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Flint Genealogical Society
PO Box 1217, Flint Michigan 48501-1217
FGS Surname Index   

The Flint Genealogical Society has received pedigree charts from many past and present members. These charts are stored at the Perry Archives of the Sloan Museum and copies are kept at the Flint Public Library. We have also published a book containing this information see FGS Surname Index in the miscellaneous section of our Publications page. The following is an index of all the names on these charts (If PublishVolume does not equal 1 then the information was received too late to be included in our original published index).

Surnames starting with:
Aaa-Alk All-Ans Ant-Azz Baa-Baq Bar-Bdz Bea-Bem Ben-Bix Biy-Bor
Bos-Brd Bre-Brt Bru-Bur Bus-Caq Car-Cgz Cha-Chq Chr-Coj Cok-Coo
Cop-Crd Cre-Crz Daa-Ddz Dea-Der Des-Dot Dou-Dzz Eaa-Emz Ena-Fie
Fif-Fot Fou-Gah Gai-Gik Gil-Got Gou-Grn Gro-Ham Han-Har Has-Hdz
Hea-Hic Hid-Hok Hol-Hov How-Huq Hur-Jee Jef-Jzz Kaa-Kio Kip-Kzz
Laa-Lay Laz-Lik Lil-Loy Loz-Mao Map-Mbz Mca-Mck Mcl-Mik Mil-Mon
Moo-Muk Mul-Nib Nic-Olm Oln-Paq Par-Peb Pec-Phz Pia-Pov Pow-Quh
Qui-Rel Rem-Roa Rob-Rot Rou-Saf Sag-Schh Schi-Seu Sev-Shq Shr-Smh
Smi-Sot Sou-Std Ste-Stq Str-Tam Tan-Thn Tho-Tom Ton-Tuo Tup-Vam
Van-Vzz Waa-War Was-Wes Wet-Wig Wih-Will Wilm-Won Woo-Wzz Xaa-Zzz

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