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Theophilus Whaley Documents and Abstracts

Deed, Edmond Pagett to Thomas Gouldman, 24 April 1669

Deed, Thomas Gouldman to Edward West and Mary West, 4 May 1669

Deed, Edmond Pagitt to Theophilus Veale, 15 May 1669 to 1 September 1669 with Richard Wale (and others) as witness

Deed, Edmond Pagitt to John Meguffe, 30 August 1670

Power of Attorney to John Rodaway From Tho: Hill, Peter Wale and Richard Wale, 15th 7br 1670

Deed, George Morris to Daniel Sullivant, 5 July 1671

Deed, John Wells to Christopher Hargall, 22 October 1672

Deed, John Grigory to Edmund Pagett, 26 February 1673/4

Deed, Theophilus Wheele to William Jewell, 30 March 1674

Deed, Theophilus and Elizabeth Whale to Richard Haile, 2 January 1674

Theophilus and Elizabeth Wheele Appoint Thomas Gouldman as Their Attorney, 2 May 1674

Grant, Governor William Berkeley to Theophilus Whale and Daniel Swillivant,  23 Sept 1774

Deed, Thomas Gouldman to Luke Hamilton and James Harper, 2 January 1674/5

Will of Richard Clark, January 1676 - January 1677/78