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Batavia Township
Branch County, Michigan


Cemetery located on Colon Road in Batavia Twp. where Tripp Road meets Colon Road or M-86. Recorded by Lucile and Colleen Batterson on June 28, 1979.

Row 1 East end of cem.

Johnson, John Jay, 1821-1896 Adah, w/o John Jay Johnson, 1823-1900
Row 2 North to South

Olds,William A., 1866-1884

Minard,John, 1831-1952

Devens,Alpheus A., d: June 15, 1851 1y,1m,3d.

Phelps,Ellen M., d: May 17,1860 16y,28d. d/o Peter and Catherine Phelps

Preston,Johnny M., s/o E. and H. Preston, d: April 10,1872 22y,5m.
    James E., s/o E. and H. Preston, d: June 12,1862 1y,2m,10d.

Hurley,Almeda (Ameda), b: Jan. 13, 1853 d: March 1, 1871
    Nancy, b: Jan. 11, 1809 d:April 11, 1891
    William, b: Oct. 11, 1806 d: April 13, 1863

Seward,Baby, s/o L. A. Seward, d: June 23, 1875 1y, 3m, 13d.
    Bertie, s/o L. A. Seward, d: Oct. 22, 1870 age illegible

Burton,Jenny A., d/o L. N. and M. W. Burton, d: March 11, 1862

Row 3 South to North

Smith,James K., d: March 25, 1864 19y,6m,13d.
    John, s/o S. and P. Smith, d: April 17, 1873 21y,9m,8d.

Graves,Elijah L., d: July 17, 1872 60y,3m.
    Jennett L., s/o Elijah L. Graves, d: March 18, 1874 57y.
    Herburt, s/o Elijah L. and Jennett Graves, (no dates)

Covey,Helen L., w/o R. W. Covey, d: Aug. 14,1870 35y,5m,9d.
    Cora A., d/o R. W. and H. L. Covey, d: June 12, 1868 6y,8m,6d.
    Adelia J., w/o R. W. Covey, d: Oct. 30, 1857 19y,1m,22d.

Parker,Sarah, d/o S. D. and C. Parker, d: Feb. 3, 1850 1y,6m,18d.
    Clarinda, 1826-1851

Row 4 North to South

Broughton,Francis J., 1871-1897

Wilkinson,Horace, 1804-1881
    Harriet, 1816-1890
    Mary E., d/o H> and H. Wilkinson, d: Sept. 20, 1848 2y,5m,13d.

Wilkinson,Henry A., s/o H. and H. Wilkinson, d: Jan. 17, 1851 6m,11d.
    Helen A., d/o H. and H. Wilkinson, d: Sept. 13, 1854 3m,10d.

Loomis,Sarah, w/o H. M. Loomis, d: July 21, 1854 26y.

Row 5 South to North

Rickard,Kittie, d/o J. and A. Rickard, d: Nov. 3, 1872 4m.

Holcomb,Warren, d: Sept.3, 1881

Ensley,John J., s/o John and Lydia Ensley, d: May 11, 1851 1y,6m,5d.

Olds,Eva L., d/o C. and E. Olds, d: April 12, 1852 1m,10d.

Reed,Clarinda C. E., d/o E. P. and A. Reed, d: June 29, 1858

Sprague,Mary, d/o H. and D. Sprague, d: Feb. 15, 1874 7m, 21d.
    Alfred, (dates illegible)
    Mary, w/o (illegible) (dates illigeble)
    Name broken off and missing, d: April 27, 1873 67y.

Row 6 North to South

Mitchell,Demma, w/o Byron Mitchell, d: March 11, 1868 25y,1m,12d.
    Maycema (?) (dates illegible)

Shaffer,Mertie, w/o Henry Shaffer

Lippincott,Roseanna P., w/o C. C. Lippincott "Departed this life the 22nd day of the fifth month" May, 1862 41y,5m,26d.

Dunham,Carolus, d: Aug. 17, 1861 43y.
    S. Alma, w/o Carolos Dunham, d: June 21, 1869 39y,2m.
    Little Ed, s/o Carluc and Alma Denham, d: March 25, 1858 6m,10d.
    Sias Wright, s/o Carlus and Alma Dunham, d: May 18, 1853 8y,7m,21d.

