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The following is an article and list of victims, both loss of life and property, of the 1881 Fire as listed in The Huron Times newspaper, September 15, 1881:

Our news from the burnt districts assumes the aspect of dry facts and figures this week. Our attempt to give a slight idea of the ravages in this county last we frankly acknowledge to have been a complete failure. But a small proportion of the real facts of the suffering and distress were then known to any, and, as the lists of losses of life and property come to hand, we can scarcely comprehend the extent of the damage.
In this immediate vicinity the damage to property has been trifling when compared with that of the back towns. For this reason we witness in this place but a small degree of suffering and thus far but few supplies have been distributed here, but the bulk have been sent to
Verona, Bad Axe and Port Hope. We have endeavored in the following to give a correct list of relief goods received here:
Friday, September 9th, the steamer Keweenaw brought from Detroit 10 barrels of pork, I00 cases of groceries a large amount of household utensils to be equally divided be between Bad Ave and
Verona. September 10th the Ward landed a large consignment of tools, hardware, provisions, groceries, blankets and clothing,  about 2,500 lbs for each of the above places.
Sunday, the 11th, the Saginaw brought 280 bags of oats for the towns of this vicinity and a large amount of clothing among which were 12 boxes and two barrels for distribution here, sent to Mrs. H. M. Hairington from St. Chair. Later in the day the Flora bought two large lots of household goods from Alpena
On the 18th Alpena sent by the Keweenaw 3 boxes of clothing and 50 M shingles, Tawas sent a box and bale of merchandise and considerable furniture. Later in the day the
Ward brought G. W. Jenks, the relief agent here, 2 barrels and a box of merchandise, and 8 cook Stoves with furniture and pipe complete, a case of tobacco for each Verona and Bad Axe.

On the 14th the Pearl brought from Detroit two boxes of hammers, one box of axes and 13 kegs of nails, and ten boxes, one truck and six bales containing merchandise and clothing. In the evening the revenue cutter loaded a very large collection of miscellaneous stoves, dishes, furniture and bedding. There was also in the cargo sixty regular army field tents with furniture and camp utensils complete.

In the following paragraphs we have endeavored to give authentic details from a few towns in the County. The care with which these statistics have been compiled does not limit then to cover any more ground.


Wm. DeForest, barn and farm tools.
Robt. Parks, stable, a little wheat and some agricultural implements. Lawrence Brennan 30 tons hay, 100 bushels wheat, 15 acres standing crops, house and barn, stock and farm tools.
Andrew Gourley, house, grain and tools,
Henry Hazel, house, barn and contents, 3,000 feet of lumber, stock, etc. Jas. Maule, everything including his own life, wife’s and son’s.
By. Bartlett, hay and grain. A. Demas, barn and contents.


W. R. Stafford, mill, dock, lumber, 150 cords tan bark, 200 tons hay – loss about $26,000.
R. C. Olgivie, lumber, logs, dock partly burned, cord wood, etc., loss $5,000. L. Ripley, mill.
A. McDonald, 65 tons hay, loss $900.
C. Haywood, two tenements houses


Ed. Bankie, J. Young, J. Krousa, Albert Below, J. Shava, August. Steinhurst, H. Pleitz, Chas. Shava, J. McBride, H. Huffman, R. Drury, L. Kirbetz, M. Mousalf, Albert Pleitz, August Shubring, Geo. Haywood, H. Clark, Fred. Herman, J. C. Jordan, houses, barns and contents.
A. Lavitskye barn and large crops.
F. Kreval, barn and some crops. H. Hanson, barn and contents.
Geo. Pleitz, house; the tenant on the farm lost all.
Wm. Shava, house, barn and contents, wife has been seriously ill since the fire and is now being taken care of by physicians in Port Hope. This is the place where the charred remains of the three
Moss children were found.
August Gantz, house, barn and contents; father and mother burned to death lying side by side on the road to Port Hope.
R. C. Olgivie, house.
H. E. Facer, house
C. Clark Jr., barn and contents.
J. Plemias and Jacob Haywood, barns and contents.
F. Jose, barn, and contents. H. Plenias, Levi Vaughn, H. Cline, N. Cline, Wm. Cline, A. Robinson, S. J. Robertson, Ed. P Lenias, J. Delion, Victor Shebetoski, G. Thomas, A. Shuman,
Chas. Long, E. Blaskie, Robt. Meddaugh, Geo. Bartlett, T. Mason, F. Oliver; A nLand, W. Potter, H. Yager, E. Springer, W. Brown, L. Burchart, M. Connelly, Wm. Conner, Sr., J. Sullivan, B. McEver, all lost their houses, barns and contents.
J. Scott, house and contents.
Chas. Morrison, three barns and their contents, a heavy loser, loss $l,800. A. Robinson, barn and contents.
A. Stone, barn and contents.
S. Stone, some household goods. A. McDonald, house.
H. hand, household goods.
Morrison, household goods and some crops
Ferdinand Leese, three barn and their contents ; one of the heaviest losers in among the farmers, loss, about $3500.

