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Deaths Recorded in Huron County
Compiled by Judy Visner

Most of the people listed are related to me.  Others I have run across in
my research.   If you have roots to any of these please contact me.



Volume 2, pg 233, Record #306

Name: Ronald McDonald, Meade

Date of Death:   May 17, 1906

Age:    76 y, 7 m, 9 d                 

Place of Death:  Meade

Cause:    old age and indigestion             

Birthplace:    Canada     

Father's Name:  John McDonald; b. Scotland

Mother's Name:  Margaret Campbell; b. Scotland

Date Recorded:  June 12, 1906


Volume 4, Page 304, Record #3 

Name:  Wilson, Jennie (McDonald)

Date of Death:    Dec. 8, 1922

Age:    53 y, 3 m, 23 d; married                 

Place of Death:  Caseville

Cause:     Tuberculosis            

Birthplace:   MI      

Father's Name:  Angus McDonald

Mother's Name:  Margaret McLeod

Occupation: housewife

Date Recorded:  Jan. 31, 1923


Volume 4, Page 306, Record #1

Name:  Wilson, William Henry

Date of Death:    Feb.9, 1932

Age:     62 y, 5 m, 13 d                

Place of Death:  Village of Caseville

Cause:  Carcinoma stomach              

Birthplace:    MI

Occupation: Merchant    

Father's Name:  George Wilson; b. New York

Mother's Name: Mary Flannery; b. Canada

Date Recorded:  May 14, 1932



Volume 4, Page 304, Record #3

Name:  Wilson William Roy

Date of Death:    June 19, 1923

Age:  21; single                   

Place of Death:   Caseville

Cause:     accidental drowning           

Birthplace:  MI

Occupation: clerk       

Father's Name:  William H. Wilson

Mother's Name: Jennie McDonald

Date Recorded:  Aug. 15, 1923

Additional information:  The Huron County News Friday June 22, 1923  Front Page







     Caseville, Mich. June 20 – Caseville mourns today the death of two of her fine young men who lost their lives in a drowning accident last night.   Roy Wilson age 22, and Lloyd Wightman age 18.

     With a hundred or more of others the boys were in swimming.  These two boys were beyond the sand bar at the county park.  Suddenly Wightman seemed to be taken with cramps and called for help, saying he was drowning.  Wilson went to his rescue but  in his drowning struggles Wightman grabbed hold of Roy in a way that he couldn’t handle himself and both sank in seven feet of water.  Neither came to the top for some time though Wightman had been down and up before Roy got to him.  The large crowd of onlooker and bathers ere panic stricken at the sight and as they had to go round the sand bar before any rescue work could be undertaken it was nearly an hour before the boys’ bodies were recovered.  Then all efforts at resuscitation failed.   

     These are the first deaths from drowning that have taken place here in many years.  It is said that Wilson who was a good swimmer, rescued several young people from danger of drowning, just a few minutes before he went to his own death.

     Roy Wilson was well known in Bad Axe.  He is a nephew of Mrs. Lee Terwilliger and attended high school there a few years ago.  He is survived by his father, Wm. Wilson,  brother to Mrs. Terwilliger.

     Young Wightman was a son of William Wightman, a prominent farmer in the vicinity.




Volume 1954, Page 13, Record #3

Name:  Russell, Crellen  (husband of Mary McDonald – daughter of Alex and Mary)

Date of Death:    Jan. 24, 1954   b. April 21, 1884

Age:    69

Occupation: Borden Milk worker 

Address: 221 N. St.                

Place of Death:   Bad Axe

Cause:   Gastric ulcer              

Birthplace:    Canada    

Father's Name: Joseph Russell

Mother's Name: Louise Brisseau

Date Recorded:  Jan. 27, 1954
Burial: Colfax



Volume 12, pg. 446, Record #6

Name: McDonald, George E.   Verona 

Date of death: June 3, 1945

Age: 28 y, 11 m, 19 d

Place of death: Bad Axe

Cause: suffocation by drowning

Fathers name:  Alex McDonald

Mother’s name: Mary St. George

Burial: Colfax





Volume 13, pg. 329, Record #74

Name: McDonald, Mary Louise, Bad Axe  ( first wife of Alexander)

Date of Death:    Dec. 11, 1946   5:55 A.M.

Age:    Opps!                 

