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Pioneer Deaths 1883


Town Of Burlington

James PHILLIPS -- age 87 years; resident of County, 42 years.

Henry P. JONES -- age 92 years; resident of county, 45 years. Mr. Jones was born and reared in New York City -- well known to all early settlers in the county as Esquire Jones; educated a lawyer; a man of means; somewhat eccentric, but an acknowledged gentleman in all his transactions.

Luther WALLING -- aged 78 years; 30 years in the county; a staunch, thrifty farmer.

Town Of Clarendon

George CHANDLER - died May 2, 1882, aged 76 years; born in N. Y.

Loren KEEP - died May 22, 1882, aged 77 years; born in Homer, a wealthy farmer and highly respected by all who knew him,

Town Of Clarence

Young M. HATCH - died May 22, 1882, aged 80 years; born in Cayuga county, New York, settled in this county in 1836; was a farmer.

Town Of Fredonia

Margaretta GOOD - died Nov. 24, 1883, aged 83 years.

Lawrence GOOD - died April 7, 1883, aged 81 years. This worthy aged couple had for many years owned and occupied the farm on which they died. They came from Pennsylvania to Michigan.

Sidney SMITH - died May 8, 1883, was a millwright by profession, but had for many years been a farmer; born in New York.

Town Of Homer

Russell ALDRICH - died Dec. 2, 1882, aged 80 years; always a farmer; born in New York.

Henry FAILING - died May 11, 1882, aged 83 years; born in New York, resident of this county, 43 years.

Town Of Lee

Riley CARVER - died Sept. 2, 1882, aged 84 years; came from White Hall, New York, in 1836, and has since that time resided in this county,

Town Of Marshall

Baker STILLSON - died April, 18S3, aged 79 years; came to Michigan in 1843, and has since resided in this county.

Marshall City

Edward BUTTON - died March 21, 1882, aged 67; born at Deposit, Now York, June 21, 1814. Mr. Button was one of the early merchants of Marshall -- a man of active life, and an esteemed citizen.

Rev. John D. PIERCE -- died in Connecticut, April 6, 1882; was born at Chesterfield, N. H., Feb. 8, 1797. The writer thinks he came to Calhoun county in 1832, where he spent many years; was fully identified with many interests of the new community settling around him. Mr. Pierce was our first Superintendent of Public Instruction, and became known as the father of our public school system.

Horatio W. BANKS -- died April 12, 1882, aged 76; born at Richmond, Va., Dec. 29, 1805, emigrated to Marshall in 1834.

Albert D. SMITH -- died August 12, 1882, aged 70; born in Now Jersey.

Caleb TILTON -- died Sept. 5, 1882, aged 80; born in Massachusetts, settled in 1835 on the farm where he died.

George B. MURRAY --died Dec. 17, 1882, aged 67; born in Vt.; came to Michigan in 1834, settled near Dundee, but in a few months moved into Calhoun where he filled many important positions as an active business man, having the full confidence of all who knew him.

Joseph L. LORD -- died April 20, 1883, aged 90; born at Danville, Conn., June 7, 1792, came to this county at an early date.

Stephen H. PRESTON-died May 9, 1883, aged 73 years; born in New York 1810. Mr. Preston was a lawyer by profession; was the first Prosecuting Attorney of Calhoun county.

Town Of Marengo

Sunderland G. PATTISON -- died August, 1882, aged 71 years; came to Marengo in 1834; at that time the township was sparsely settled. He at once made large improvements upon his land and became a producer of wheat and other grains in amount far exceeding the produce of his neighbors. He brought large numbers of horses and oxen from Ohio and Indiana, selling many to the new beginners around him, frequently waiting for his pay, until land could be broken up, and cropped. Was a man of great energy and deservedly popular with all who knew him, and at one time sheriff of the county.

Isaac HEWITT -- died June, 1882, aged 63; was born in Pennsylvania; came to this county with his father and family at an early date. Mr. Hewitt was a very exemplary mail, of more than ordinary talent. Held many offices of large trust and responsibility, always discharging his duties in a manner most satisfactory to all concerned. He amassed a large property by his good management, dying as he bad lived, with the respect of all who knew him.

Town Of Newton

Jeremiah WOODWARD, -- familiarly known as Uncle Jerry, died Nov. 1882, aged 80 years; born at Waybridge, Addison county, Vermont; came to this State and county in 1833, located the farm on which he had lived 46 years at the time of his death. His aged wife survives him, surrounded by the comforts of a good home and a kind hearted son to care for her.


The remains of Mrs. HANNAHS were brought to Albion on May 23 for burial from Utica, N. Y. She was one of Albion's first settlers and resided here many years. Since the death of her husband, four years ago, her home has been with her danghter at Utica, N. Y. Her age was 85 years. She leaves a daughter, Mrs. POND of Utica, and a son, George Hannahs of South Haven. She was one of the original members of the Presbyterian church of this place, and was an earnest, useful Christian.

Martin S. COLE -- died Oct. 16, 1882, from the effects of an attempt upon his own life some days previously, while in a depressed state of mind. Mr. Cole was one of the pioneers of LeRoy; afterwards went to Climax, prominent and influential among the early settlers.

