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Family Group Sorted Sheets by Husband

Owen Adkins and Agnes Goad, file fgs0212.htm
Joseph Barbar and Nancy Goad, file fgs0611.htm
Joseph Barbar and Nancy Goad, file fgs0080.htm
Aaron Bell and Lucinda Henderson, file fgs0151.htm
Jerry C. Berry and Sarah Jane Nance, file fgs0137.htm
Nelson Bonehue and Isabel Faucett, file fgs0131.htm
Peter Oliver Boyd and Sarah Jane Henderson, file fgs0364.htm
Emmet C. Brown and Liza E. Drake, file fgs0141.htm
Robert L.  Bynum and Mary "Polly" Susannah Goad, file fgs0447.htm
Abner Cantrell and Mary Moxey, file fgs0164.htm
Thomas F Cantrell and Martha Goad, file fgs0152.htm
General Morgan Carpenter and Mary Alice Williams, file fgs0745.htm
Leland Cassie and Auviney Goad, file fgs0592.htm
Leland Cassie and Auviney Goad, file fgs0719.htm
Frank Goad Clement and Lucille Christiansen, file fgs0472.htm
Robert Clement and Maybelle Goad, file fgs0474.htm
Andrew Cock and Penelope (Ward) Clifton, file fgs0710.htm
John Cock and Elizabeth Goad, file fgs0709.htm
Reuben Cock and Rhoda , file fgs0711.htm
Squire John Cock and Jane Phillips, file fgs0712.htm
George Washington Counts and Matilda "Tilda" Johnson, file fgs0182.htm
Isaac Counts and Martha McElhaney, file fgs0181.htm
James Madison Counts and Dorothy , file fgs0184.htm
Nicholas Counts and Sarah Johnson, file fgs0183.htm
William Cox and  , file fgs0708.htm
Fortunatus Dodson and Alice or Ellis Goad, file fgs0521.htm
Thomas Dodson and Elizabeth Goad, file fgs0520.htm
Thomas Dodson and  , file fgs0120.htm
William Matthew Driver and Armenta Hardy, file fgs0744.htm
George Thomas Faucett and Elizabeth Dunn, file fgs0129.htm
Oliver  Gabbert and Mary Roena Goad, file fgs0205.htm
Wilber Frank "Shorty"  Garrett and Clara Belle Goad, file fgs0750.htm
Alexander Glenn and Mary Jane Goad, file fgs0270.htm
Alexander Glenn and Nancy Goad, file fgs0271.htm
Aaron Goad and Mary Bolen, file fgs0051.htm
Aaron Goad and Mary Ann Gilly, file fgs0051.htm
Aaron Goad and Nancy Howell, file fgs0716.htm
Aaron Goad and Fanny Jones, file fgs0188.htm
Aaron Goad and Milly Largen, file fgs0051.htm
Aaron Goad and  , file fgs0269.htm
Abraham Goad and Sarah A.  Johnson, file fgs0690.htm
Aaron Asher Goad and Eleanor Cock, file fgs0680.htm
Aaron B. Goad and Elizabeth Marshall, file fgs0060.htm
Aaron H. Goad and Amanda , file fgs0729.htm
Abner Thomas Goad and Martha Belle Tate, file fgs0030.htm
Abraham Goad and Mary M. Atkinson, file fgs0565.htm
Abraham Goad and Anne Ayers?, file fgs0631.htm
Abraham Goad and Jenny Brown, file fgs0658.htm
Abraham Goad and Rhoda Cantrell, file fgs0320.htm
Abraham Goad and Sardinna Hibbs, file fgs0605.htm
Abraham Goad and Sardinna Hibbs, file fgs0789.htm
Abraham Goad and Sarah A.  Johnson, file fgs0206.htm
Abraham Goad and Sarah? Rainey, file fgs0590.htm
Abraham Goad and Sarah? Rainey, file fgs0042.htm
Abraham Goad and Lucinda "Lucy" Trotwood, file fgs0651.htm
Abraham (of Richmond County) Goad and Katherine Williams, file fgs0210.htm
Abram B. Goad and Rachel Cock, file fgs0668.htm
Abram B. Goad and Rachel Cock, file fgs0679.htm
