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Richard Goode: various documents and abstracts
No direct link has been identified, to my knowledge, between Richarde Goode and Abraham Goad. 

However, these documents and abstracts show Richarde Goode's presence in old Rappahannock County and the later Essex County on the "south and west" side of the Rappahannock. Abraham's North Farnham Parish is on the "north and east" side of the river in the Richmond County portion of the old Rappahannock County. (map

This page is not provided to "prove" a connection between Abraham and Richard. It is simply intended to present the evidence.

 Index of documents & abstracts
OLD Rappahannock County Deed Books 

 202 Acres by William Moseley to Richard Goode, 4 May 1670 

 Wm Moseley power of attorney to George Mott on sale of land to Richard Goode, 3 May 1670 

 Sale of Land to Richard Goode's brother-in-law, Thomas Parker, by Wm. Moseley with Richard's land mentioned as boundary, 10 June 1671 

 A second document for the same parcel of land? 10 June 1671 

Abraham Stapp deeds heifer to Sarah the Daughter of Richard Goode and Sarah his Wife, 7 Nov 1672 

 Sarah Goode appoints her brother as attorney for sale of land3 Nov 1674 

 Richard Goode and Sarah sell 120 acres to Thomas Short, 5 Nov 1674

ESSEX County, Records, 1703-17067 

 A surveyor's report on land difference between Nicholas Franklin and Richard Goode, 2 Feb 1704/05 

 Richard Goode a trespasser? 9 Feb 1704/05 

 Richard Goode a trespasser? Another entry 

 Richard Goode as witness for bond of Hannah Spias as adminstrator of her husbands estate, 10 Nov 1703 

 Guardianship Bond, Richard Good as Guardian of Eliz'a Carpenter, signed by Richard Goode and Richard Goode, junior! 10 Feb 1704 

 Rchard Goode as witness of sale of land between Robert and Mary Moss and Thomas Farmer, 10 June 1704 

 Richard Goode and Florinda Tarp as executors of 'Mos Tharpe; 10 June 1704 

 Richard Goode's land identified as a boundary for sale of land between Nicholas Franklin and George Lyod. 10 July 1705 

 Horse appraisal, presented by Richard Goode as one of the executors of Thomas Thorpe's will, recorded with items of Dec. 1705

ESSEX COUNTY, Wills and Deeds (Abstracts), 1711- 17147 

 Richard Goode witnesses a deed between Wm Willis and Mary is wife and Charles Brown, 14 Feb 1711/12 

 Appraisal of estate of Thomas Connaley, 9 Sept 1713 

ESSEX COUNTY, Wills and Deeds (Abstracts), 1714- 17177 

 Bond signed by Richard Goode as one of the administrators of the estate of Thomas ffarmer, 20 Dec 1715 

 Inventory of estate of Thomas Hathaway, signed by Richard Goode,21 Aug 1716 

 Land of Richard Goode identified as a boundary in land sale between John Salmon and Charles ffarrell, . 15 Jan 1716/17 

 1717-1722 24 
Page 127. Will of Richard Goode of the County of Essex, being very sick and weak., dated 30 Nov. 1719.