Geo. N. HYATT -- died Nov. 29, 1882, aged 60; came to Battle Creek 1844; in 1847 an employee of T. B. SKINNER, the partner afterwards, of the firm of STONE & Hyatt -- see Battle Creek Journal Dec. 6, 1882.

Wm. 0. HARRIS -- died in Dec.; was a Mariner and is said to have come to Battle Creek as early as 1835.

Erastus CLARK -- died June 8, 1882.

Mrs. Phebe Antoinette DIBBLE, wife of L. D. Dibble, died Aug. 22, 1882, aged 56; daughter of Dr. CHATTERTON; came to Michigan June 8, 1851.

Charles KNIGHT -- died Sept. 8, 1882; came to Marshall in 1837, to Battle Creek 1842, had the oldest door, sash and blind manufactory in the city; burned in 1875.

Susan N. KIRBY -- died Sept. 25, 1882, aged 74 years, wife of Caleb Kirby; came to Battle Creek about 40 years ago, then went to a farm in Bedford 5 miles from here, where she lived until her death.

Mrs. Anson MAPES -- died Oct. 18, 1882, aged 68 years; came to Michigan in 1837, maiden name Maria BLASS, lived in Battle Creek township.

John COATES -- resident of East Leroy, died Aug. 24, 1882, aged 84; came to Michigan in 1836.

Christine BOWNE STILLSON, wife of the late Eli Le Grand Stillson, died July 7, 1882, aged 74; came to Michigan in 1836; to Battle Creek in 1837.

Harriet N. MARSH, wife of Spencer H. Marsh, died July 13, 1882; came to Michigan in 1855; Leroy to Battle Creek 1864. See Battle Creek Journal, July 26, 1882.

Hiram 0. BURNHAM, town of Charleston (Kalamazoo Co) , Mich., died July 20, 1882, aged 80; came to Michigan in 1841.

Samuel CONVIS -- died July 21, 1882 at his residence near Verona, age 74; the first settler of Battle Creek, establishing himself here in 1832.

Mrs. Sidney SHAVER -- died July 23, 1882; came to Michigan in 1858-- sister of Mrs. L. D. DIBBLE.

Theresa D. BURGHER -- died Oct. 1, 1882, aged 70 years.

Samuel GREGORY -- died Oct. 4, 1882, aged 79; came about 1841.

Giddings WHITTMORE -- died Oct. 4, 1882, aged 83.

Austris GEDDES -- died Oct. 5. 1882, aged 82.

Mary BIDWELL -- died Oct. 14, 1882, aged 78.

Maria M. EDMUNDS -- died Oct. 17, 1882, aged 75; residence Johnstown.

Martin L. COLE -- died Oct. 18, 1882, aged 76; suicide.

The dates on the following list are those of burial:

Mrs. Anson DUNTON who died this year, was one of the oldest settlers of this part of the State, the mother of Mrs. Daniel GRAHAM of Newton, who could give other information.

John MECHEM -- killed by cars Dec. 8, 1881, aged 74 years, 7 months.

Jeremiah BROWN-died Dec. 18, 1881, aged 80; resident of Emmett.

Catherine LEROY -- died Dec. 18, 1881, aged 80 years.

Catherine HUME -- died Dec. 21, 1881, aged 80 years.

Lucy STUART-died Dec. 26, 1881, aged 89 years.

Lettia LYON-died Dec. 20, 1881, aged 86 years; pioneer.

Cornelia BUCK -- died Jan. 10, 1882, aged 59 years

Joseph 0. KENT -- died Jan. 19, 1882, aged 63 years

Elmer PEEBLES -- died Jan. 20, 1882, aged 58 years

Elenor REED -- died Feb. 13, 1882, aged 70 years.

Christina SCHADER -- died Feb. 16, 1882, aged 72 years.

Charlotte F. BETTERLY -- died March 9, 1882, aged 83 years; pioneer.

Nathan P. WILDER -- died March 19, 1882, aged 62 years; pioneer.

Ezra PARKER -- died March 22, 1882, aged 84 years.

Eliza H. ROWLEY -- died March 29, 1882, aged 75 years.

Rachel PHELPS -- died April 4, 1882, aged 86 years; soldier's widow of 1812.

George D. HICKMAN -- died April 9, 1882, aged 62 years.

Sarah VANVALKENBURGH-died April 14, 1882, aged 87 years; widow of a soldier of 1812.

William REESE-died May 13, 1882, aged 69 years; early settler.

Mary EGGLESTON -- died May 15, 1882, aged 83 years.

Benjamin HARPER -- died July 7, 1882, aged 79 years.

Christina B. STILLSON -- died July 10, 1882, aged 74 years.

Harriet N. MARSH -- died July 24, 1882, aged 56 years.

Olivar CHAMPION -- died July 24, 1882, aged 54 years.

Phebe A. DIBBLE -- died Aug. 22, 1882, aged 56 years.

Charles KNIGHTS -- died Sept. 10, 1882, aged 78 years.

Dr. Edward COX -- died Sept. 21, 1882, aged 66 years.

Susan N. KIRBY -- died Sept. 28, 1882, aged 74 years.