Abram B. Goad and Alsey Hewett, file fgs0679.htm
Abram B. Goad and Alsey Hewett or Hewitt, file fgs0668.htm
Adam July Goad and Susie Ann Gates, file fgs0218.htm
Akillis F. "Kellis" Goad and Docia Sarilda Barclay, file fgs0338.htm
Albert C. Goad and William Henry Goad, file fgs0582.htm
Albert David Goad and Ethel Ann Talbot, file fgs0585.htm
Albert David Goad and Ethel Ann Talbot, file fgs0616.htm
Albert Emanuel Goad and Emma Marston Darter, file fgs0177.htm
Albert Lee Goad and Adeline Barrow, file fgs0402.htm
Albert Sidney Goad and Ida Gillie Dalton, file fgs0621.htm
Alexander Goad and Mary Ann Stone, file fgs0029.htm
Alexander Goad and Eveline , file fgs0290.htm
Alexander Goad and Elizabeth , file fgs0669.htm
Alexander S.  Goad and  , file fgs0593.htm
Alexander S.  Goad and  , file fgs0244.htm
Alexander Thomas Goad and Wilma Sue Tibbs, file fgs0031.htm
Alfred Lee Goad and Dovie Boaen, file fgs0738.htm
Alfred Theodore Goad and Mary Margaret Haton, file fgs0201.htm
Alonzo Goad and Natalie Charles, file fgs0322.htm
Alonzo Goad and Nancy Wade, file fgs0324.htm
Ammos Lewis Goad and Martha J. , file fgs0231.htm
Amos Ames Goad and Sarah Jennings, file fgs0302.htm
Amos Dickenson Goad and Eliza Rosebel Guesenberry, file fgs0686.htm
Amos J. Goad and Peggy "Pega" Goad, file fgs0314.htm
Anderson Goad and Katy Simpson, file fgs0197.htm
Andrew Goad and Nancy Hollins, file fgs0251.htm
Andrew Goad and Polly (Mary) Jacobs, file fgs0251.htm
Andrew Goad and Mary (Poly) Mabry, file fgs0064.htm
Andrew J. Goad and Sandra Moody, file fgs0586.htm
Andrew J. Goad and Sandra Moody, file fgs0311.htm
Andrew Jackson Goad and Olivia A. Colville, file fgs0581.htm
Andrew Jackson Goad and Mary Susan  Hutcheson, file fgs0784.htm
Andrew Jackson Goad and Clementine Osborne, file fgs0307.htm
Andrew Jackson Goad and Elizabeth Osborne, file fgs0335.htm
Andrew M.  Goad and Maria  Eggleston, file fgs0310.htm
Andrew Swick Goad and Alice Glades, file fgs0772.htm
Archibald Archie Goad and Pamela Susan Insull, file fgs0400.htm
Archie Henderson Goad and Nancy Ann Palmer, file fgs0142.htm
Arlie Archibald Goad and Rita Ann Fuller, file fgs0394.htm
Arthur Duncan Goad and Wilma Louise Tatum, file fgs0768.htm
Arthur Lee Goad and Maude Alice Fuller, file fgs0736.htm
Asford Goad and Susannah  Waldron, file fgs0023.htm
Aubrey Reuben Goad and Minnie Mae Kidd, file fgs0452.htm
Ayers Goad and Edith Cozad or Czad, file fgs0185.htm
Bascom Charles Goad and Imogene Williams, file fgs0495.htm
Basil Goad and Imogene F. Hargis, file fgs0399.htm
Benj(amin) Joel Goad and Ada Margaret Ganger, file fgs0412.htm
Benjam N Goad and Martha Hunt, file fgs0462.htm
Benjamin Goad and Nancy Daniel, file fgs0806.htm
Benjamin Arthur Goad and Maggie Mae Walton, file fgs0264.htm
Benjamin Charles Goad and Mamie Katherine Clearly, file fgs0417.htm
Benjamin Franklin Goad and Mahala Faulkner, file fgs0411.htm
Benjamin Nathan Goad and Frances Houston, file fgs0443.htm
Bergen Columbus Goad and Lina Crawford, file fgs0235.htm
Billy Joe Goad and Nettie Rymon, file fgs0072.htm
Bluford Goad and Sophia Turley, file fgs0252.htm
Booker Goad and Berthina Sanders, file fgs0289.htm