Joseph Neal, three stacks of hay.
C. Davis, barn and contents and half of stock.
Mrs. Emmons, house and barn.
J. Beaton, household goods and some crops.
Jo French, house and some crops.
H. Davis, house.

Geo. Emmons, barn.
H. Kirkendal, crops in barn.
E. C. Haywood house and barn.
Mrs Angel, barn and contents.
Fred Poeter, barn and contents.
F Shubrink, new house.
Wm. Brown, crops.
H. Stenike, barn and contents, his charred remains found under a fence.

Mrs. Smart, house and contents.
John Caughill, house and contents.
A. Corbett, house and contents.
R. Merchant, house, barn and contents.
H. Merchant, crops and household goods.
L. Ludington, household goods.
Ludington, house, barn and contents; he also lost a threshing machine, burned on the road.
Alex Woods, house and contents.
Alfred Hazel, house and contents.
J. Hopson, barn and contents.
Wm. Meddaugh, house and contents.
Ed Perkins Jr, house and contents.
R. Wade, Jr., lost everything, himself, wife and three children burned to death.
F. McInally, house.
J. Cochrane, house, barn and contents, and four members of his family, young lady aged 17 and the little boys burned to death.
Clark Streval, household goods, crops and half of threshing machine.
H. Streval, household goods.

John Whiting and
Chas. Davis owned the scow Elizabeth, she burned at the dock in Port Hope.
Chas. Wright and J. Cleary lost their fish boats and outfits.
M. O’Meara, household goods.
H. Elliott and three
German families living in tenement house in Port Hope lost their household goods.
German on farm owned by H. Kelly lost house and contents and some crops.

J. Ludington, Sr., L. Conner, Jos. Schennecker, T. Bright, J. Meddaugh, Ed Kuger, Ed Perkins Sr., S. Miller, M. Ball, house, barn and contents.
C. Haywood kindly offered his store room as headquarters for the relief committees and supplies, besides doing a large amount of good in private.


Fred. Klemp, barn and contents.
J. Kirkpatrick, barn and contents.
T. Carew, barn and contents.
J. Fulker, house, barn and contents.
J. White, house, barn and contents.
J. Bowden, some crops
Robert Beatz, house, barn and contents.
J. McGregor, household goods.
A. Isler, barn and contents.
A. Matthews, house, barn and contents.
R. Clark, house, barn and contents, son aged 23 and mother lost; when last seen the son was carrying his aged mother to some green timber. The neighbors have looked for their remains several times, but cannot find them.
John Ripley, house, barn and contents; he went to the house after placing his family in safety and had to seek refuge in the well where he died from suffocation; he was highway commissioner of his township and very much beloved by his neighbors.
L. Ripley 150 bushels of wheat stored here, a heavy loser.
John Kinch of Kinch’s Corners, was swept clean of everything, had nothing but the rags on his back like most of the others – loss $1,500.

Old Mr. Brathby, house, barn and contents.
T. Rogers, household goods.
McIntyre, some crops.
Herman Groundstead is probably the heaviest loser in this township, was swept clean of everything, a fine house, a new barn and all their contents, loss about $3,000.
J. Lohman, household goods. He fought as long as he could, then tried to escape to Port Hope but dropped on the road and burned to death; a few rods farther on his son aged 15, gave up fighting for life and was burned to death; his wife and children, having been sent ahead got through but were all badly burned and are now under the physicians care in Port Hope.

Old Mr. Shava, new house and crops.
A. Dalke, C. Hoth, M. Marquette, H. Maskie, A. Hintz, M. Salisbury, Fred Nichol,
Chas. Nichol, Robt. Brathby, F. Pelky, Allan McGregor, all lost houses, barns and contents.

Moss, house, barn and contents, and three of his children were burned to a crisp. Wm. Leonard, barn and contents.
R. Randall, house, barn and contents, insured in Home of N. Y. for $700.
J. F. McCrea, horses, house, barn and contents; another heavy loser – loss $1,800.

