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The documents on this site are the complete text or abstracts of documents relating to the Goad family, including descendants with other surnames, or documents that provide pertinent information or clues for Goad and Goad descendancy or ancestry research.
The Documents are ordered by date. Where a document spans a period of time, the earliest date is used.

Misc Small Documents for Other Goads not Linked (yet) to Abraham Goad's and Katherine Williams' line

GOADs Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600 - 1700

Good, Goode, Goad, Gourd Listed as Transportees in Land Patents of Virginia from 1651 to 1656

Misc. Entries in Lancaster County Va (and elsewhere) Naming Abraham GOAD, GOADE, GOARD as early as October 1661

Goad and Related Families in the North Farnham Parish Registers 1663 -1814 - (includes Dodson and Phillips)

The Names of the Gentn of the Vestry of the Parish of Farnham in Rappa County as they were sworn in the third day of November 1665

Documents from 1672 - 1717 of Richard Goode, evidence regarding lack of connection to Abraham Goad's father.

John and Eve Williams Sale of Land to John Phillips, July 1, 1678

Deed of Gifts from Eve Williams to her children before marriage to William Smith, March 9, 1680/1

Deed, Faulleroy to Willima Smith, Carpenter, April 6, 1683 (Possibly Katherine William's Step-Father)

Deed, Billington to MacCarty, mentions land of John Williams, deceased, (probably Katherine William’s father) 5/5/1684

Will of Ann Simpson, Mother-in-Law of a John Phillips of Lancaster County, VA, August 24, 1685; Probated June 1690

Will of John Phillips of Lancaster County VA, Jan 30, 1689/90, Witnessed by Abraham Goard

WILLIAM SMITH, Carpenter, of the County of Richmond, Carpenter, Plaintiff vs. WILLIAM RICHARDSON, defendant, 2 April 1696 to 4 Febr 1696/7

Deed between Wm. SMYTH (Katherine William's stepfather) and Abraham GOARD - March 24, 1699

Two Twelve Year Olds Ordered By County Court To Serve Abraham Goad, June 7, 1699

Will of William Smith, 9 Feb 1699, Abstract

Will of William Smyth (abstract), Written February 9, 1699; Date of record October 2, 1699

Last Will and Testament of William Smyth Presented to Court, 2 Oct 1700

Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704, Part 2 - Land Grants by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants for Goad or Mentioning Goad, 14 Feb 1704 - 10 May 1725

Will of Eve Smith - April 24, 1704

Will of Eve SMITH, North Farnham Parish; 24 Apr 1704 (abstract)

Abraham Goard in Petition to Settle Location of Beginning Corner Tree, December 7, 1704

Will of William DOWNMAN, North Farnham Parish; 23 MAy 1711 (abstract), witnessed by Abraham and William GOAD

Bond of Anne Phillips, Abraham Goad, and Robert Reynolds for Inventory of the Estate of John Phillips, July 7, 1714

Lease and Then Sale of Land by Robert Reynolds to Peter Darby with William Goad as Witness, April 1716

Deed from Abraham and William Goad to William Downman, including Power of Attorney from Catherine and Mary Goad to Thomas Deall - March, 1724

Deed from John and Catherine Goad to John Petty - October 3, 1726

Deed from John and Catherine Goad to John Hightower, October 3, 1727

WILLIAM GOAD, witness to documents between WHITE and HIGHTOR, 1727, 1728?

2 Oct 1728 - An Account of Tobbacco Received That Was Owed to John Petty, Deceased; Includes William Goad

Power of Attorney by Ann Downman,Witnessed by William Goad, June 3, 1729

Deed from William Goad to William Downman - December 1, 1729

Will of Abraham GOAD, 7 March 1733 (abstract)

Abstract of Will of Abraham Goad, abt 1734

Abraham Goad's land - Mentioned as border May 4, 1734 in deed abstract, Tobias Phillips and Thom's Dodson identified as witnesses

Land sale mentioning lands of Abraham Goad and William, his son, Dec 1, 1735

Bond for the estate of Mary Goad dec'd., May 3, 1736

Deed Abstract from John and Catherine Goad to John Hightower, Oct 21, 1738

Land sold Nov 29, 1740 from Ann Goad, seamstress, to Peter Goad, planter

Wm Goad's plantation mentioned in deed May 1, 1741 from Thos Bryan (Brian) & Elizabeth, his wife, to George Glascock

Peter Goad, John Phillips, George Hanks and William Dale Witnesses to Ellit - Chinn Land Sale, 8/3/1741

Early Adventurers On Western Waters, 1745 - 1800 - Including Goad and some "allied" family surnames, Cox/Cocke, Adkins, Dodson

Abraham and Peter Goad Lands Mentioned in Deed By John And Mary Hightower to Nicholas Flood 8/28/1745

Will of Joan Miller, 23 Sept 1745 (abstract); Peter Goad, Anne Goad mentioned

Peter Goad Lands Mentioned in Deed By James and Wilmoth Noland to Robert Downman 10/3/1748

Inquisition for our Lord the King Taken at WILLIAM LYELLs in the Parish of Farnham & County aforesd The tenth day of March 1749 (Peter Goad mentioned)

Shockleys and Adkinsons in Halifax County Plea Book (Pre-Pittsylvania) 1752- 1755 - Line of Margaret Shockley who married James M. Goad

Three deeds between William Adkinson and Richard Shockley - grandfathers of Margaret Shockley, who married James M. Goad, 1753 - 1758

Processioning of Antrim Parish, Halifax County - Richard Shockley, William Adkins/Adkinson/Adkerson and others, 1753 - 1770?

