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Groom Index of Marriages and Anniversaries: W-Z

This is an index to newspaper articles from The Frankenmuth News, a weekly newspaper published in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Please note:
The year in this Marriage and Anniversary Index indicates the date of publication, not necessarily the year of the event.

You may obtain a copy of any of these newspaper articles by sending a check or money order for $2.95 for each article ordered, payable to Cass River Genealogy Society, and a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Cass River Genealogy Society
c/o Frankenmuth Wickson District Library
359 S. Franklin St.
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Please include all pertinent information (names and dates) for each article ordered.

Wager, Desmond 195225th Anniversary
Wager, Matthew 195754th Anniversary
Wager, Mathew 195350th Anniversary
Waggoner, RaymondThompson, Lela1956Marriage
Wakeman, DaleZeilinger, Sue Ann1959Marriage
Wakeman, HaroldSatchell, Judy May1959Marriage
Wallace, Robert B. Jr.Bickel, Hildegard1953Marriage
Walz, David LloydKeinath, Tammy Lou2001Marriage
Warnick, Richard MichaelMueller, Sandra Lee1973Marriage
Warnick, Rudy 195915th Anniversary
Wasney, DenniseMelcher, Helen1973Marriage
Watkins, Richard G.Janson, Dorothy Mae1954Marriage
Waun, Gerald 1957Marriage
Wayer, AlfredGugel, Lois1954Marriage
Weber, ArthurPetzold, Ilene1950Marriage
Weber, Carl 195030th Anniversary
Weber, Carl 195535th Anniversary
Weber, Carl A.Meyer, Irma Dorothy1954Marriage
Weber, DonBailey, Shirley1954Marriage
Weber, Don 19595th Anniversary
Weber, DonaldTusciuk, Darlene1955Marriage
Weber, ErwinKnoll, Loretta1956Marriage
Weber, HaroldSchiefer, Marcella200150th Anniversary
Weber, HaroldSchiefer, Mildred1951Marriage
Weber, PaulWoebbeking, Berdina1950Marriage
Weber, Raymond 1956Marriage
Weber, RubenBender, Kathleen1951Marriage
Weber, Todd AlbertPetzold, Jill Ann (Bender)2001Marriage
Weber, William Jr.Eichinger, Betty Jane1950Marriage
Weber, William Sr.Schemm, Mathilda195740th Anniversary
Weber, William Sr. 195639th Anniversary
Weirauch, Herbert C.York, June H.1950Marriage
Weirauch, Herbert Sr.Rauh, Ada197350th Anniversary
Weiss, AdamEischer, Mrs. Esther1958Marriage
Weiss, Bernhard 195535th Anniversary
Weiss, Clarence F.Kern, Lorna J.1950Marriage
Weiss, Donald RichardSchluckebier, Marie Alma1954Marriage
Weiss, Elmer E.Maurer, Lorna1954Marriage
Weiss, Emil H.Wilson, Mary Lou1956Marriage
Weiss, Frederick JohnPayne, Ernestine Ann1959Marriage
Weiss, FredrickRodammer, Lorraine1950Marriage
Weiss, GeraldHecht, Luella1951Marriage
Weiss, Herbert 195740th Anniversary
Weiss, JacobOrtner, Linda195540th Anniversary
Weiss, JohnNuechterlein, Clara195750th Anniversary
Weiss, Louie J.Scharrer, Kathleen1953Marriage
Weiss, Martin 195060th Anniversary
Weiss, MarvinHecht, Lorraine200250th Anniversary
Weiss, Marvin E.Hecht, Lorraine S.1952Marriage
Weiss, Ralph 19575th Anniversary
Weiss, Ralph G.Keinath, Eunice1952Marriage
Weiss, Ralph GeorgeKeinath, Eunice Helen200250th Anniversary
Weiss, Ray F.Hegenauer, Arline200260th Anniversary
Weiss, TimothyZariski, Rosalie1973Marriage
Weiss, VictorKeinath, Betty Jean1953Marriage
Welch, AlfredMorse, Ethel Jean1959Marriage
Welke, Michael JohnRoedel, Mary Beth2001Marriage
Wellman, Donald G.Ewing, Patricia1952Marriage
Wells, BillDorothy200150th Anniversary
Wendland, Karl M.Bartlett, Kristi L.2001Marriage
Wendt, Ernest G.Schultz, Lillian1955Marriage
Wendt, Howard E.Nuffer, Madeline1950Marriage
Wendzik, EdwardMinard, Shirley A.1952Marriage
Wenger, James D.Kemp, Hildegarde1952Marriage
Wenzel, Charles F.Haubenstricker, Shirley Ann1951Marriage