Braxton Marshall Goad and Della Webber, file fgs0246.htm
Byrum Cox "By" Goad and Mary Martin Webb, file fgs0684.htm
C. Newton Goad and Martha A.  Graves, file fgs0354.htm
Caleb Goad and Elizabeth Dodson, file fgs0365.htm
Caleb  Goad and Louisa J. , file fgs0373.htm
Carl Henry Goad and Bessie Silva, file fgs0038.htm
Carl Robert Goad and Nancy Jane Chaney, file fgs0037.htm
Carter Goad and Sarah Phillips, file fgs0062.htm
Charles Goad and Gertrude "Trude" Carver, file fgs0830.htm
Charles Goad and Ida May Parsons, file fgs0828.htm
Charles Goad and Rachel Young, file fgs0078.htm
Charles Anderson Goad and Nila Martina Pickeral, file fgs0622.htm
Charles D. Goad and Harriet York, file fgs0323.htm
Charles Edward Goad and Susan Burris, file fgs0486.htm
Charles L. Goad and Dolly Nora Butcher, file fgs0175.htm
Charles Pinkney Goad and Sarah Avants, file fgs0156.htm
Charles W. Goad and Ada Wright, file fgs0316.htm
Charlie Goad and Charlotte Kramer, file fgs0656.htm
Charlie Goad and Euphemia "Effie" Perch, file fgs0657.htm
Charlie Goad and Eada Susan Stump, file fgs0655.htm
Clark Tindle Goad and Lou Belle Coleman, file fgs0549.htm
Clark Tindle Goad and Lou Belle Coleman, file fgs0569.htm