H. Walker, household goods, barn and contents.
D. McGregor, household goods, barn and large quantity of grain.
J. Randall, Wm. Ripley, C. Gage, R. J. Meddaugh, barns and crops.
A. McNight, small house and crops.
Mrs. Hazen, everything swept away, herself burned to death. Eli Hazen, household goods. A great portion of these lost all their stock.


John Holder lost house, barn and contents.
The following lost the same, James Ecor, Lewis Cease, John
Heath, Sophia Bliss, Chas. Fuller, Watson Robinson, Oliver Gager, W. Webster, Daniel Stanton, John Hunt, Edwin W Emory, Daniel Pugh, G. H. Whitelem. The following lost houses and contents: George Miller, John Gratz, John Redman, C. M. Bartlett, Jas. Morrison, Archy McEachin and Joseph Broomfield. The following lose barn and contents: Whitelein, H. Merrick, R. Estabrook, J. Burke, John Schmyser, Anthony Zoak.


The losses were as follows:
G. O. Terwilliger, barn.
L. C. Truax, horse.
John C. Welch, law library and household goods.
W. T. Bope, law office and library.
Septimus Irwin, hotel, stables and everything.
George W. Armstrong, hotel and stables.
Bros, Tribune Office, insured for $500 in the home of New York.
Hiram L. Chipman, law library.
J. M. Skinner, law office and library and a large quantity of wheat.
Ed Watkins, house and shoe shop.
Rapson Bro blacksmith and wagon shop. W. Rapson house.
Alex Park, house.
Watson, house and barn. Mr. Johnson, house.
C. McAvoy, blacksmith shop and house.
Cal Foster, house.
Mrs. Jenkins, house.
Philip Rapson, house.
Jacob Durfy, house and barn.
John M. Cary, house and barn.
Old court house, owned by Rapson
Bros, occupied as a storeroom and residence by Reuben Rapson.
Peter Richardson, house, barn, wagon and two buggies
Richard Smith, house and s tore building.
M. Razek, house and stock of merchandise. Engle, Drury & Engle, law library.
Pollock & Deady, drug store.
Samuel Pollock, house and building occupied as a jewelry store.
W. E. Small, household goods, stock of jewelry and stationery. Robert Phillip, store, and and four dwelling houses.
Baptist church.
Lewis Durfy, house.
Mace Stevens, house.
Dr. Dixon, household goods.
Rev. John Bettes, household goods.
M P. Church and parsonage.
Rev. Robert Pattison, household goods.
George W. Hilton, house.
Chas. Brown, house and barn.
Jacob Schad, hotel and store building.
School house containing Good Templars property.
Mrs. McLeod, household goods.
Mr. Rockwood, household goods. Mr. Warner, household goods
James Cataline, house.
Peter Noble, house and barn.
Rev. J. Maywood, household goods, library, buggy and harness.
August Arenberg, house.
James Porter, house and barn.
Chas. E. Thompson, house, barn and a large quantity of lumber.


The following lost houses, barns and their contents including grain, hay, tools, etc.
James, Bockard, T. Greene, John Hanson, Thomas Blaylock, Wm. Willets, J. Campbell, Mason Fuller, Fred Peters, Jas. Pangborn, A. B. Swetsinger, Dean Cutler, Geo. Rapson, Geo. Pangman, John H. Flint, John Metcalf, John Scott Jr., Jos. Murray, Wm. Cowen, Michael Hanson, John Burns and Jacob Durfy.

The following parties lost barns and their contents, consisting of hay, tools, grain, etc: John C. Pangborn, Thos. Rapson, James Conboy, Sanford Allen, Mrs. Noonen, Thos. Pangborn, Dan Smith, M. Brathor, G. B. Shire, Jos. Murray Sr., Thos. Capley,
Angus McDonald.

The following lost houses and contents: W. Smith, Wm. Francis and Albert


The following in this twp lost houses, barns and their contents: Jas. Redman,Jas. Cataline,
Chas. Murphy, Robert Mc____, Mrs. T. Sheppard, Mrs. Caverty, H. W. Thompson, G. C. Sherwin, D. W. Sheppard, Geo. Baskins, Jas. Gibson, Dennis O’Connor, Nehemiah Mills, John Dunlap, Mrs. Barnes, H. Frank, John Forden, Ben Way, Allan, Forden, Richard Forden, Jos. Watson, Timothy Reed, John Lang, Cyrennus French, James Ray, Richard Sheppard, John Hurford, Samuel Vyce and Mrs. Campbell lost houses and contents. Alfrd Paggett and D. H. Pierce lost houses, barns, store buildings and contents. Dr. Lyons, drugs, library etc. James White goods in house and cheese factory. Josiah French, house, saw and grist mills.  W. H. Leavenworth, carding mill and machinery.

