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The Society has published several books which may prove useful for research in Genesee County.
A complete list is given below.
Proceeds from our publication sales are used for purchasing further reference materials which are donated to the Flint Public Library and are available for free public use during normal Library operating hours.


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  1. The price listed for each publication includes applicable Sales Tax. Flint Genealogical Society Members receive a $2.00 discount on each book ordered NO DISCOUNTS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY ITEM PRICED $5.00 OR LESS (include membership number). Prices are subject to change, but only infrequently.
  2. Shipping & Handling is $4.00 for the first publication and $2.00 for each additional publication to a maximum of $10.00. (Canadian orders $6.00 for the first book, $2.00 for each additional book)
  3. Make orders payable (US funds only) to "Flint Genealogical Society" (be sure to include S&H).
    Mail to:
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CEMETERY PUBLICATIONS Our cemetery publications are Soft Cover folders/binders Spiral Bound. While these primarily cover Genesee County cemeteries, several also include cemeteries in the surrounding counties of Lapeer, Livingston, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawassee and Tuscola.

Please Note: The information in Books 01 - 22 of our Cemetery Publications is taken from the personal notes of Merle Gilbert Perry, Jr (1921-1980). An early member of the FGS who held several key offices over the years, Mr. Perry was particularly interested in gathering and preserving cemetery records. His readings were taken from 1961 to 1965, therefore they DO NOT contain any burials later than 1965. Some of these cemeteries have been updated in later publications that contain more current information but do not contain Mr Perry's personal notes on family information.

(VOLUME 1-22)

