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Motto 2015-2017

Beginning our Second Century


God's mercies make new beginnings possible


Archive Storage of State Records at the Bentley Library at the University of Michigan
Making and Preservation of Historic Sites
Develop New Membership
Scholarships & Recongnizing Our Scholars
Service to Veterans
Continued Restoration of our National Headquarters
Membership & Junior Membership Increases
Technology & Communication
Publish Ancestor Roster Book 2
Publish Historic Documents Book
Recognizing & Honoring Our 50 Year Members

Object of the National Society:

  • To aid in the preservation of the records and of the historic sites of our country;
  • To foster interest in historical colonial research;
  • To aid in the education of the youth of our country;
  • To commemorate the noble and heroic deeds of our ancestors, the founders of our great Republic;
  • To maintain zealously those high principles of virtue, courage and patriotism which led to the independence of the Colonies and the foundation and establishment of the United States of America;
  • To maintain a Library of Heraldry and preserve the lineage and Coats of Arms of our Armorial ancestors;
  • To develop a library specializing in seventeenth century American colonial data.
  • Welcome from your State President

    Dear Michigan Dames:

    Our Michigan Society of the Colonial Dames 17th Century is one of 48 State Societies within the National Society of over 11,500 members. All of our members share a common interest in love of country and patriotism and desire to achieve the goals listed in the Object of the Society.

    As we begin the Second Century of the National Society, our State Society works toward adding new and vital members. The Michigan State Society was organized on June 18, 1981 and there are currently four chapters in Michigan. The Metamora Chapter in the Detroit area celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2015. The Captain Thomas Taber Chapter in the Muskegon area; Elizabeth Patch Chapter in Lansing and Grand Rapids area and the Elizabeth Walker Warren Chapter, of Northern Michigan all complement the goals and meet the needs and interests of their respective memberships by having educational programs and service activities.

    We encourage our current members to continue researching additional ancestors and coats of arms whenever possible. Please continue to reach out to your friends and relatives in the greater genealogical community to find other like-minded ladies who will be an asset to our State Society.

    Bette Jane Twyman, President 2015-2017
    Michigan State Society, Colonial Dames XVII Century


    National Dues are now $27.00, State Dues $7.00, State Directory $3.00. Chapter dues are set by each chapter.

    Chapter Treasurers please make sure you are collecting the correct amount.

    Membership Eligibility

    Any woman of good moral character, eighteen years of age or over, is eligible for membership, provided she has been invited by the Society, is eligible through birth parents or adopted parents if there is a blood relationship to the applicant, and is the lineal descendant of an ancestor who lived and served prior to 1701 in one of the Original Colonies in the geographical area of the present United States of America. Lineal descent shall mean direct legal blood descendant. No person may enter the Society under known false lineage records.

    Membership is in the National Society but members join through Chapters. Michigan currently has four Chapters. Admission into the Society is by invitation and the endorsement by two members, to whom the applicant is known personally, and approval of lineage papers by the President General, Registrar General and Treasurer General. Documentary proof of an ancestor's service prior to 1701 is required. There are 20 categories of eligible service as detailed in the list below, including both male and female ancestors.

    Service Categories

    Documentary proof of an ancestor's service and residence prior to 1701 in one of the following is required:

    1. Historic Founder of Jamestown or Historic Founder of any of the original colonies
    2. Member of the London, Plymouth or Virginia Companies who came to the colonies to live.
    3. Colonial Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Deputy Governor, or Colonial Officer.
    4. Member of the House of Burgesses.
    5. Member or Delegate to the Council of the Assembly.
    6. Deputy or Representative to the General Court.
    7. All civil and church officials and services.
    8. Founder or Trustee of any college or school.
    9. Minister of the Gospel or Commissary of the Bishops of London.
    10. Member of the Council of Safety of 1689.
    11. Signer of the Mayflower Compact.
    12. Member of the House of Delegates.
    13. All Professions, Trades and Crafts.
    14. All Military and Naval services of the colonies.
    15. Any who furnished funds or supplies.
    16. Member of Provincial Congress.
    17. Landowner or Planter.
    18. Freeman:
             a. applies to the New England Colonies only as an official service.
             b. applies to a person given the right of suffrage or right to hold a public office by the general or quarterly court.
             c. requires person to produce documentation individual was a member in good standing of some Congregational church.
             d. the Freeman's Oath was the first paper printed at Cambridge by Stephen Days in 1639.
    19. Headright:
             a. applies to a head of a household to whom land was granted on condition that the settlement by such an individual would be made upon the land.
             b. applies to a person named in a land grant or other official record.
    20. Transportee:
             a. applies to one who was conveyed from another country to the American Colonies.

    Michigan Chapters

    Captain Thomas Taber Chapter - Muskegon area - President, Barbara Lbatt Martin

    Elizabeth Patch Chapter - Lansing and Grand Rapids area - President, Susan Elaine Hess Moritz

    Elizabeth Walker Warren Chapter - Northern Michigan area - President, Mary Jane Green Burdett

    Metamora Chapter - Greater Detroit area - President, Virginia Lee Wright Bennett

    State Officers 2015-2017

    President - Bette Twyman
    1st Vice President - Claire Pryor
    2nd Vice President - Kathy Stricher
    Chaplain - Alice Peterie
    Recording Secretary - Barbara Hoffman
    Corresponding Secretary - Vickie Wagner-Smetanka
    Treasurer - Janet Smart
    Registrar - Zandra Baker
    Organizing Secretary - Mary Ellen Cortright
    Historian - Christine Richman
    Librarian - Ruth Rice
    Parliamentarian - Barbara Balow

    National/State Chairmen 2015-2017

    National Standing Committees
    Awards, Gifts and Special Activities - Sandi Bateman
    Bylaws - Barbara Balow
    Colonial Heritage, Research and Records - Jeanette Keatts
    Finance - Cheryl Morris
    Flag Custodian - Vicki Chrisman
    Genealogical Queries - Barbara Hoffman
    Grave Markers - Kathy Stricher
    Heraldry and Coats of Arms - Ruth Rice
    Insignia - Susan Moritz
    Junior Membership - Susan Lampkin
    Marking and Preservation of Historic Sites - Virginia Bennett
    Museum - Barbara Balow
    Music - Marjorie Lamkin
    National Defense - Rhea Rosenbusch
    Printing and Publications - Kimberly Smith
    Scholarships - Suzanne Harris
    Technology Support - Kimberly Smith
    Veterans Service - Barbara Balow

    Special Committees
    Electronic Imaging - Kimberly Smith
    Gravestone Preservation - Kathy Stricher
    President General's Projects - Brenda Cheshire
    Volunteer Genealogists - Barbara Hoffman

    State Meetings

    All Members Welcome to attend March 19, 2016 Michigan State Convention
          Time: 11:00 AM
          Place: Clara's - Lansing, MI


    National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century

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