(Old) Rappahannock County Deed Books
pp 116 - 117 KNOW ALL MEN by these pntes that I WM. MOSELEY of the County of Rappa. & MARTHA my Wife have bargained sold and made over unto RICHD. GOOD from us or heires assigns forever a certain pcell of land cont: two hundred & two acres being pte of a greater quantity granted to mee bearing date the 1st of Febr 1666 for the valluable consideracons of Two thousand pounds of good and wel condicon tobo. and caske by me in hand reced whereof wee doe hereby accknowledge well and truly to be paid & doe therefore hereby sell & make over the same wth all its rights and priviledges together wth all mines and mineralls houses buildings Edifices gardens orchards woods water courses & all other things thereof or thereunto belonging from us our heires To have hold use occupy and possess to his and proper use wthout the lett hindrance of us or either of us or: heires and it is further agreed upon that the said Vendor and MARTHA his Wife or their heires shall keepe harmeless the sd Vended his heires from all & every person whatsoever clayming any lavfull clayme to the same the situacon of wch land is in ye County of Rappa. & in the Pish of Sittingbourne on the South side of RAPPA. RIVER on the So. East side of the Maine Runn of OCCUPACY CREEKE begining at the upper corner tree next the sd Runn & runing East 180 poles by a line of trees & thence No. 180 poles & thence West 180 poles finally South to the first menconced mrked tree and this wee doe freely and willingly confirme from us or: heires according to the true intent and meaning of these pntes to the sd RICHD. GOODRICH his heires and to rectify the truth hereof I he or they paying &discharging all taxes or Imposicons that either are or hereafter shall become due for the same wee have hereunto sett or, hands & seales this 12th of March 1669/70 
in pnce of us WILL. UNNDERWOOD SENR............................WM MOSELEY. 
EDWARD WALKER..........................................MARTHA MOSLELEY 
Recognitr in Cur Rappa 4th die May 1670
KNOW ALL MEN by these pntes that I WM. MOSELEY of the County of Rappa & MARTHA my Wife doe hereby make constitute & appoynt or: loveing Friend Mr. GEO. MOTT or: lawfull Atturney in or: names and steed to accknowledge a Deed of Sale to RICHD GOOD according to conveyance at the next Court in Course held for this County & what or: sd Atturney shall lawfully doe in the prmises wee doe hereby rattifie and confirme As Witness or: hands and seales this 3d day of May 1670 
Test WM, UNDERWOOD SENR......................................W. MOSELEY 
JOHN RYMAN...............................................MARTHA MOSELEY
pp. 44- 45 KNOW ALL MEN that I WILLIAM MOSELEY of the County of Rappa. Gent. do here-by sell from me my heirs all my right and interest of a certaine parcell of land to THOMAS PARKER his heirs and assignes forever and this I doe together with the consent of MARTHA my Wife as well for divers good causes as for the valuable consideration of Twelve hundred pounds of Tobacco to us in hand paid whereof we do hereby acknowledge and do therefore hereby sell all our right to the same containing ninety acres of woodland scituate in the said County on the South side the River and Bounded on the North side with the land of JOHN WILKINSON on the Eastwith the land of the said MOSELEY on the South with the land of RICHARD GOODE and on the West with the Run of OCCUPASEE CREEKE the same to have and to hold to him the said THOMAS PARKER forever with all rights thereunto belonging without the hindrance of us or any of our heirs or any other person under us and we do hereby agree that we will from time to time keep harmless from any such persons clayming or pretending any lawfull claim and wee do hereby likewise bind ourselves to acknowledge this Deed at the next Court held for the sd County we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 10th day of June 1671 in presence of us 
JOHN BROWN,..................................WILLIAM MOSELEY. 
ROBERT MOSSE ........................................MARTHA MOSELY
p 246 KNOW ALL MEN by these psents yt WM. MOSELEY of ye County of Rappa. Gent doe hereby sell convey &- make over from me my heires all my right title & interest of a certaine pcell of land to THOS. PARKER his heirs forever & this I doe together with ye consent of MARTHA my Wife as well for diverse good causes & consideracons as thereunto moveing or for the valuable consideracon of Twelve hundred pounds of Tobbo. to us in hand paid & received ye receipt whereof wee do heereby acknowledge & or:selves therewith fully satified and paid & doe therefore hereby accordingly sell convey & make over all or: right and title to the same conteyning Ninety acres of wood land scittuate in ye sd County on ye South side of ye River & bounded on the North side with the land of JNO. WILLKINSON on ye East side pt of ye land of the sd MOSELEY on the South side with ye land of RICH. GOODE and on ye West side with ye Rune of OCCUPACIE CREEKE To Have and To Hold to him ye said THOMAS PARKER from us or either of or: heires to him his heires forever with all woods water courses with all rights & prveledges thereunto belonging and wee doe hereby further covenant and agree to & wth ye sd THOS. yt we will from time to time and at all times hereafter him and his heires defend & keep harmless from all or any psons claimeing from by or under us & wee doe hereby likewise bind ourselves to acknowledge at the next Court held for ye sd County if thereunto reasonably desired there to be Inrolled and this wee doe acknowledge to be our free & voluntary act and deed and for the better & more sure making & confirmacon heereof vee have heereunto sett or: hands & seals this 10th day of June 1671 
in pnce of us JOHN BROWNE...................................WM. MOSELEY 
ROBERT MOSE..............................................MARTHA MOSELEY 
Recognitr. in Cur Rappa die 5th July Ano Dom 1671
p 69 KNOW ALL MEN that I ABRAHAM STAPP of the County of Rappa. Planter doe for diverse consideration as also for the consideration of love and friendship fully given grant and make over from me my heirs and administrators forever one young heifer unto SARAH the Daughter of RICHARD GOODE and SARAH his Wife of the County aforesaid and I do appoint the Parents to take the Heifer into their Custody in behalf of the said Child and marke it for her vith two half spades and I do therefore and for the looking after the said Heifer order that the said Parents of the said Child shall have the male Increase of the said Heifer untill the sd Child shall be ten years of age and afterwards the said Child shall have the increase both male and female to her and her heirs forever In Confirmation hereof I have set my hand this Seventh day of November 1672 