Place of Death:   Bad Axe

Cause:     chronic myocarditis            

Birthplace:    Meade; Aug. 9, 1878     

Father's Name:  Albert St. George  b. Canada

Mother's Name:  Mary Carriveau  b. Canada

Date Recorded: 




Volume 1963, pg. 778, Record #78, year 1963

Name: McDonald, Alexander, Bad Axe, Volume 1963

Date of Death:  Oct. 23, 1963

Age:    86                 

Place of Death:   Bad Axe, Hubbard Hospital

Cause:    Acute granulocytic leukemaia             

Birthplace:  Meade       

Father's Name:  Angus McDonald

Mother's Name:  Margaret McLeod

Date Recorded:  Oct. 26, 1963

Burial: Colfax






Volume 14, pg. 421, Record #27, Year 1949

Name: McDonald, Ronald, Colfax

Date of Death:  March 25, 1949 

Age:   77 y, 11 m, 8 d    single                  

Place of Death:   Huron Co Infirmary

Cause:   heart disease              

Birthplace:       Canada

Father's Name:  Daniel McDonald;  b. Scotland

Mother's Name: Annie Buchanan; b. Scotland




Volume 1951, pg 476, Record #27, Year 1951

Name: McDonald, Gertrude, Bad Axe  (recorded name Gertrude Euginia)

Date of Death:    June 12, 1951

Age:     79              

Place of Death: Bad Axe 

Cause:     chronic myocardial failure           

Birthplace:  Canada      

Father's Name:  Charles McQuire

Mother's Name:  Charlotte Tomlinson

Date Recorded: 



Volume 1966, pg. 160, Record #35, Year 1966 

Name: McDonald, Bertha, Bad Axe  (second wife of Alexander)

Date of Death:  May 23, 1966    Address: 143 Watkins Pl

Age:   80   Widow                  

Place of Death: Bad Axe 

Cause:  cerebral vascular insufficiency                

Birthplace:   MI     

Father's Name: Otto Draher

Mother's Name: Ann Muetner

Date Recorded: May 23, 1966

Burial: Caseville



Liber 1, pg. 92, Record #1

Name: McLeod, Murdock J.

Date of Death:  February 7, 1922

Age:    57 y, 10 m, 1 d

Occupation: Farmer                 

Place of Death:   Hume

Cause:    labor pneumonia            

Birthplace:    MI    

Father's Name:  Alex McLeod   b. Scotland

Mother's Name:  Anna Truax  b. Canada

Date Recorded:  March 13, 1922



Source:   1952, p. 154, record #4   

Name: McLeod, Katie, husband James McLeod Recorded name: Catherine

Date of Death: May 27, 1952    birth: Oct 10, 1875  

Age: 76     Widow                    

Place of Death: Caseville

Cause:   coronary thrombosis              

Birthplace:     MI   

Father's Name: Angus McDonald

Mother's Name: Margaret McLeod

Date Recorded:  May 28, 1952




Source:   L2, p. 265, record #416            

Name: McLeod, Archibald  Jr.

Date of Death:   Oct 10, 1907

Age:    3 m, 20 d                

Place of Death:   Sebewaing

Cause:       maramus        

Birthplace:  MI      

Father's Name:  Archie McLeod

Mother's Name:  Susan Eves

Date Recorded:  July 16, 1908


Source:    Colfax L4, p.54, record #13         

Name:  McLeod, Susan  (maiden name Eves)

Date of Death:  Oct. 5, 1930    Widow

Age:     76 y, 11 m, 1 d                

Place of Death:  Colfax

Cause:      Brights disease          

Birthplace:  Ontario    

Father's Name:  George Eves   b. Ontario

Mother's Name:  unknown 

Date Recorded:  Jan. 8, 1931



Source:    Meade, L4, p. 131, record # 6      

Name:    McLeod, Jennie

Date of Death: Jan. 18, 1925

Age:       65 y, 11 m, 16 d     single            

Place of Death: Meade

Cause:   unknown          

Birthplace:    MI

Occupation: housekeeper

Father's Name:  Alexander McLeod  b. Scotland

Mother's Name:  Anna Traux   b. Canada

Date Recorded: 


Source: L3, p. 92, record #6

Name: McLeod, Archie  (husband of Susan McLeod, above)

Date of death: April 25, 1917

Age:  102 y, 7 m, 16 d    Married

Place of death: Oliver

Cause: anemia

Birthplace:  Scotland

Fathers name:  Meredeth McLeod

Mothers name: Jeanette Mahen

Date recorded: Oct 1, 1918

Additional information:   The Huron County News   May 4, 1917   Front page




     The oldest man in Huron County, and perhaps the entire Thumb, died at his home in Colfax, on Wednesday of last week.

     Archie McLeod was nearly 102 years old and had lived in the county 67 years.  He died from weakness due to his extreme age.

     Deceased was born in Scotland, September 8, 1815, three months after the battle of Waterloo.  He immigrated to Huron county in 1850, locating at Huron City and Port Austin.

      In 1870 he was married to Miss Susan Eves, of Belleville, Ontario and to this union eight children were born, six sons and two daughters.  Besides the wife only a son and daughter survives.  There is also as sister, Mrs. Angus McDonald, of Port Austin.

