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By Arzell (Shuart) Mills                                   


When I was a young girl and lived on the farm

We had to work hard at the house and the barn


In winter I went with my Dad to the woods

To cut down the trees as fast as we could


We hauled them home with the horses and sleigh

And thanked God again for the end of the day


We cut up the trees with the old crosscut saw

We knew we had to be done before the spring thaw


In summer we worked in the fields with the hoe

Then sit under a tree to watch the grain grow


When fall came we all had to go back to school

We took down the swing and put up the tools


We would see all our friends and have lots of fun

Then wait for the time when Christmas would come


The boys went to the woods to get a good Christmas tree

Then everyone trimmed it with candles and glee


We put on a good program and learned our parts well

Then our parents would come when they heard the school bell


When Christmas was over and it was snowing outside

We would hitch up the horses and take a sleigh ride


The bells on the horse always sounded real good

They could be heard for a mile as we sailed through the woods