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Huron County Photo Album


Colfax Cemetery, Bad Axe
Maureen Keillor

Labeled "Stock barn of G. Booth"

George Booth married Elizabeth McDonald, a sister of James George McDonald. I can place them in Bloomfield Twp as early as 1889, but I can't find them in the census of 1880 US or 1881 Canadian. I think that Elizabeth is the woman on the far right. The family had East Indian ancestry due to their father's service in the British Army in India. The woman to the left may be one of her three sisters, the man on the far left could be George and it's anyone's guess as to whether the older man is her father or his!  Maureen Keillor

The only one labeled in this one is the horse, Dexter!

Maureen Keillor


Huron County Pioneer Historical Society 1913

We aren't able to identify anyone in this photo, but Jim McDonald took it in 1913. Maybe a newspaper article would give more detail about when and where?

Maureen Keillor

Self explanatory. pen marking photo looks the same as the one in the 1913 snowstorm in Bad Axe. 

Maureen Keillor

Back of postcard reads:

"Dear Sister did you ever see such a looking gang before I have not bought an auto yet well how are you all getting along I hope Emma is feeling better love to all Lizzie"
To: Mrs. H. McDonald Bad Axe Mich"
Mrs. H. McDonald would be Maria Wressell McDonald, and in Grandma Keillor's handwriting it says "Aunt Lizzie in upper middle" but we can't figure out who Aunt Lizzie is!! J.G. McDonald was a dealer for Grant Automobiles in 1914.


Howard E. Keillor (on right) worked for Ma Bell in Michigan for many years. Man on left unidentified. "Blue heron Dad got off telephone line near Palms Michigan."

Maureen Keillor

Note the goggles and dusters on the three girls in the back left. I get the impression they've been zooming around Huron County in a Grant! James G. McDonald was an agent for the Grant Motor Car Corporation of Findlay Ohio as early as 1914. The only person we can identify in the photograph is the woman at the far right, Emma Maria McDonald, Ina's sister. Emma b. 1887 in Bloomfield Twp., was one of the first registered nurses in the county.

Maureen Keillor

The year Grant cars sold for $495 was 1914. This is a piece of stationery from Joanne's collection.

Maureen Keillor

This was taken by Jim McDonald, and printed as a post card, hence the circle in the upper left. Unfortunately, I forgot to write on the back and get the postmarked date.  The only person we can identify is the young woman seated, 5th from right, with a dark scarf tied at her collar.  That is Ina May McDonald, b. 1890 in Bloomfield Twp. This does not appear to be a family reunion, more of a township reunion. I'm guessing about 1910, based on Ina's appearance to be about 20.

Maureen Keillor

It shows the staff and equipment of the Bad Axe Democrat newspaper on an Independence Day float.  It would have been taken during the time frame in which my great-grandfather, Jacob Thompson Rorick, was the editor and publisher of the Democrat (1884-1892 or thereabouts).  I've only been able to identify two people positively in the picture.  The two little boys are my grandfather, Mark D. Rorick, and his oldest brother, Eldridge T. Rorick.  I suspect that my great-grandmother, Carrie Eldridge Rorick, is the woman on the float.  I also suspect that my great-grandfather is one of the men with mustaches (and that his brother, William M. Rorick, is also a man with a mustache) but can't prove it.
John and Christine (Barfuss) Geiger, taken in about 1869. It was taken at the Peter Tschirrhart Studio in Sand Beach. They emigrated there from Ontario, and bought a farm in Huron Co. He fought in the Civil War, 2nd Mich. Cavalry.

If you have any information on this family please contact Karen Shepard


The Kurzer family.  They came to Huron County in the early 1800's and are some of the first settlers.  William and Barbara Hartman Kurzer (standing left side, back row) are my grandmother Esther Davis Kurzer's adoptive parents.  They adopted her in 1901.  Sitting front row left side is Karl August and Mary Kurzer.  We are still trying to fit together the remaining Kurzers in the photo.  We just know they're all Kurzers!

Theresa McKinney


Don and Vida Strouts barn raising

Maureen Keillor


circa 1913

William Henry Frazer/Frasier is the older man with his hand on the fish, (Sturgeon), The younger man is Leonard Sheldon, husband of my great great Aunt Lois Elizabeth Huldah Frazer, (Aunt Lizzie), and the 2 children are 2 of Len and Lizzies, James Bret Sheldon & Blance Marie Sheldon.

Beverly Edwards


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