Test THOMAS PARKER,............................................ABRAHAM (mark) STAPP 
Recognitr in Cu: Com Rappa Sexto die Novembris 1672
p 242 KNOW ALL MEN by these psents that I SARAH GOODE Wife of RICHARD GOODE of the County of Rappa doe hereby appoint and constitute my beloved Brother THOMAS PARKER to be my true and lavfull attorney at the next Court held for the aforesaid County and then and there for and in my stead to acknowledge unto THOMAS SHORT my thirds of One hundred and twenty acres of land sold and made over unto him by my Husband RICHARD GOODE as by conveyance will appeare and whatsoever my attornev shall act and doe I doe hereby ratifie and confirme to be and remaine in as full force and virtue as if I myselfe were then & there psonally present as Witness my hand and seale this 3 day of November Anno Dom 1674 
Test DAVID SAMSON,.......................................... SARAH GOODE 
Recordatr 10 die 9bris 1674
pp. 242 -243 November Court 1674 KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I RICHARD GOODE of the County of Rappa andSARAH my Wife have sold and made over unto THOMAS SHORT from us our heirs and assigns forever a certain parcell of land containing One hundred and twenty acres being part of a greater quantity granted to me by Pattent bearing date the Twenty ninth day of September One thousand Six hundred Seaventy and four being the upper part of the said Devident and joyning to the land of SAMUEL PEACHY for the valuable consideration of two thousand pounds of tobacco and Caske by us in hand received and we doe therefore hereby sell and make over the same with all its rights and priviledges together vith all mines mineralls all other things belonging to him the sd Vendee his heirs and assigns forever peaceably and quietly to have and enjoye to his ovn proper use without the molestation of us or either of us and we doe oblige ourselves to keep harmless the sd Vendee his heirs and adminstr. from all and every person whatsoever that shall lay any claime from us and do at all times freely confirm from us our heirs to the said THOMAS SHORT his heirs forever him or them paying all Taxes and Impositions that either or hereafter shall become due for the same and to certifie the truth hereof wee have sett our hands seals this fifth day of November 1674 
in presence of us THOS PARKER,......................................RICHARD GOODE 
DAVID SAMSON........................................................SARAH GOODE 
Recognitr in Cu Com Rappa 10 die 9bris 1674
ESSEX COUNTY, Records, 1703-1706 
p.112. Bond. 10 Nov 1703. L 50. Sterling. Hannah Spias as admr of John Spias dec'd. Signed Hannah x Spiors (sic), Richard Goode, Abner x Gray. Wit. Salvator Muscoe, Richd Buckner.
p.148. Guardianship Bond. 10 Feb 1703/4. L 44. Sterling. Richard Good (sic) of Essex Co as Guardian of Eliz'a Carpenter orphan. Signed Richard Goode, Abner x Gray, Richard Goode junr. Wit: James Boughen, Richd Buckner.
p.238. Deed 9 June 1704. Robt Moss and Mary his wife of Sittenbourne parish sell Thos Farmer of Essex, for 2000 lb tobo, 50 acres on Occupation Creek in Sittenbourne par. Adjoins a corner of Nicho Willard and Robt Moss, down the main swamp to the land of Wm. Jones, to a branch called Jones Spring branch, thence to a branch that comes out of Chestnut branch, etc. Si ed Robert Moss, Mary x Moss. Wit: Robt Brooke, Richd Goode. Ack. and rec. 10 June 1704.
p.247. Bond. 10 June 1704. L 700. Sterling.Richd Goode and Florinda Tharp as exors of 'Mos Tharpe decd. SignedRichd Goode, Flold x Tharpe, Tho x Bartlet, John Miller. Wit: Tho: Stretton, Tho: Munday. Ack. and rec. 10 June 1704
p.82. Surveyor's report on land difference between Nicholas Franklin and Richard Goode. By survey on lst and 2nd days of Feby 1704/5, the line beginning at Main Run of Ocupation Creek, adjs line of Major Edwd Moseley, the plantation John Hart lives on, the plantation of Cornelius Sayles, etc. Signed Charles Smith Surveyor. Rec. Richard Buckner Cl Cur.
p.81. Jury in land difference between Nicholas Franklin plantiff and Richard Goode defendant. Sworn before Mr Robt Brooke. Verdict: Do not find defendent a Trespasser. 9th Feby 1704/5. Edward Rowzee foreman, John Strange, Bartho: Vawter, Richd Stoakes, David x Jemiscon, Thomas x Davis, Nicholas Copeland, John Merrit, John x Williams, John Graves, Will'm Harper, Robert x Mayfield. Truly rec, Test, Richard Buckner, CI Cur.
p.82. Another entry. Same Jury. Same difference. Verdict that Richard Goode is Not Guilty.
p.103. Deed. 13 May 1705. Nicholas Franklin of St Annes par, planter, sells George Loyd, for 6000 lb tobo, 210 acres where Franklin now lives. Adjs land of John Wilkinson, land of Capt Wm , Mosele, land of Richard Goode, the run of Occupacon Creek. The land part if a tractt granted to sd Moseley and 120 acres of said land sold by Moseley to John Wilkinson 28 Feb 166- and bounded as follows: adjs sd Wilkinson's plantation, etc. This 120 acres reacknowledged by Wilkinson to Moseley by assignment on the back of the deed, and by Moseley assigned on 21st Sept 1675 to Nicholas Franklin. The remainder part of 90 acres was sold by Wm Moseley to Thomas Parker 10 June 1671, and by Parker assigned to Wm Gannock 6 Nov 1672, and by him assigned to Nicholas Franklin 21 Sept 1675, Signed Nich'o Franklin. Wit: Aug't: Mehan, Salvator Muscoe. Rec. 10 July 1705
p 130. Appraisal of a horse belonging to the est of Thomas T'horpe at L 1. 10. 0. Signed John Hawkins, Bartho: Vawter, Thos Shortt. Presented by Richd Goode one of the exors of Thorpe's will. No date in entry but is recorded with items of December 1705.
ESSEX COUNTY, Wills and Deeds, 1711-1714
p.23. Deed. 9 Jan. 1711/12. Wm Willis of Westmoreland Co., planter, and Mary his wife "Daughter heir apparent of Thomas Kirk Dec'd", sells Charles Brown of Essex Co., land, acreage not shown, in Essex Co., it being granted unto James Coghill 24 March 1664, and by Coghill assigned to afsd Kirk. Signed William x Willis, Mary x Willis. Wit: Arthur Bowers, Richard Goode. Rec. 14 Feb. 1711/12.
p.121. Appraisal of Est. of Thomas Connaley by order of Court 9th April 1713. Total evaluation L 09. 01. 00. Signed Edward Moseley, Richard Goode, Cornelius Sale. Presented by Ann Conneley, Admx., 14 May 1713 and recorded.
ESSEX COUNTY, Wills and Deeds, 1714-1717
p.420. Bond. 20 Dec. 1735. L 40, Sterl. Margaret ffarmer, Admr of Est. of Thomas ffarmer, dec'd. Sigred Marg't x ffarmer,Richard Goode, Tho x Ayres, Name of witnesses omitted from record. Rec. 20 Dec. 1715.
p.645. Inventory of Est of Thos Hathaway, taken by order of Court dated 18 July 1716, 
To a Gun 2 Swords a Spitt and 2 old Saddles att 1: 13: 6 
To a Compass box a plr of Spectacles a Looking Glass and a parcell of Ginger -: 3- 6 
To a old bible two books and a parcel of Tbred -: 6: - 

