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         Kalamazoo County, Michigan

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Green Bower Cemetery
Alamo Township
Kalamazoo County, Michigan


Data Compiling by:  Gayle Griffin     4/06


The following information was donated to our project.  This is not grave marker transcriptions but additional genealogical information.  We do not guarantee it's accuracy but we are providing it as possible important additional genealogical information provided by a reliable source.

Name Birth Death     Marital       Father's Place   Mother's Place
Last First Middle Date Date Cause of Death Birthplace Status Spouse Occupation Father Of Birth Mother Of Birth
Abraham Alice E.   3/9/1935 Chronic valvular heart disease                
Adams Emma B.   11/25/1966 Generalized arteriosclerosis                
Adams Helen J. (Jean)   5/29/1975                  
Adams Joseph B.   11/22/1935 Apoplexy Pennsylvania Married Emma Adams Farmer James R. Adams Pennsylvania Martha  Bogap
Adams Joseph B.   11/28/1964 Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease                
Alling Chester G. (George)   3/27/1995 Adenocarcinoma of prostate                
Alling Elizabeth E. 9/4/1910 6/3/2004                  
Andrews Eliza C.   4/7/1900 Memasthemia New York Widow   Housewife Stephen Shaw New York Mirama Horton New York
Andrews George     10/3/1934 Apoplexy                
Blanchard Dale Jay   12/6/1995                  
Blanchard Ellis J.   12/30/1975 Bilateral broncho-pneumonia                
Blanchard Nina Jean   10/17/1996                  
Brondyke Neil, Jr.     3/22/1973 Malignant melanoma                
Brown Eliza VanTrauk   9/25/1900 Quraritim New York Widow   Housewife Garrett VanTrauk New York Currey Brown New York
Brown Jermiah     1/1/1899 Edema of lungs New York Married   Farmer Nicholas Brown New York    
Brugler Everett G. (Guy)     Acute myocardial infarction                
Brugler Rex E.     Hepatic failure                
Burgen Deborah Ann 7/4/1955 7/4/1955 Premature                
Caldwell Charles M.   5/30/1981 Cardiac arrest                
Carpenter Edwin     9/19/1963 Cerebral-vascular thrombosis                
Carpenter G. (George) W. 10/21/1835 11/30/1904 Heart disease New York Married   Farmer Thomas Carpenter New York Lydia James New York
Chapman Ada P.   1/29/1976 Cerebral vascular accident                
Chapman Don H. (Huntley)   6/6/1955 Coronary occlusion                
Chapman Helen A. (Augusta)   8/8/1995 Pneumonia                
Chapman Laurence V.   1/17/1992                  
Chapman Millard F.   12/21/1934 Chronic valvular heart disease Ohio Married Myrtel Chapman Farmer Isaac Chapman New York Caroline Gould  
Chapman Myrtie M.   3/21/1936 Acute cardiac decompensation                
Crock Arleen J. (Joan)   12/17/1981                  
Cross Deloss J.   9/19/1963 Cerebral-vascular thrombosis                
Desness Edward J. (John)   3/15/1967 Acute pulmonary edema                
Desness Lottie B. (Belle)   2/26/1971 Carcinoma                
Ehlers Alice M. (Maud)   11/13/1963 Chronic myleocytic leukemia                
Ehlers Baby     2/19/1935 Broncho-pneumonia                
Ehlers Otto D. (Detlif)   9/24/1950 Myocardial arrest                
Emery Cyrus W.   12/22/1932 Myocarditis                
Esman Harvey C. (Conrad)   1/12/2000                  
Esman-Bower Tyler       Stillborn                
Finch Baby Girl 4/21/1959 4/21/1959 Premature                
Fisher Ann Jane   2/25/1938 Rectal cancer                
Fisher Reuben     9/6/1908 Old age Pennsylvania       Leonard Fisher Pennsylvania    
Fisher Sarah     3/21/1914 Apoplexy Pennsylvania Married   Housewife John Krader Atlantic Ocean Elizabeth Lambeck Pennsylvania
Flora Arleen V. (Virginia)   2/22/1941 Pneumonia Alamo Township       Arlie Flora   Frances Glynn  
Flora Arlie E.   2/15/1993 Cardio-vascular accident   Widower Frances Flora          
Flora Frances H. (Helen)   12/15/1992 Pneumonia   Married Arlie Flora          
Flora Michael J. (John)     Pneumonia         Arlie Flora   Frances Flora  