   01 ARGENTINE and ASAHEL ATHERTON (Argentine Twp); ADONIJAH ATHERTON (Burton Twp); ATLAS (Atlas Twp); AVENTINE (City of Flint) 27pp $ 7.00
   02 PINE GROVE (Davison Twp also known as Kitchen Cemetery) 27 pp $ 7.00
   03 GLENWOOD - Updated in new publication; 135 pp $15.00
   04 OAKWOOD, OLD PROSPECT HILL), and ST. JOHN'S ROMAN CATHOLIC (City of Fenton); also COLWELL CEMETERY (Tyrone Twp, Livingston Co.) 128pp $15.00
   05 EVERGREEN (WHIGVILLE, Grand Blanc Twp.) 133pp $15.00
   06 Grand Blanc Twp: PERRY-McFARLEN, OAKWOOD, and SOUTH GRAND BLANC (also known as Halsey Cemetery.); also CARMER (Brandon Twp, Oakland Co.) and ORTONVILLE (partial, Groveland Twp, Oakland Co.) 41pp $ 7.00
   07 Atlas Twp: GOODRICH, SWEERS FAMILY BURIAL GROUND, HORTON, SANBORN FAMILY; Also Hadley Twp, Lapeer Co.: SANBORN FAMILY CEM. and GREENWOOD (also known as Green Corners Cem.) 74pp $10.00
   08 BENDLE (Clayton Twp); FLUSHING ROMAN CATHOLIC (City of Flushing); UPTON (also known as Hitchcock Cem. Mt. Morris Twp.)  34pp $ 5.00
   09 AVONDALE (City of Flint) - Updated in new publication; 108 pp $15.00
   10 THETFORD (Thetford Twp); PINE GROVE and GUNNELL (Arbela Twp, Tuscola Co.) 47pp $ 7.00
   11 SMITH HILL (Otisville); WOODLAWN, HOLLENBECK and OTTER LAKE (Marathon Twp, Lapeer Co.); HOPKINS (Millington Twp, Tuscola Co.); MILLINGTON CEMETERY (Village of Millington, Tuscola Co.) 89pp $12.00
   12 BRISTOL CEMETERY (Flint Twp) - Updated in new publication; SWARTZ CREEK CEMETERY (City of Swartz Creek); INDIAN CEMETERY (Gaines Twp); ST MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY (City of Swartz Creek) 59pp $10.00
   13 OAKWOOD CEMETERY (Village of Gaines); DART FAMILY CEMETERY and ST. JOSEPH ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY (Gaines Twp); GREENWOOD CEMETERY (Village of Vernon, Shiawassee Co.) 131pp $17.00
   14 CRONK CEMETERY (orig. West Flint Cem., Flint Twp)- Updated in new publication; OLD CALVARY ROMAN CATHOLIC (City of Flint); LOVEJOY (Vernon Twp, Shiawassee Co.) And YERIAN (Venice Twp, Shiawassee Co.) 182pp $18.00
   15 MT. MORRIS CEMETERY (City of Mt. Morris, includes known disinterments from former CAMPBELL CEM. of Mt. Morris Twp); CALVARY ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY (St Mary's R. C. Church, City of Mt. Morris); STANLEY CEMETERY (also called Oakdale Cemetery, Genesee Twp); COTTAGE CEMETERY (Richfield Twp) 96pp $15.00
   16 DAVISON and ST. JOHN ROMAN CATHOLIC (Davison Twp); ELBA TOWNSHIP CEMETERY (also called Bird Cem. Elba Twp, Lapeer Co.); OREGON TOWNSHIP CEMETERY (Oregon Twp, Lapeer Co.) 77pp $ 9.00
   17 WOODLAWN (Clio, Vienna Twp); PINE RUN and WEST VIENNA CEMETERY (Vienna Twp); MONTROSE CEMETERY (Montrose Twp) 123pp $17.00
   18 FLINT RIVER CEMETERY (Richfield Twp); SUNSET HILLS CEMETERY partial (Flint Twp);
   19 FLUSHING CEMETERY (City of Flushing); ELMWOOD CEMETERY (New Lothrop, Hazelton Twp, Shiawassee Co.) 137pp $18.00
   20 GRACELAWN CEMETERY (City of Flint) - Updated in new publication; 199 pp $22.00
   22 TANNER CEMETERY (Genesee Twp); UNION CEMETERY (Genesee Twp) 39pp $ 8.00
Other Cemetery Publications, using burial records.
Updated Individual records for deaths in Genesee County, that are buried in any of our cemeteries, are available upon request. Download our Cemetery Death Record Order Form to your word processor so you can print it.
   23 OLD FLINT CITY CEMETERY (Burial dates from 1836-1958. This cemetery was physically relocated from 1952 to 1958. Some re-interments were made at other cemeteries as arranged privately by family members. All other re-interments occurred at the new Flint City Cemetery where all records were later lost in an office fire in the 1960's. This one-of-a-kind book is an excellent attempt to recreate that record from death records, obituaries and various other sources. It contains approximately 1,800 burials.) by Dale Ladd, 50pp 1994 pub. $ 8.00
   24 ---------------------
   25 ST. NICHOLAS ORTHODOX CEMETERY City of Flint, Burial Records 1918-1999. Compiled by Audrey Hardy, 35pp $ 8.00
   26 GRACELAWN CEMETERY, City of Flint. Burial Records 1913-1997. Compiled by Marty and Robert Bastien. 424pp $35.00
   27 AVONDALE CEMETERY, City of Flint. Burial Records 1870-1998. Compiled by Barbara Leachman. 168pp $20.00
   28 MAPLE (GIBSON) CEMETERY, Grand Blanc Twp., Burial Records 1835-1997, edited by Ilene M. Hardenburg 28pp. $ 6.00
GLENWOOD CEMETERY City of Flint, Burial Records 1857-2000 by Robert A. Berlin and Michael F. Taylor. 242pp. $28.00
PERRY-McFARLAN CEMETERY Grand Blanc Twp, Burial Records 1834-2000, by Marty Bastien & Michael F. Taylor. 53pp. $10.00
   31 CRONK CEMETERY Flint Twp, Burial Records 1811-1998. (Revised and Updated) by Michael F. Taylor, 33pp $ 8.00
   32 BRISTOL CEMETERY Flint Twp, Burial Records 1836-1999. (Revised and Updated) by Michael F. Taylor. 106pp. $17.00
   33 SMITH HILL CEMETERY Village of Otisville $10.00
   34 DAVISON CEMETERY Davison Twp $10.00
   35 -----------ST. MARYS CALVARY Mt. Morris City (Not Yet Published) *NYP*
   36 ARGENTINE CEMETERY INDEX, Argentine Twp $ 7.00
   37 -----------BENDLE Clayton Twp. (Not Yet Published) *NYP*
   38 BYRON CEMETERY Village of Byron, Burns Twp, Shiawassee Co $ 7.00
   39 FLUSHING CEMETERY, City of Flushing; 8,250 records $25.00
   40 SAINT ROBERT CEMETERY, City of Flushing; 28 pages $ 7.00
   41 -----------ST. JOHN CEMETERY Richfield Twp. (Not Yet Published) *NYP*
   42 -----------JEWISH CEMETERIES (Not Yet Published) *NYP*
   43 EVERGREEN CEMETERY, Grand Blanc Township; 360 pages, nearly 17,000 records $25.00
   44 -----------AVENTINE CEMETERY City of Flint (Not Yet Published) *NYP*
   45 MUNDY TOWNSHIP CEMETERY INDEX, Mundy Twp; includes O'Dell, Pierce, Mt. Hope, and Hill Road $ 7.00
   47 ELMWOOD CEMETERY, Hazelton Twp, Shiawassee Co, 66pp updated 2004 $10.00
   50 -----------OLD CALVARY CEMETERY City of Flint (Not Yet Published) *NYP*
   51 -----------NEW CALVARY CEMETERY Flint Twp (Not Yet Published) *NYP*