Total valuation L 21: 13: 4. Signed Saml Stallord, Richd Goode, Richd x Edwards. Rec. 
21 Aug. 1716.

p.691. Deed. 7 January 1716/17. John Salmon of St. A. Par., Essex Co., son and heir of John Salmon late of the same Par. and Co. decd., sells to Charles ffarrell of same Par. and Co., planter, for 5 bbl. Indian corn and 1000 lb. tobo., 427 1/2 acres in St. A. Par. Adjs the lands of Col. Catlett, Richd Goode, the tract of 520 acres granted Wm. Moseley 1st Nov. 1656, the land of Robert and Thomas Mosse, etc., which sd tract of 427 1/2 acres was granted to John Salmon father to the said John Salmon party to these parts, Place Powell and William Powell by patent dated 2 May 1705. Salmon the father being the survivor of the sd patentees. Signed John x Salmon. Wit: Ja Alderson, Ann Alderson. Rec. 15 January 1716/17.
Page 127. Will of Richard Goode of the County of Essex, being very sick and weak., dated 30 Nov. 1719. 
All my land and plantation to my son John Goode. 
All my wearing apparell unto my son Richard Goode. 
Unto my loveing wife Mary Goode the one half of all my personall estate and the other half to be equally divided between my two daughters Sarah Gray-and Margaret Farmer. 
My son John Goode and my beloved wife Mary Goode executors. 
Richard Goode 

Wit: Edwa. Moseley, Robt. Parker, Abner (Ab) Gray, 
19 Jan. 1719 [1720] Presented in Court by Mary Goode and John Goode. Proved by Robt. Parker and Abner Gray. 

Pages 152-55. Richard Goode. Inventory. Made pursuant to order of 19 Jan. 1719 [1720]. Total valuation 83.6.9 lbs. Signed by John (X)Goode and Mary (M) Goode. 
Edward Moseley 
Cornelius Sale 
Charles Ferrell 
Wm. (X) Taylor

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