Fyler Charles W. 4/13/1854 10/25/1929 Gastric ulcer New York Married Lizzie Fyler Farmer Byron Fyler New York    
Fyler Elizabeth A.   11/17/1948 Fractured hip   Married Charles Fyler          
Gage Daniel Guy   8/2/1964 Acute myocardial infarction                
Gage Emma     10/1/1962 Advanced generalized arteriosclerosis                
Gruizenga Samuel       Duodenal ulcers                
Harrington Otto     6/10/1933 Mitral regurgation                
Holmes Marie     12/4/1897 Apoplexy New York Widow   Housewife John Harting New York Hester Decker New York
James Berlan E.   12/16/1989                  
James Charles H. (Harold)   12/2/1964                  
James Charles W. 9/1/1865 5/22/1937 Sigmoid cancer   Married Lillian James Farmer John James New York Laura Russel New York
James Dorothy M. (Marie)   9/30/1993 Sudden Death Syndrome                
James Grace M. (Mae)   2/12/1961 Arteriosclerotic heart disease                
James John W. 7/12/1822 8/14/1905 Stomach hemorrhage New York Married     Uriah James New York Lencinda Fink New York
James Lillian E. (Emma)   8/4/1958                  
James Ronald L. (Leslie)     Stillborn                
Jones Eliza   7/29/1855 6/11/1914 Heart disease   Married   Housewife Peter Jones      
Kloosterman Dave (Douwe)     10/21/1990 Chronic renal failure   Widower Mildred May Kloosterman          
Kloosterman Mildred M. (May)   6/4/1990 Cerebral thrombosis   Married Douwe (Dave) Kloosterman          
Losey Emily Janel   8/11/1983                  
Meacham Richard L. (Leonard)     Mestatic carcinoma                
Morgan Glenn R. (Richard)   5/21/1987 Lung cancer                
Morgan Veola E. (Esther)   2/1/1954 Cerebrovascular accicent                
Mott Barbara J. (Jane) 1/21/1920 10/17/2001                  
Mott Ione Eadith 1/6/1898 8/4/1901 Eutero colitis Alamo Township       Albert Mott Wisconsin Ella A. Mott Michigan
Mott Robert B.   2/3/1984 Cardio-pulmonary arrest                
Musselman Jane     2/25/1901 Heart Failure Canada Married   Housewife William Alfred Vermont Martha McCullen Scotland
Nichols Baby   4/17/1987 4/17/1987 Stillborn                
Nichols Baby   3/9/1988 3/9/1988 Stillborn                
Palmer John H.     Apoplexy/hemorrhage New York Married   Farmer Paul Palmer New York Nancy Tifft New York
Palmer Nancy M.     Dropsy New York Widow   Housewife        
Pruitt Fred E. (Eugene)   10/20/1943                  
Richason Clair W.   7/21/1961 Myocardial infarction   Married Pearl E. Richason          
Richason Pearl E.   1/15/1966 Arteriosclerotic heart disease     Clair W. Richason          
Roeder Arnold N.   6/24/1963                  
Roeder Hazel M.   6/17/1972                  
Simmons Melvina E. 9/11/1853 7/12/1935 Myocardial failure   Widow Phillip Simmons   Jeremiah Brown   Eliza Schmidt  
Smith Carolyn (Chittenden) K. 12/3/1942 3/3/2004                  
Smith David L.   3/27/1988 Cardiac arrest                
Sturge David   11/13/1829 3/19/1912 Senility New York Widower   Farmer Abram Sturge New York Phebe Carmon New York
Sturge Rosetta C. 8/10/1832 3/5/1907 Embolism of cerebral arteries New York Married   Housewife Smith Monroe New York Rosinda Crofoot New York
True Zeruiah     9/19/1963 Cerebral-vascular thrombosis                
VanDyk Catherine       Broncho-pneumonia                
VanDyk Jack       Aspiration pneumonia                
VanDyk John Jr. 4/10/1943 3/5/1972 Respiratory arrest                
VanDyk John     5/29/1996 Cerebro-vascular accident                
Weaver Charles     7/4/1903 Catarrah of bladder       Laborer Louie Weaver France    
Wheeler George W.   9/19/1963 Cerebral-vascular thrombosis                
Wilcox Guy     9/19/1963 Cerebral-vascular thrombosis                
Wilson Grace M.   7/10/1945 Coronary occlusion                
Wilson Joseph W.   5/8/1951 Pulmonary edema                
Wood Carlton A. 2/15/1917 12/14/2000                  
Wood Margaret E.   5/22/1993 Sepsis/liver & renal failure                


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