Wenzel, HermanBremer, Mrs. Beatrice1973Marriage
Wenzel, MartyVonk, Stacey2001Marriage
Werling, WilmarNord, Jaqueline1957Marriage
Wescoat, Theodore Earl Jr.Zehnder, Ellen Margaret1954Marriage
Wheeler, DaleBrown, Patricia200250th Anniversary
White, ClintonPrice, Jean1957Marriage
Whittle, William T.Lotter, Myra1954Marriage
Wiedman, RalphKaesmeyer, Bernice1953Marriage
Wilcox, Charles 19503rd Anniversary
Wilinski, Richard EugeneDewey, Agnes Marie1959Marriage
Wilkerson, Elmer LeeShelson, Betty Lou1950Marriage
Wilkinson, HarrisonSchultz, Mathilda195464th Anniversary
Willbanks, Freddie Jr.Conzelmann, Joan Eleanor1973Marriage
Williams, Ralph E.Schluckbier, Ethel Mae1951Marriage
Willman, GeraldHammond, Mary Ann1956Marriage
Wilson, Lyle W.Sahr, Shirley Ann1954Marriage
Winkler, Charley R.Schutt, Mrs. Meta M.1957Marriage
Wirth, Fred O.Beland, Anna195740th Anniversary
Wirth, RonaldHaubenstricker, Karen1973Marriage
Wirtz, ArthurKeinath, Doris1954Marriage
Witt, HerbertReinert, Vera1950Marriage
Wohleben, Eric 195825th Anniversary
Wohlfiel, PaulCanell, Lynn1958Marriage
Wolfgram, Robert C.Trinklein, Jean Ann1956Marriage
Wolohan, JohnBailey, Darlene Marie1956Marriage
Wonch, Floyd Jr.Ragan, Melba Jean1951Marriage
Wood, Michael R.Finger, Katherine1973Marriage
Woodhull, Ralph 195225th Anniversary
Woodhull, Ralph EdwardJohnson, Delphine Rochelle1953Marriage
Worden, GeorgeSofge, Janice1958Marriage
Worden, Harold A.Kern, Barbara1959Marriage
Worley, RobertWest, Charlotte200160th Anniversary
Wright, DavidStevens, Shannon2003Marriage
Yacks, Michael ClaytonRoss, Christie Sue1973Marriage
Yaeger, Robert WestleyGrauer, Margaret Ann1959Marriage
Yahn, Max E. 195750th Anniversary
Yaklin, Loren L.Douglas, Ruth Sharon1958Marriage
Yeaster, Gerald EverettButler, Elizabeth Renata1955Marriage
Yeaster, WayneMorse, Edna R.1952Marriage
Yoba, JuliusZehnder, Hildegard200260th Anniversary
Yonke, Richard GilbertWienberg, Marilyn Jean1953Marriage
Young, RobertStacey, Betty1955Marriage
Zehnder, Donald ArthurDaenzer, Doris Esther1957Marriage
Zehnder, Edwin L.Leidel, Marion M.1952Marriage
Zehnder, Elmer G. 195925th Anniversary
Zehnder, Jamison GrantDietrich, Karen Ann2001Marriage
Zehnder, John 195255th Anniversary
Zehnder, John 195659th Anniversary
Zehnder, John 195962nd Anniversary
Zehnder, John M.Weber, Caroline195760th Anniversary
Zehnder, Martin H.Geyer, Norma R.1959Marriage
Zehnder, MathewEberlein, Elizabeth195350th Anniversary
Zehnder, Rev. Herman 195311th Anniversary
Zehnder, Ruben 195425th Anniversary
Zehnder, TimothyWhite, Joyce1973Marriage
Zehnder, W. DonVeitengruber, Rosemary J.1957Marriage
Zehnder, Waldo C.Bickel, Gertrude E.1952Marriage
Zehnder, Walter 195425th Anniversary
Zehnder, William Jr. 195815th Anniversary
Zehnder, William Sr. 195310th Anniversary
Zeilinger, Charles 195825th Anniversary
Zeilinger, Gary WalterAbraham, Kathy Ann1973Marriage
Zeilinger, JackHauck, Ruth Ann1958Marriage
Zeilinger, Norman 195110th Anniversary
Zimmerman, George A.Walz, Anna195150th Anniversary
Zimmerman, William 195449th Anniversary
Zimmerman, William 195550th Anniversary
Zink, AlfredByron, Pearl195125th Anniversary
Zink, George H.Bernhard, Jeanne Louise1959Marriage
Zink, PaulFox, Marie1951Marriage
Zinz, MartinJoerke, Edith1959Marriage
Zoellner, Oscar 195030th Anniversary
Zucker, Wilmar 195825th Anniversary
Zuellig John 195350th Anniversary
Zuellig, Charles 195657th Anniversary
Zuellig, Charles 195960th Anniversary
Zuellig, Otto Jr.Bickel, Irene H.1957Marriage
Zuellig, Robert W.Robertson, Janet Elizabeth1959Marriage
Zwerk, Emil 195845th Anniversary
Zwerk, Matthew JamesBristow, EeShel Renee2001Marriage

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