Clement Quillen Goad and Margaret Goad, file fgs0203.htm
Clifford Anderson Goad and Christina Lavina Dennison, file fgs0512.htm
Clyde Bliss "Ben" Goad and Gladys Helen Rud, file fgs0782.htm
Coleman "Coley" Goad and Martha Susan Morris, file fgs0535.htm
Coleman D.  Goad and Mary Young, file fgs0479.htm
Columbine Lewis Goad and Karla Ada Faubus, file fgs0403.htm
Conrad Goad and Mary Hood, file fgs0440.htm
Conrad William Goad and Lucy Amy Wood, file fgs0555.htm
Conrad William Goad and Lucy Amy Wood, file fgs0445.htm
Cyrus T.  Goad and Martha Boston, file fgs0349.htm
Daniel Dalton Goad and Ida Burrows, file fgs0471.htm
Daniel Duncan Goad and Nancy Ann Gilmore, file fgs0428.htm
Daniel Henry Goad and Susannah Cartwright, file fgs0347.htm
David Goad and Mary Ann Broyles, file fgs0221.htm
David Goad and Sarah Hartsell, file fgs0220.htm
David Caleb Goad and Della Jean Barclay, file fgs0367.htm
David Calvin Goad and Georgianna Mogie, file fgs0257.htm
David L. Goad and Amanda Goodwin, file fgs0295.htm
David L. Goad and Anna E. White, file fgs0265.htm
David Nathan Goad and Beth Ann Ferguson, file fgs0444.htm
David Nathan Goad and Nellie Gertrude Hoyt, file fgs0442.htm
David Robert Goad and Donna Darlene Wyman, file fgs0083.htm
David Samuel Goad and Lockley Ann Davis, file fgs0409.htm
David Shadrack Goad and Celia Ann Moulder, file fgs0366.htm
David Thomas Goad and Angela Judd, file fgs0441.htm
Delfa William Goad and Mary Frances Harrington, file fgs0758.htm
Dexter "Deck" Goad and Ellen Quesenberry, file fgs0685.htm
Dillard Goad and Parsette Thomas, file fgs0230.htm
Donald William Goad and Laura Pauline Davidson, file fgs0533.htm
Dossett Goad and Sarah Elizabeth Turnbough, file fgs0286.htm
Edgar Clarence Goad and Ruby E. A. Goad, file fgs0752.htm
Edgar W. Goad and Elan E.  Thomas, file fgs0491.htm
Edward Goad and Mary Ann Layne, file fgs0664.htm
Edward Goad and Ruth Purser, file fgs0086.htm
Edward Goad and  , file fgs0118.htm
Eli Goad and Elizabeth Gardner, file fgs0049.htm
Eli Goad and Harriet Gilbraith, file fgs0101.htm
Eli L. Goad and Sarah A. "Sary" Cannon, file fgs0312.htm
Elihu R. Goad and Malinda Blanche Sexton, file fgs0687.htm
Elliot Robert Goad and Betsy Copp, file fgs0646.htm
Elliot Robert Goad and Betty Sinthea Starr, file fgs0645.htm
Ellis E.  Goad and Ophilia Younger, file fgs0490.htm
Elmer B Goad and Emma Lott, file fgs0159.htm
Elmer Elisha "Charlie" Goad and Hazel Warner, file fgs0154.htm
Ernest Gerald Goad and Evelyn Louise Harris, file fgs0513.htm
Ervin Wade Goad and Emma Boston, file fgs0492.htm
Ethler C. Goad and Gertrude Tweedy, file fgs0484.htm
Eugene Peter Goad and Nettie Glenn, file fgs0573.htm
Eugene Peter Jr. Goad and Alice Joy  Kirkland, file fgs0574.htm
Florian C Goad and Mary A. , file fgs0482.htm
Floyd David Goad and Anna Johnson, file fgs0263.htm
Francis Goad and Susannah Cunningham, file fgs0634.htm
Francis Goad and Susannah Cunningham, file fgs0641.htm
Frank Hatton Goad and Rosa Delilah Houchins, file fgs0385.htm
Frank Hatton Goad and Anna Irene Ward, file fgs0379.htm
Frank Marshall Goad and Jessie W.  Jameson, file fgs0247.htm
Franklin P Goad and Lizzie Lou McCann, file fgs0545.htm
Franklin Terry Goad and Merna Dinkman, file fgs0576.htm
Gabriel Goad and Carroline Abbott, file fgs0803.htm
Gabriel Goad and Jennie Allison, file fgs0803.htm
Gabriel Goad and Lucy Ann Cash, file fgs0803.htm
Gabriel Goad and Amelia Dillingham, file fgs0812.htm
Gabriel Goad and Sarah Ann Lowden, file fgs0814.htm
Gabriel Peter Goad and Myrtle Eudora Colton, file fgs0824.htm
George Goad and Rosetta Phillips, file fgs0702.htm
George Goad and Judith Buctin, file fgs00100.htm
George Goad and Delilah Virginia Rhodes, file fgs0350.htm
George Goad and Mary York, file fgs0805.htm
George Alfred Goad and Lillie Nealy, file fgs0155.htm
George Beverly Goad and Mattie Lee Arander, file fgs0098.htm
George Daniel Goad and Frances A. Davis, file fgs0250.htm
George Forest Goad and Ella (Mannon) McCalvery, file fgs0741.htm
George Frances Goad and Thelma Gertrude Ogle, file fgs0516.htm
George Harden Goad and Alma Delilah  Westmoreland, file fgs0753.htm
George Henry Goad and Turin Rankins, file fgs0515.htm
George L. Goad and Ellen Bolton, file fgs0807.htm
George W. Goad and Paulina Largen, file fgs0052.htm
George W.  Goad and Mary Frances Patterson, file fgs0487.htm
George Washington Goad and Ardlene Bilderbach, file fgs0319.htm
George Washington Goad and Ella A. Briggs, file fgs0436.htm
George Washington Goad and Anna Elizabeth McCool, file fgs0344.htm
George Washington Goad and Talitha Ellen McCoy, file fgs0401.htm
George Washington Goad and Elizabeth Riddle, file fgs0760.htm

George Washington Goad and Elizabeth Riddle, file fgs0836.htm
George Washington Goad and Lepina , file fgs0344.htm

George William Goad and Colista Younger, file fgs0493.htm
Gerald Arnold Goad and Narcissa Ann Chandler, file fgs0528.htm
Gerald Lewis Goad and Joyce Pence, file fgs0529.htm
Glades Goad and Muriel Althea Holloway, file fgs0773.htm
Granville Goad and Rebecca  Wagrs (Wager?), file fgs0056.htm
Granville James Goad and R. J. , file fgs0692.htm
Haley Goad and Susannah Pickenpaugh, file fgs0820.htm