Goad Marriage Bonds in Bedford County, Virginia, 1755 - 1800

Deed abstract from William Perrin to John Goad, Jr., of Bedford County,VA, Sept 22, 1760

Deed from William Perrin of Halifax Co, to Alexander Roberson, Witnessed by John Goad, 22 September, 1760

Richard Randolph, executor of Richard Randolph, Esqr, dec'd, to William Bennett of Halifax Co, Witnessed by John Goad, 27 September 1760

25 March 1762 - William Adkerson (Adkinson) of Halifax Co. to Zachariah Doss

Wm. Goode, Gent (among others) ordered to examine Anne Walton for relinquishment of right of dower, 1 June 1762

Deed from John Goad and Margaret, his wife, to James Harvy, 1/31/1763

James Machan of Middlesex Co. to Isham Talbot, 22 May 1764, Witnessed by John Goad

Various Deeds of William Roysden of Halifax Co. and Ann, his wife, to Various Bennets in 1764, Witnessed by John Goad

William Bobbitt of Halifax Co. to Christopher Sutton, witnessed by John Good (Goad) Jr., 15 May 1765

Deed from William Witcher of Halifax Co. to Daniel Witcher, 14 July 1766, Witnessed by John Goad, Jr

Deed from John Goad of Halifax Co. to William McKenney, 17 July 1766

Deed (description) from Bennett to Hannah Dodson - 21 Sept 1768; Witnesses John GOAD, Senr., Robert R GOAD, Abraham GOAD,(other reference)

Deed from William KENNE to Josiah CARTAIN, 24 Feb 1769, of Land Purchased from John Goade

Deed, 28 Mar 1771, from John FOWLER to Abraham GOAD

Will of John Goad - July 7, 1771

Deed Gift, 14 Dec 1772, from Hannah (Goad) Dodson to Tobias Phillips

27 July, 1773 -Deed from Richard Glascock to Raleigh Downman, of land that had once been inherited by Hannah Goad from William Smith

Deed of Trust Between John Goad and James Mitchell, 16 Nov 1773

Deed From John GOAD & Margret his Wife to Benja CLEMENT, 26 Jan 1774

Transfer of Land From William Bennet Sr. to William Bennet Jr - Witnessed by William Goad, Feb 1, 1776

Transfer of Land From William Bennet Sr. to Reuben Bennet - Witnessed by William Goad, Feb. 1, 1776

From John Cock to Patrick Morison, Deed Witnessed by Thomas and John Goad August 4, 1776

Deed (description) from Abraham Goad and Anne, his wife, to David Ross - Mar 4 , 1777

OATH OF ALLEGIENCE - 1777; List of William Witcher, Pittsylvania Co., VA

Goads in Winston Dalton's Register ; 1772- 1832

Deed From James Clement (Clements) to Field Robertson (for land bounded, in part, by Charles Goad's land), Jan 2, 1778

 Pittsylvania County Inhabitants Assessed to Furnish Clothes and Beef to the Army August 1781

Commisioner's Certificate of Abraham Goad, Sept 16, 1782

Apr 15, 1791- Deed From Charles Goad, of Pittsylvania County, to James Dalton Jr

Deed from John Goad of Pittsylvania County to William Young, Mar 10, 1792

Bedford County Will Book, Estate Inventory and Appraisement of Joshua Toler, mentions Robert Goad, 12 May 1792

Two Deeds From Tobias Phillips (Goad descendant) of Pittsylvania County to Joseph Towler (Father-in-Law of Several Goads), Oct 12, 1792

Nov 1, 1792 From Robert Goad of Wythe County, to Jacob Hedrick of Pittsylvania County

War of 1812: Virginia Bounty Land & Pension Applicants

Deed, Randal to Goad (abstract), 28 October 1815

Robert Goad in a Petition to Congress For Mail Referred 12-29-1835

Deed of the Land of James Goard, by John Franklin to James Dillon, 1 May 1837

Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services (Tennessee) as of June 1, 1840

“They Passed This Way,” Volume II, Maury County, Tennessee, Death Records (and some baptism records) 1852 -1949

1st Lt. John Goad at Battle of Pittsburg Landing, March 10, 1862

Sergt. George H. Goad, Company H, Commanding at Battle of Champions Hill, May 16, 1863

Proceedings Dealing with Distribution of the Estate of Ephraim Goad, deceased in Berryville, Carroll Co., Arkansas; 1881 - 1884

Obituary of Olive Orabelle Wineland Goad Fruit; died August 23, 1945

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