Eldred,Mary A., w/o J. Eldred, d: June 16, 1863 50y,2m,21d.
    William H., s/o J. and M. A. Eldred, d: April 11, 1863 21y,7m,4d. "Died in Nashville, Tenn.
    Electa r., d/o J. and M. A. Eldred, d: March 24, 1863 17y,6m,18d.

Wilcox,Jerusha, w/o Joseph Wilcox, d: July 28, 1856 65y,4m,12d.
    Joseph, d: Nov. 12, 1865 74y, 7m,8d.
    sarah A., d/o J. and J. Wilcox, d: May 14, 1862 37y,4m,16d.

Row 7 South to North

Burch,Crandle, d: April 1, 1856 40y.
    Perlina J., d/o C. and M. Burch, d: June 3, 1855


Field,Philander, d: Sept. 29, 1854 21y,4m,23d.
    Sias, d: april 10, 1864 70y.
    Luhenda, w/o Silas Field, d: June 13, 1852 57y,10m.

Martin,Polly, w/o Jesse Martin, b: July 16, 1793 d: Sept. 17, 1873
    Jesse, d: Feb. 17, 1865 81y,4m.

Row 8 North to South

"Sir name broken off and missing" 75y,2m,12d.,

Brown,Nettie E., d/o G. C. and Sarah L. Brown, d: July 21, 1871 2y,1m,6d.
    Allie, d/o G. C. and Sarah L. Brown, d: Jan. 30, 1873 11y,10m.

Ward,Our Libbie, d/o H. and E. ward, d: May 4, 1860 7y,6m.

Reik,Mary A., d/o M. and R. Reik, d: Aug. 17, 1865 24y,6m,17d.
    Mary, w/o Jabob Reik, d; March 1, 1854, 78y,4m,11d.

Carpenter,Dulcina, d/o E. S. and A. Carpenter, d: April 24, 1855 3y,16d.

Row 9 South to North

Webb,Lucy, w/o W. F. Webb, d: Dec. 22, 1877 66y,3m,13d.
    William F., d: Jan. 15, 1862 49y,10m,20d.

Webb,Martha, w/o William Webb, d: June 1, 1881 91y,1m,6d.
    William, d: Jan. 7, 1861 73y,3m,10d.
    John, d: Jan. 13, 1854 39y.

Martin,Seth L., s/o Ira and Mary R. Martin, d: Aug. 6, 1851 2y,3m,29d.

Morey,William P., d: May 11, 1865 "In memory of my husband"
    Lucy, w/o William P. Morey, d: Aug. 19, 1856 34y.
    Frank, s/o Wm. P. and L. Morey
    "Our Little Charlie, s/o Wm. P. and A. S. morey (no dates)

Row 10 North to South

Noyes,cynthia, d/o Samuel P. and Cynthia Gates Noyes, d: Sept. 28, 1882 76y,4m,7d.
    Elizabeth, 1820-1896
    Gates P., 1818-1906

Alderman,Jennie B. 1866-1900

Skinner,William, d: April 18, 1886 87y,4m,19d.
    Mary Ann, w/o William Skinner, d: June 1, 1874 57y,11m,5d."They have fallen asleep. It is Well.

Hanks,Zorilda D., d/o A. and M. A. Hanks, d: Sept. 25, 1854 1y,4m.
    Betsey, w/o Jacob Hanks, d: May 12, 1857

Hanks,Mary A., w/o A. Hanks d: Aug. 9, 1868 41y,4m,9d."Go home my friends. dry up your tears. I must lay here Till Christ appears"
    Archibald, d: Oct. 15, 1887 78y.
    Matilda, w/o Archibald Hanks, d: May 14, 1886 55y,6m."Gone from our hearts"
    Adelia G., d/o A. and M. A. Hanks, d: May 8, 1861 19y,7m.

Covey,Orison, d: May 14, 1872 65y,4m.
    Elvira, w/o Orison Covey, d: March 134,1870 63y,6m. "Hope on"

Row 11

,"First stone buried too deep to read"

Lucas,Willie, (no dates)
    Mary M. (no dates) "children of J. W. and E. Lucas