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A Smile And A Prayer

By Margaret (Shuart) Keeley


The moon silvered the whispering leaves,

When I kissed you good-bye,

And on your smiling, up-turned face

A tear fell from your eye.


I held you in a close embrace,

As smiling you stood there;

I saw your grief; I sensed your fear,

I heard your whispered prayer.


A prayer that has since given me

Courage to face the strife;

‘God keep him safe’, your heart cried out,

‘And guide his war-torn life’.


Now summer’s gone and autumn too

Has been swallowed in strife,

And still I hear that murmured prayer,

And still God guides my life.




Margaret (Shuart) Keeley is the daughter of Joseph and Avline (Robbins) Shuart.

I received this in 1993 From Arzell (Shuart) Mills who received it from her mother Anna (McGillivray) Shuart.


The address written on this is:

Yacht Morie, 1300 Maine Ave., S.W., Washington, D.C.