*NYP* indicates works in progress, (Not Yet Published). Individual records can be ordered by downloading our Cemetery Death Record Order Form to your word processor. Print it, complete your request and submit it as detailed on the form.


Cemetery Books Census Books General Publications Mailing Address Top of Page FGS Home Page

1840 1840 CENSUS & EVOLUTION OF GENESEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN 77pp 1982 pub. $15.00
1860 1860 CENSUS OF GENESEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN 247pp 1982 pub. $25.00

Cemetery Books Census Books General Publications Mailing Address Top of Page FGS Home Page

  Our District School A History Of Fletcher School By Frederick Van Horn. $ 1.00
Scrapbook Vol 1: 1894-1937 A collection of articles that appeared in the local newspaper. It covers the area of Goodrich, Atlas, and Grand Blanc, MI $15.00
Scrapbook Vol 2: Weddings & Obituaries 1904-1934 Goodrich, Atlas, and Grand Blanc, MI $15.00
Scrapbook Vol 3: Weddings & Obituaries 1929-1942 Goodrich, Atlas, Grand Blanc and Flint, MI. This book contains copies of marriage announcements and obituaries collected by Amelia Menzer Bush from local newspapers between 1929 through 1942. Additionally, an index of 495 names is included. $15.00
Scrapbook - Grand Blanc Twp Consolidated School 1921-1942 This book is a collection of school events and graduation pictures including the 8 years when there were no high school yearbooks. Also included is an index of 2024 names. 100pp $15.00
1859 Maps of Genesee County, Michigan Photographed from the original wall map of the Counties of Genesee and Shiawassee Michigan by Geil & Jones, Topographical Engineers of Philadelphia. The original wall maps are on display at the Flint Public Library and the Sloan Museum-Buick Gallery. Our soft cover publication includes the township and village maps (Genesee County only) as well as an alphabetical index of property owners, and business listings by townships. 113pp. $20.00
Civil War Gravesites - Volume 1 Genesee County $20.00
Civil War Gravesites - Volume 2 Lapeer County $12.00
Civil War Gravesites - Volume 3 Shiawassee County $15.00
Civil War Gravesites - Volumes 1, 2, 3 Special 3 Volume Set price $ 40.00 Plus $7.00 S & H
NOTE: No member discount will be given for the 3-volume set
Genealogical Holdings of the Flint Public Library Unbound only $12.00
FGS Surname Index 16,000 names of ancestors of the members of FGS $30.00
Dodds-Dumanois Funeral Home Volume 1 Index of Records - Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death 1903-1930 228 pp $30.00
Dodds-Dumanois Funeral Home Records Volume 2 Index of Records - Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, January 5, 1931 through December 31, 1959 $30.00
Genesee County Births (Volume 4 1889 - 1895) Containing 3,870 names with Date and Place of Birth, Father and Mothers Name and place of birth, Residence, Occupation, and Record Number $30.00
Genesee County Birth Records (Volume 5 1895-1902) This volume contains 3,997 names which include date and place of birth, fathers and mothers name and place of birth, residence, occupation and record number. $30.00
Genesee County Birth Records (Volume 6 1903-1907) This volume contains 2,972 names which include date and place of birth, fathers and mothers name and place of birth, residence, occupation and record number. $30.00
History of Genesee County, Michigan by Franklin Ellis published in 1879. It was republished for the Sesquicentennial of Flint in 2005. Hardbound book with over 700 pages. Shipping and handling is more for this book than our others. $50.00 +
$ 7.00 (S&H)
Genesee County Cemetery Locations Contains location and status of the cemetery and township maps. $10.00
  FLINT GENEALOGICAL QUARTERLY - A 30-PAGE PUBLICATION (c) copyright by Flint Genealogical Society. Originally published four times per year and currently three times per year. Back issues or extra copies $4 each for 1984 and later issues $6 each for issues prior to 1984. If ordering be sure to indicate which issue of the year you are requesting; the easiest way to insure the correct issue is to include the desired page number. $6.00 - Pre 1984
$4.00- Post 1984


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