Edward Flynn, house and blacksmith shop. N. T. Holmes, shoe shop, house and contents. Geo. Cook, house, cabinet shop and contents.
N. McKay and Thos. Reed, barns and contents.


John Gould, Francis Manael and
Oliver Healy lost houses, barns and their contents, besides other grain and stock. David Bartley, Thomas, Donaldson, Hugh McCracken, S. H. Lewis, James VanBukirk lost barns together with contents and stock.
J. Soape lost house, goods and furniture. David Bartley lost saw logs, hay, etc.

M. W. Farnsworth lost considerable grain.


Conrad Roberts, barn and contents.
Peter Kirsch, John Terback, Barney Ibach, Wm. and Henry Holtwick, E. Weaver, H. Bishear, N. Rumsick, W. Brengman and Fred Raditz lost houses, barns, the contents and live stock.
John Gallenger, F. Seltz, J. Hilch, John Pickson and W. Gager, lost houses, barns, and part of contents.
Sa. Wilson lost barn and contents and Jas. Wilson, a house.


The following is a statement of the losses in paris which exceed $500. Lack of space compels us to cut our report. The number of familiesd who have suffered by fire is 81. W. Rieman, John Noycickowske, Stephen Pawlowski, John Bueiza, Paul Suida, Joseph Klebba, Francis Tallage, Anthony Slavoc, _____ Sewandoski, Simon and Mathias Wrobel, George Rupert, G. Volz, Peter Konalski, M. Spoutz, Phelix and John Spitza, Aug. Schalowicz, John Erdman, Jacob Schaft, John Wojtclaviietz, P. Gliniecski, Aartin Muschel, Agnac Kuchareczk, John Obarka, Geo. Paeteka, Frank Buchowski, Barbara and Joseph Mowvieczke, Thomas Gundala, John Pimski, John Buchkowski, Wm. Gergerbietsel, Julius Vonelski, Leonard Oberski, Martin Dumund, Joseph Kaisha, Wm. Wilson, Alex Duncanson, Archibald Currie, James Gobmonocitz.


The following are a partial list of the losses in the twp of Gore:
F. Napier, house and contents. F. Lewis, small barn and contents. F.Feddeck, barn and c rops. Charles Geltz, house, barn and their contents, loss about $2,000. Albert Furmna, barn and contents. John Ferdinand, Mrs. Wheeler, Ed. Smoltz, Fred. Kreval,
Chas. Kreval, H. Weis’ estate, Chas. Weis, Wm. Erega, G. Hear, Fred, Singstock, M. Breining, August Freza, houses, barns and contents. August Feukel, barn and contents. August Gaffee lost everything and his father was drowned in a well. Most of these lost a large portion of their stock.


August Fenkel, Alex Estler,J. Estler, H Seelig, C. Buchaltz, A. Mamrquette, Jullius Furman, Geo. Rhodes, Ed. Varney, R. Linsey, Wm. Elliott, John Arhens, John Arndt, J. Scott, J. Kirkpatrick, L. A. Orr, F. Twardokis, F. Wenich, Wm. John, Anthony Letz, houses, barns and contents. L. Seaton, barn and contents. Wm. Orr, some crops. C. Long, house and barn. Wm. Pochart, barn and contents. Ira Cerpenter, house, barn and contents, himself and family badly burned, doubtful if wife and one child will recover. Lewis Coon lost, house, barn and contents, one child, burned to death and some other members of the family burned severely.

M. Nichineck, house, barn and contents, and his mother was burned to death: Miles Hamilton, household goods. R. Linton, household goods, 70 tons hay, and other crops. S. Vaugh, house and barn. F. Hilke, house. J. Cline, house and crops.


Campbell, Sr., house, barn and contents.
Wm. Burkhill, house, barn and contents, 82 sheep, 2 horses, some cattle and pigs. Donald
Morrison, house barns, 1,100 bushels of wheat, 400 bushels other grain, seven head of horses and some other stock.

Philip Ross, hay and straw. Malcolm McKinnon, barn and contents. Colin Walker, hay, straw, and grain. Neil McDonald, seven tons of hay. Terrence Sweeney, barn, hay, straw and grain. Angus McCallum, hay, straw and grain.
Dugald Paul , hay and wheat. Wm. Peterson, stable, hay, straw and grain. Peter Caber, stable, hay, straw and grain.
Neel Lenneingstan lost stock.

