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Seeking Michigan

Seeking Michigan

Our next Research trip / Meeting will be Thursday - April 16, 2015
at the Bad Axe Area District Library, in Bad Axe, MI.
from 10 am to 4 pm.
( On Thursdays the library is open from 10 am to 8 pm
but I plan on leaving by 4 pm to travel back to Flint, MI. )
Bad Axe Area District Library

In the past we would usually meet on the third Saturday of the month,
but my current work schedule I'm working on Saturdays.
So, we are going to try meeting on Thursdays and see how it goes?

Here is the link to the
Huron County Genweb page

At our Dec. 7, 2012 meeting / research trip we had 3 attend.
We met at The Sandusky District Library, in Sandusky, MI

They have the Sanilac County cemetery index and obituaries on their website (see link below).
Sandusky District Library Genealogy Page


PRESIDENT:  Gerald A. Little Jr.       VICE PRESIDENT:  Judy Visner       SECRETARY:  Amy Hubbard
CO-TREASURERS:  Gerald A. Little Jr. & Amy Hubbard       CORRESPONDING SECRETARY:  Gerald A. Little Jr.
EDITOR:  Gerald A. Little Jr.


As originally organized in 1982, (disbanded about 2008, then re-started October 1, 2012),
the purpose of the Huron County Genealogical Society is
To get acquainted with other people who have similar interest in genealogy
To preserve area records of a genealogical nature
To index existing records pertaining to genealogy
To encourage genealogical research and writing of family histories.


Any Officer, current Member of the Huron County Genealogical Society can be contacted by regular Postal Mail addressed to...

Huron County Genealogical Society
PO Box 321004
Flint, MI 48532

...all such correspondence will be directed as needed for proper handling.


Persons interested in Genealogy and History, whether amateur or professional, are welcome to apply for membership in the Huron County Genealogical Society.  More information on membership.


The Huron County Genealogical Society was originally organized in 1982, (disbanded about Mid - 2008), then was re-organized on October 1, 2012.   For a more detailed history   click here.

The Huron County Genealogical Society wishes to acknowledge and thank the ROOTSWEB Genealogical Data Cooperative for housing this Web Site. We also are grateful to ROOTSWEB volunteers for their generous technical support. Please visit ROOTSWEB for additional genealogical information.

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