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Oak Grove Church
(4 1/2 miles south of Bronson on Orland Rd.)

Left to Right:  Front row:
Clemon Burger, Frank Nofsinger, Noah Blosser, ?, __ Miller, Rev. Fike, Rev. Noah Shutt, Rev. Hardiman, ?.
2nd Row:
Ella Keller, __ Teller, Belle Nofsinger, __ Rowe, ?, ?, __ Rowe, Mrs. Sam Burger, __ Mrs. Harley, __ Teller.
Back Row: (not in any particular order)
C. K. Nofsinger, Vernon Nofsinger holding Glen Nofsinger, Levi Harley, Lucinda Nofsinger, Clyde Slisher and Ike Hardiman on the steps

It was built about 1905 and closed in 1915 because there was too small a membership to continue properly.  The church was sold
and now serves as a barn and can still be seen at the corner of Southern and Bawden Roads.

Source:  Permission obtained from
The Branch County Historical Society from their book
"History of Branch County, Vol. 2", 1984, p. 88