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Locations of Interest - Farnham
Source: Place-Names of the Northern Neck of Virginia, From John Smith's 1606 Map to Present, Mary R. Miller, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia, 1983

Tract - Outlined in Patent Book 2, page 230, consisted of 5,350 acres with 2,600 acres on Farnham and Morratico Creeks. The rest was at the head of Totusky Creek. The tract extended northward from Morattico creek along the Rappahannock River to a point a mile or so above Sharps and inland into the hills. Within the Tract, the Morratticoes had built their second town of Morratico. The date of the patent was 1650 and it was named for the English home of Moore Faunleroy, the patent owner. (Richmond County)

Village - has had a post-office since 1800. In 1855 was reported as a thriving village 5 miles from the Rappahannock River. The name derives from that of the colonial church which is still standing. (Richmond County)

Church - Episcopal Church built in 1737, named for the parish which was established in 1683. While commonly referred to now as Farnham Church, it is more precisely called North Farnham Church. (Richmond County)

Creek - arising southwest of Farnham village and flowing southwesterly six miles into the north side of the Rappahannock River about one half mile below Sharps. Apparently it was also at one time called Indian Banks. It is mentioned in the original Fauhtleroy grant of 1650 and shown on the Hermann map of 1673. (Richmond County)

Parish - Lancaster County.before 1656, Rappahannock Co. after that date. Before the formation of Rappahannock Co. in 1656, the Uppaer Parish of Lancaster County (then on both sides of the Rappahannock River had become known as Farnham Parish. When Rappahannock County was established in 1656, it was laid out to conform to the boundaries of Farnham Parish. In 1661, part of Farnham Parish was made into Sittenburn Parish with the result that Rappahannock County had two parishes, both of them with territoru on both sides of the river. In 1683 Farnham Parish was divided into North Farnham Parish and South Farnham Parish, both of which still exist, with the Rappahannock river as the dividing line.

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