Harry George Goad and Edith Gordon, file fgs0563.htm
Harvey Henry Goad and Cara Torrence, file fgs0475.htm
Harvey Henry Goad and Matilda Vance, file fgs0348.htm
Hayes Goad and Effie Newman, file fgs0763.htm
Haskell Leo Goad and Margaret Hendrey, file fgs0161.htm
Hayes Goad and Effie Newman, file fgs0688.htm
Hazle Elijah Goad and Walsie Watts, file fgs0451.htm
Henderson Goad and Julia Ann (Webb) Goad, file fgs0682.htm
Henry Goad and Amanda Bierney, file fgs0398.htm
Henry Goad and Patsy (Martha) Hubbard, file fgs0497.htm
Henry Goad and Elizabeth Isham, file fgs0190.htm
Henry Goad and Mary M. Sowell, file fgs0114.htm
Henry C. Goad and Susan C.  Owen, file fgs0326.htm
Henry Hugh Goad and Wilda Ida Shirk, file fgs0384.htm

Henry Slack Bob Goad and Amy (Semones) Duncan, file fgs0596.htm
Henry Slack Bob Goad and Amy (Semones) Duncan, file fgs0053.htm
Henry Thomas Goad and Roena Jane Haywood, file fgs0396.htm
Herbert Joel Goad and Mayme Ann Ezelle, file fgs0450.htm
Hiram Goad and Fannie E. , file fgs0187.htm
Hiram Goad and  , file fgs0672.htm
Hiram (High) Goad and Rebecca Sutphin, file fgs0681.htm
Hiram Robert Goad and Polly Smith, file fgs0036.htm
Howard Goad and Dicie Ballows, file fgs0359.htm
Howard Goad and Alma Harris, file fgs0334.htm
Hubbard Robert Goad and Lola Christina Delores Estando, file fgs0544.htm
Hubert B. Goad and Althea Brown, file fgs0559.htm
Hugh Goad and Amanda E. Riley, file fgs0280.htm
Ingram William Goad and Bessie May Wilcox, file fgs0796.htm
Ira Andrew Goad and Cora Ellis Taylor, file fgs0748.htm
Isaac Goad and Sussannah or Susan Dalton, file fgs0046.htm
Isaac Goad and Rachel Susan Jones, file fgs0103.htm
Isham Goad and Martha Brickley, file fgs0292.htm
Isham Goad and Amy Largen, file fgs0048.htm
Isham Goad and Nancy Reynolds, file fgs0268.htm
J. L. Goad and Hellen May Latham, file fgs0158.htm
Jack Goad and Angelia Lyons, file fgs0431.htm
Jackson Harvey Goad and Lois A  Dewey, file fgs0331.htm
Jacob Goad and Anna Ruth Anderson, file fgs0196.htm
Jacob Goad and Sarah Laws, file fgs0186.htm
Jacob Goad and Miss Mathews, file fgs0633.htm
Jacob Goad and Margaret "Meg" Post, file fgs0652.htm
Jacob Goad and Elizah J.  Ricard, file fgs0216.htm
Jacob Goad and Matilda Shepherd, file fgs0659.htm
Jacob Goad and Patsey Winthom, file fgs0653.htm
Jacob Goad and Armeda E. , file fgs0517.htm
Jacob "Jake" Goad and Armeda Emily Burrow, file fgs0757.htm
Jacob F. Goad and Sarah A. Cline, file fgs0337.htm
James Goad and Martha Carper, file fgs0061.htm
James Goad and Mary Collier, file fgs0667.htm
James Goad and Margaret Fell, file fgs0461.htm
James Goad and Roxie Meece, file fgs0608.htm
James Goad and Roxie Meece, file fgs0458.htm
James Goad and Susannah Newton, file fgs0506.htm
James Goad and Polly Ann  Semones, file fgs0058.htm
James Goad and Delilah Snapp, file fgs0215.htm

James Goad and Margarette , file fgs0607.htm
James Goad and Margarette , file fgs0724.htm
James Goad and Belle , file fgs0829.htm
James A. Goad and Elizabeth Scarbrough, file fgs0598.htm
James A. Goad and Elizabeth Scarbrough, file fgs0467.htm
James A. Goad and Amanda (Tallent) Tomlin, file fgs0561.htm
James C. Goad and Mary A. , file fgs0584.htm
James C. Goad and Mary A. , file fgs0275.htm
James C.  Goad and Mary A. , file fgs0278.htm
James Charles, Jr. Goad and Lois Ann Taggart, file fgs0317.htm
James Cletus Goad and Alta Ruth Killian, file fgs0198.htm
James Clifton Goad and Lila Ann McCamey, file fgs0369.htm

