m.,24d. Polly S., w/o J. R., d: Dec. 25, 1848 ae; 25y.

HAYNES, ----,----, Children of David, Adelia I., d: Aug. 3, 1856 ae; 2m., 25d. David, d: March 28, 1854 ae; 42y.

SWEETING, Sally, w/o Wm., d: June 14, 1853 ae; 48y.

HANMER, Catharine, w/o L., d: July 18, 1848 ae; 33y.

HANNER, Leander, d: Jan. 30, 1857 ae; 48y.,10m.