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West Kinderhook School, Dist. #4
Located on Southern Road next to, and just west of the West Kinderhook Church.  The Palm Sunday
tornado in 1965 destroyed both buildings.  They were then torn down and the land has homes there now.

Left to Right: Front Row: Dicky Burnside, Larry Cushing, Betty Ann Jordan, Irene Michael,
Virginia Whitcomb, Joyce Gripman, Harvey "Buddy" Whitcomb.
Back Row:  Mrs. Edith Clute (teacher), Richard Gripman, Wayne "Bud" Clearwater,
Delphine Michael, Nedra Sowle, Maxine Schaeffer, Phyllis Easterday, Rowena Clearwater.  

Source:  Permission obtained from
The Branch County Historical Society from their book
"History of Branch County, Vol. 2", 1984, p. 128