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1916 "The Mirror"
Coldwater High School Yearbook


(see bottom of page for name index)

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1)  Cover
2)  Picture of Helen A. Howe
3)  Pictures of:  Harold R. Voorhees, Emmett A. Downey, Harriet G. Woodward, Emery C. Smith, Elsie Dorrance, Rhea A. Marsh, George B. Smiley, Dale S. Feister, Helen M. Mannerow, Flossie C. Tift
4)  Pictures of: Marriette E. Murray, Elizabeth E. Rattray, Clyde L. Fenton, Hazel E. Widener, Viola I. Taylor, Ann M. McNitt, Virgil Sherburne, Lytton D. Gamble, Bernice Blake, Ruth E. Hungerford
5)  Pictures of:  Myrna E. Frost, Russell A. Hall, Frank Sullivan, Fern E. Teller, Laura I. Swain, Gladys Hungerford, Allen T. Follett, George A. Whitten, Donna M. Barnes, Christine M. Ott.
6)  Pictures of:    Louise Angevine, Karl S. Fox, Leon B. Wessel, Beatrice Stewart, Frances S. Meader, McGurrin Stuart
7)  Names on this page:  Arthur B. Walker, Sherwood A. Wakeman, Marc D. Calkins, S. S. Schultz, W. H. Milnes, Charles J. Carlisle, Byron S. Johnson, Joe H. Elliott, Arthur Lyon, T. E. Johnson, Glen A. Bechtel, M. E. Schmidt, Bernice Newberry, Augusta Howell, Bernice Ireland, Harriette Randolph, Elsie Sisman, Emily Hungerford, Carrie Kempster, Viva Osborn, Ada Camp, Viola Chapin.
8)  Sully, Sullivan, Whitten