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The Story of Our Life

By Arzell Mills 1999


We have lived a long and happy life

And seen a lot of things

There are lots of things that we could change

If we could start over again


When we were young we tried to do

The best that we knew how

But as we grow we wonder why

We couldn’t of thought like we do now


But then we wonder what we would change

If we could start anew

And we couldn’t think of anything

That we would really do.


We worried when our boys were sick

And hard times, we had our share

But time helps heal most everything

When you have a family that cares


We miss them now when we go down south

And we know they have lots to do

They have their work and families

Like most young people do


When we start out in the spring time

And we know we are heading home

We can hardly wait to get there

To see how our family has grown


We know they will come to visit

They don’t live far away

We get on the phone as fast as we can

We can’t wait another day


Then they bring the great –grandchildren to see us

And we say a little prayer

We always thank the Lord above

Because we know our family cares