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1917 Coldwater High School Yearbook


(see bottom of page for name index)

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1)  Cover
2)  Glen Bechtel
3)  Carl Ferguson
4)  Belle Bingham, Herman Kappler, Lois Field, Thelma Wright, Kathryne Keep, Lloyd Barnes, Charles Drobnyk, Bernard Hellenberg, Rena Bailey, Ruth Snyder
5)  Marie Faurot, Mildred Seachrist, Charles Smiley, Sherman Garret, Jessie Treat, Rua McDonald, Ivel Jacobs, Harold Whitman, Catherine Cocks, John Wilkins
6)  Forrest Richard, Lucile Brown, Donald Wheeler, Lawrence Ross, Ruby Ayres, Emeline Sanford, Myles Swain, Gladys Rice, Fred Renshaw, Olive Jackson
7)  Bernice Sumner, Muzette Phelps, Dorothy Westendarp, Russell Swain, Helen Parker, Esther Collins, Allen Hardenbrook, Lena Rice, Audrey Cleveland, Orah Whaley
8)  Howard Gallap, Homan Loveridge, Leola Inman, Maude Oldstead, Edward Strong, Alton Corey, Erdine Quimby, Mina Waffle, Charles Amaden, Esther Friedrich
9)  Ruby Ayres, Rena Bailey
10)  Leola Inman, Lois Field, Charles Smiley, Howard Gallop, Herman Kappler, Homan Loveridge
11)  No names
12)  Muzette Phelps, Emeline Sanford, Russell Swain, Carl Ferguson, Chares Amaden, Miles Swain, Bernard Hellenberg, Allen Hardenbrook, Charles Drobnyk, Donald Wheeler, Howard Gallup, Ivel Jacobs