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Ogemaw County, Michigan Cemetery Transcriptions

Transcribed by Scott Mills



Holy Family Roman Catholic Cemetery, Campbell Rd. North of Engle Rd., West Branch, Ogemaw Co., Mi.


  • Wangler

Father/ Francis/ 1923 1960 Mother/ Emma C. 1925 - 1962

(Small, flat granite stone in excellent condition).


  • Infant Daughter of/ Mr. & Mrs./ Phillip Wangler/ May 26, 1925

(Small, flat reddish granite stone in excellent condition)


  • Burt E./ Wangler/ 1931 - 1962


          Betty J./ Graham/ 1932 - ____


  • A. Wangler/ Born May 12, 1867/ Died Nov. 12, 1912/ He was loved by God and Man

(Large, upright, brownish granite stone on a gray granite base in excellent condition. Engraved ivy leaf/vine pattern).


  • Michael Wangler/ Aged/ 51 years

(Medium gray marble stone, broken into 3 pieces. Top missing. Middle section in good condition and readable, base section in place and in excellent condition has Wangler engraved upon it.).


  • Children/ of M. & A./ Wangler/ Lizzie Joseph/ Mary Claud

(Small, upright gray stone in excellent condition, next to above stone for Michael Wangler).

Have digital image.


  • Wangler

Mary E./ 1896 1990 Phil W./ 1898 - 1970

(Large, upright reddish granite stone in excellent condition. Has engraved crosses and flowers).

Have digital image.



Small cemetery in excellent condition and well maintained, still in use and visited regularly. Transcribed June 2002.




Campbell Hills Cemetery, Campbell Rd., West Branch, Ogemaw Co., Mi.


  • Mother/ Dorothy Wangler/ May 3, 1904/ April 23, 1992/ Peace at last

(Upright granite stone in excellent condition).



  • Nettie George


(Small flat concrete stone in excellent condition).




Medium size cemetery in excellent condition, recent burials, well maintained.




































November 18, 2002