     Mr. McLeod attended the first wedding in Huron county, Moses Gregory.  With Ed. Heathon, deceased built the first road between Port Austin and Elkton and also the first lumber camp in that vicinity.  He worked for a number of years in the lumber camps of Laugdon Hubbard and J. R. Learned.  About two years ago Mr. McLeod in a letter to the Tribune said:  “I also made shingles for John C. Liken, at Sebewaing.  I made shingle bolts and cut a million feet of logs in my time at 50 cents a thousand.   I also sailed the Great Lakes for a number of years and cleared 700 acres of land.  There wasn’t a house in Elkton, Pinnebog or New River at that time.”

     Mr. McLeod endured many hardships incident to the early settlers of the county and had some very narrow escapes.  During the big fire of 1871 he spent three days and nights on John Exceler’s farm, where all fought for their lives and one girl was burned to death.

     This aged pioneer was well known to most of the early settlers of the county and he enjoyed their highest esteem and friendship.  He was always a good citizen and Christian gentleman and was called a friend to everybody.

     Funeral services were held on Saturday under L.O.L. auspices. The services were conducted by Rev. Chapman with interment in the Oliver cemetery.




Source: L4, p228, record #3 Verona Twp.

Name:  McDonald, Christina

Date of death: Feb. 19, 1922    Widowed

Age:  102 y 7d

Place of death: Verona

Cause: Euplony

Birthplace:  Scotland

Fathers name:  Donald McDonald   b. Scotland

Mothers name:  Anna A?ua    b. Scotland

Date recorded: Nov. 22, 1922



Source: V4, p121, record 32 Lincoln Twp.

Name:  McDonald, Christina

Date of death: Jan. 14, 1924

Age:  55y 1m 4d        Single

Place of death:  Lincoln

Cause: Apoplexy

Birthplace:  Canada

Occupation:  kept house for brother

Fathers name:  Donald McDonald, b. Canada

Mothers name: Anna Buchanan, b. Scotland

Date recorded:



Source: L2, p62, record#97      L2, p69, record#253 (believed to be the same, contains same information, except for cause of death and date)

Name: McDonald, John 

Date of death: June 5, 1894, record#253 says June 6, 1894

Age:  29y 11m, married

Place of death: Dwight

Occupation: Farmer

Cause: Blood poisoning, record#253 says inflammation of lungs

Birthplace:  Canada

Fathers name:  Donald McDonald, b. Dwight

Mothers name: Mary J. McDonald, b. Dwight


Source: L2, p273, record#573

Name: McDonald, Donald

Date of death: Nov. 10, 1905

Age:  73y, 7m, 29d    Married

Place of death: Dwight

Cause: Apoplexy

Birthplace:  Nova Scotia

Occupation:  Farmer

Fathers name:  Donald McDonald, b. MI

Mothers name: Jane McLean, b. MI



Source: L2, p86, record#87 Meade

Name: McDonald, Hanna

Date of death: June 19, 1896

Age:  69y   Married

Place of death: Meade

Cause: Paralysis

Birthplace:  Nova Scotia

Fathers name:  Angus McDonald, b. Canada

Mothers name: Mary McDonald, b. Canada


Source: L3, p21, record#12 Caseville

Name: Perry, Violet

Date of death: Nov. 30, 1903

Age:  1y, 2m  

Place of death: Caseville

Cause: Bronchium pneumonia

Birthplace:  MI

Fathers name:  William Perry, b. Canada

Mothers name: Mary McDonald, b. Canada


Source: L3, p144, record#9 Sheridan

Name: McDonald, Daniel

Date of death: Oct. 21, 1915

Age:  53y, 5m, 26d   Single

Place of death: Sheridan

Cause: Found dead-heart trouble

Birthplace:  Canada

Fathers name:  Donald McDonald b. Scotland

Mothers name: Mary McIsaac b. Scotland


Source:L3, p197, record#29 Bad Axe

Name: McDonald, Alex

Date of death: May 18, 1920

Age:  1y, 11m, 2d

Place of death: Bad Axe

Cause: marasmus

Birthplace:  MI

Fathers name:  Alex McDonald b. MI

Mothers name: Mary St. George b. MI


Source: L3, p19, record#12 Brookfield

Name: McDonald, Donald

Date of death: July 11, 1909

Age:  39y, 29d   Married

Place of death: Brookfield

Cause:  Tuberculosis

Birthplace:  Canada

Fathers name:  Malcolm McDonald b. Scotland

Mothers name: Katherine McPhaig b. Great Britain



Source: L4, p133, record#8 Meade

Name: McLeod, Robert John

Date of death: Nov. 21, 1930

Age:  3d

Place of death: Meade

Cause: congestion of lungs

Birthplace:  MI

Fathers name:  Alex John McLeod b. MI

Mothers name: Blanche Hebert b. MI



Source: L4, p134, record#11 Meade

Name: McLeod, Franklin

Date of death: date unknown

Age:  0y, 0m, 0d

Place of death: Meade

Cause: stillborn

Birthplace:  MI

Fathers name:  Alex McLeod b. MI

Mothers name: Blanche Hebert b. MI

Date recorded: Jan. 25, 1932