Campbell, house, tools, and hay.

Chas. Kitendorf, house, contents, and crops.
J. Kissane, barn and contents and tools. A. Boomhauer lots 15 tons of hay and 30 M feet of logs. Duncan Paul lost house and crops.
Dugald McTavish, some crops. Mary
McIntyre, house and crops.

The following lost everything:
John McPhee, John McIsaac, Alex McLennan,
Angus Ross, Angus Alex and John McIntyre, Donald McInnis, Christy McIsaac, Hugh McCormick, Wm. Davis, Wm. Dunlap, Lemuel, Kile, Matthew Gillis, John Johnson, Bennet & Atkinson, Dugald Purcell, James Corner, Richard Lenzenby, John KIttendof, James Shire, James Lewis, Alonzo Heath and Mary Armon.

The Death Roll.

Sand Beach – James A. Maule his wife and son – 3.
Bloomfield – Mrs. Robert Clark and her son, John Riley smothered in a well, John Lehman and his son, aged 15, 3 children of August
Moss, Mrs. Hazen, Mrs. Silbey, John Layman and son Albert – 12.
Gore – Old Mr. Gaffee, drowned in a well – 1.
Huron – Old Mrs. Michicek and a child of Lewis Coon – 2.
Rubicon – Old Mr. and Mrs. Gratz, T. Stenike, Robert Wade Jr., wife and three children, a young lady aged 17 and three little boys, children of Jas. Cochrane and John Maduigan. – 13
Lincoln – An 8 year old son of Wm. Thompson – 1.
Meade – Miss Minnie Lee, aged 18 – 1.
Sigel – John Schoornac – 1.
Paris – Frank Loche’s wife and 5 children, John Spperkowski’s wife and 5 children, Frank Mazura’s 5 year old child, Julius Danielski and child, John Werberski and wife, Simon Rouble and daughter.

There has been 28 deaths in Paris, but owing to the difficulties in obtaining information and making oneself understood we can give but the above names.


Partial list of losses reported in The Huron Times on September 16, 1881:


Wm. Kerr - barn, 300 bu. wheat, 400 bu. oats, ten tons hay, wagon, farm implements.
J.Kerr, 5 sheep, 9 hogs.
Mr. Maynard, two barns on farm lately bought of A. Lepicier.  Orchard badly burned.
Peter Lepicier, barn.
John Wolfe, 3 barns and contents-a very heavy sufferer.
House and barn on Stephen Lestarge place, rented by Wallace Arkell.
Thomas Nephew, barn.
John Olson, barn.
Mark Hagle, house.
School house in district No. 4.
Mark Turner, house.  His step-daughter, Minnie Lee, aged, 18, was burned to death.  His wife and son escaped by jumping into the well.
Gilbert Fitchett, 15 tons hay.
Angus McDonald, barn.
Ben Geroux, barn, with valuable farm machinery; insured in the Home.
Wm. Dondano and his father both lost barns.
Peter Labelle, barn.
Joseph Farr, barn.
Barn of Henry Morrow farm, owned by Woods & Company.
George Geroux, barn.
Joseph Geroux, barn.
Mr. House, house and barn.
J. F. Wager, house and stable
Hugh Melin, house and stable
G. Dingman, some stock
Samuel Drake, barn and crop.
Michael Faegan, 5 sheep.


John Bang, everything.
E. H. Horten, everything.
A Poland family, name not known.


John Sparaski, on section 18, lost his wife and five children, all burned.
Frank Mazure, on section 27, had a wife and eight children.  His property was all destroyed.  The mother was unable to get Victoria, aged 5, out of the house and she was burned.  Mrs. Mazure's legs were badly burned, and she is in the hospital with three of her children, all badly burned.  The other four children are cared for at Frank Sofka's.
Phillip McPherson and wife burned to death.  A daughter, Anne, is left, and is now staying with her sister, Mrs. Brady.
Nalkawski was burned in his house; he leaves a wife and two children.
Joseph Charan, everything but stock.  One child burned to death.
Frank Buschkowski, two houses, barn, store, blacksmith shop, and a large quantity of lumber; loss, $15,000.
Joseph Buschkowski, grist- and- sawmill, store, 2 houses, 2 barns, and all outbuildings and stock; loss $11,000.
Joseph Rulla, everything.
John Bezemek, everything. 
John Oborski, everything.
B. J. Cleaver, chest carpenter tools.
Nicholas Miller, house, barn and blacksmith shop.
Frank Miller, carpenter tools.
Presbyterian church.