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Billie Warson Dornbusch Collection


In September 2012 the Calhoun County Genealogical Society received a gift of the genealogical records of Billie Warson Dornbusch.  She was born 28 May 1946 to Barbara Jean Noss and William Charles Warson, and died 14 May 2012. Billie did extensive research on her German immigrant ancestors and the Society is pleased to have been given her records.

The collection consists of family group sheets, ancestor charts, funeral memorials, photos, immigration records and more. A lot of the materials were collected in three-ring binders by family name, and they are organized here by binder, in the order they appear in the binder.

While this collection will not be indexed, there are search tools available on the home page of this website that are capable of searching the .pdf files below.

Check back in the future as more pages will be added as time allows.

Avelt Noss


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Noss/Nass and Kabel Families

Elllis Island Letter.pdf Ellis Island monument rubbing.pdf Family Group Sheet August F. Nass.pdf Table of Contents.pdf Billie Jean Warson Ancestor Chart.pdf
Retirement article Barbara Warson.pdf Barbara Warson nighttime reminisces.pdf Article West Ward School p1.pdf Article West Ward School p2.pdf Unidentified photos.pdf
Family Group Sheet Ewald (Avelt) Carl Noss.pdf Obituaries Avelt Noss, Anna Noss, house photo.pdf Death Certificate Avelt Noss.pdf Death Certificate Avelt Noss, 2nd version.pdf Obituary Avelt Noss.pdf
Riverside Cemetery page 1.pdf Riverside Cemetery page 2.pdf Tombstone photos Anna and Avelt Noss.pdf Marriage record Avelt Nass and Anna Bielfus.pdf Marriage announcement Avelt Noss and Anna Beilfuss.pdf
Petition for Naturalization Avelt Nass.pdf Petition for Naturalization Avelt Nass, reverse.pdf 50th Anniversary Announcement, Avelt and Anna Noss.pdf Miscellaneous newspaper obits.pdf Funeral home cards Gail Noss.pdf
Funeral home card, obit, David Noss.pdf Ancestor Chart Avelt Noss.pdf Ancestor Chart August F. Nass.pdf Death Certificate August F. Nass.pdf Death notice, August Nass.pdf
Declaration of Intention August Nass.pdf Naturalization Records Notes, Nass, Noss, Kabel.pdf Reminisces - Unnamed Noss page 1.pdf Reminisces - Unnamed Noss page 2.pdf Newspaper query re name changes.pdf
Handwritten dates in German.pdf Burial record, Gustave Nass.pdf Letter from Ernest Thode on German place names.pdf German cemetery tour article pg 1.pdf German cemetery tour article pg 2.pdf
German cemetery tour article pg 3.pdf German cemetery tour article pg 4.pdf Avelt Noss picture 1.jpg Avelt Noss picture 2.jpg Albion 100 Years Ago, Anna Nass.pdf
CCGS Pioneer Certificate, August Nass.pdf Albion Cemetery Certificate of Ownership August Nass.pdf Charles T. Cline Obit and photo.pdf Obit Frederick Nass and Maxine McVey.pdf Honorable Discharge Frederick Nass.pdf
Enlistment Record Frederick Nass.pdf Certificate of Appreciation Frederick Noss.pdf Marriage License Clarence Kelly and Elsie Noss.pdf Death Certificate Clarence Kelly.pdf Cemetery Deed Mrs. Clarence Kelly (Elsa Nass).pdf
Cemetery indenture Mrs. Clarence Kelly.pdf Cemetery Clarence Kelly.pdf Cemetery  Receipt Clarence Kelly.pdf Obituary Janis Manke and Frank Noss.pdf Taufschein Franz August Otto Nass.pdf
Handwritten notes Kabel family dates.pdf Handwritten notes Kabel Family Page 2.pdf Albion City Directory 1894-95.pdf Albion City Directory 1897-98.pdf Albion City Directory 1901.pdf
Family Group Sheet Charles Nass pg 1.pdf Family Group Sheet Charles Nass Page 2.pdf World War I Correspondence William Nass.pdf World War I Correspondence William Nass, item 2.pdf Marriage Carl Nass and Mary Nephew, Obit Carl Nass, Gustav Nass.pdf
Obit Louise (Mrs William) Nass, William Nass.pdf Obit Ann (Nass) Beilfuss, Carl Nass, Bertha (Kreger) Nass.pdf Newspaper Article, hunting accident Charles Nass.pdf Obit Christiana (Nass) Wagoner, Julius Nass, Matilda (Kopp) Nass.pdf Deutsche Orden der Harugari certificate Julius Nass.pdf
Certificate of Naturalization Julius Nass.pdf Funeral card Bertha Nass.pdf Pasich-Pasick family information.pdf 50th Anniv Frederick and Helen Nass, Obit Fred Nass.pdf Obit Harold Noss, Margaret Bearman, Edward Nass.pdf
Fritz Nass Reminisces.pdf Death Certificate Carolina Treteru Meska.pdf Death Certificate Augusta Mielke Kabel.pdf Obituary Augusta Kabel.pdf Marriage License Albert Kabel Augusta Nass.pdf
Declaration of Intention Albert Kabel.pdf Declaration of Intent Abil Kabel.pdf Petition for Naturalization Maria Stadtfeltd Kabel.pdf Petition for Naturalization Maria Kabel, version 2.pdf  


Letters from Home

The following letters are mostly from relatives remaining in Germany to Auguste (Mielke) Kabel. They paint a poignant portrait of the struggles and financial hardships of post-war Germany and the difficulties of being separated from family. The files below include copies of the original letters, transcription in German and translation into English.

Letter 19 Oct 1920.pdf Letter 5 Feb 1922.pdf Letter 31 Dec 1922.pdf Letter 8 Jan 1923.pdf Letter 8 Feb 1923.pdf
Undated letter from Herrman Cielke.pdf Undated letter from OttoTesch.pdf Letter 2 Jan 1926.pdf