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The Goads - A Frontier Family by Kenneth Haas
June Goad Worland's Research - family group sheets, notes, etc.
Hyperlink Outline Descendency - detailed information on some Goads... a work in progress
A Brief History of Alexander Goad
An Early Settler of Madison County, Arkansas
by Douglas Wilson: On Line Version
(not yet complete)
The Charles P. Goad Family and Collateral Branches by Edwin E. Stephens: On Line Version
Photos - An index to the photos of Goads and Goad descendants that are on the site.
Documents and Information by Location - Goad information by county and state, much of it not anywhere else on this web site.
Places - Geographical sites with the "Goad" as part of the name
Cemetery Photos - Headstones
Other Places - Information about locations that may be of interest to Goad researchers.
Subscribers' lineages - A place for mailing list subscribers to share lineages.
Researchers - Goad Genealogy Sites


Welcome to our site - dedicated to information on families with the Goad surname and their descendants, including variations of the surname such as Goade, Goard, Goarde, Gord, or Gode, where applicable (primarily U.S.A).

About this page: With a new software program, maintaining navigation links on the side of the individual pages is now much easier. As pages are added, they will have the navigation links.  However, unless modified, the older pages will not have the links, so this page provides the site navigation links for the older pages.

About the site developer: My name is Mike Goad and I live in Pope County, Arkansas.  My line of Goads traveled from Virginia to Tennessee, (maybe Arkansas for a short time), Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and, finally, Nebraska, where I was born. I am also the administrator for the Goad-L mailing list and Goad Message Board on RootsWeb.

The GOAD-L Mailing List: Mailing lists are remarkably simple: you send a piece of e-mail to the list's address, and the list retransmits that message to everyone who is subscribed. Check here for subscribing and unsubscribing instructions and other information about the mailing list.  The archive of messages for the GOAD mailing list can also be searched.

Goad Message Board at RootsWeb

The Old Home Page - The previous home page, with its links, is currently being maintained available for reference.

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