James David Goad and Rhoda Parsons, file fgs0368.htm
James Dodson  Goad and Mabel A. Reynolds, file fgs0179.htm
James Edward Goad and Sarah L.  Fox, file fgs0459.htm
James Edward Goad and Julia Hay, file fgs0459.htm

James Edward Goad and Sarah E.  Vestal, file fgs0459.htm
James Emanuel "Jimmy" Goad and Amy Roena Avants, file fgs0162.htm
James Eugene Goad and Grace Elouise Cousins, file fgs0376.htm

James Frank Goad and Ada Ann Beatie, file fgs0791.htm
James Franklin  Goad and Roena Louise Maxwell, file fgs0204.htm
James H. Goad and Amanda Ausley, file fgs0810.htm
James Henry Goad and Rose E. Watts, file fgs0193.htm
James Henry Goad and Alice Mae , file fgs0169.htm
James Henry Holman Goad and Lillie Alma Harris Hall, file fgs0460.htm
James J. Goad and Elizabeth McCoy, file fgs0602.htm
James J. Goad and Elizabeth McCoy, file fgs0432.htm
James L. Goad and Rebecca R., file fgs0761.htm
James L Goad and Sally , file fgs0228.htm
James L. Goad and Rebecca R., file fgs0305.htm
James Levin Goad and Janice Imogene Glenn, file fgs0427.htm
James Madison "Matt" Goad and Mary Ann (Williams) Matlock, file fgs0764.htm
James Madison "Matt" Goad and Mary Ann (Williams) Matlock, file fgs0614.htm
James Madison "Matt" Goad and Mary Ann (Williams) Matlock, file fgs0840.htm
James Madison "Matt" Goad and Mary Ann (Williams) Matlock, file fgs0841.htm
James Malden Goad and Dora Angel, file fgs0737.htm
James Malden Goad and Dora , file fgs0735.htm
James Melvin Goad and Tilda Jane Wells, file fgs0413.htm
James N. Goad and  , file fgs0845.htm
James Newton Goad and Lauren Addie Goad, file fgs0426.htm
James Oliver Goad and Hilda Corrine Raxe, file fgs0553.htm
James Oliver Goad and Hilda Corrine Raxe, file fgs0386.htm
James Orval Goad and Mary Carolyne Weston, file fgs0676.htm
James R. Goad and Mary Alice Toombs, file fgs0577.htm
James R.  Goad and Elizabeth F.  Dalton, file fgs0353.htm
James Riley Goad and Margaret Frances Davis, file fgs0780.htm
James Russell Goad and Nettie A.  Dodson, file fgs0178.htm
James W. Goad and Nancy Barclay, file fgs0308.htm
James W. Goad and Mollie D. Riley, file fgs0279.htm
James W. Goad and Mollie D. Riley, file fgs0281.htm
James W. Goad and Sophiran Sexton, file fgs0694.htm
James Wade Goad and Flora Etta Waldron, file fgs0481.htm
James Walter Goad and Ella D. Anderson, file fgs0795.htm
James Wendall Goad and Ida Flynn, file fgs0192.htm

James Wilder Goad and Thelma Cunningham, file fgs0707.htm
James William Goad and Opal Faye Newman, file fgs0343.htm
James Yancy Goad and Sallie R. Reut, file fgs0537.htm
Jefferson Ray Goad and Barbara Jean Ames, file fgs0074.htm
Jepie Goad and Elizabeth Martin, file fgs0095.htm
Jeremiah Buford Goad and Louise Marie Barry, file fgs0374.htm
Jeremiah M. "Dock" Goad and Elizabeth Howard, file fgs0717.htm
Jeremiah M. "Dock" Goad and Elizabeth Lavender, file fgs0717.htm
Jeremiah M. "Dock" Goad and Elizabeth Wilson, file fgs0717.htm
Jerremiah Goad and Mary Jane Walker, file fgs0670.htm
Joel Goad and Nancy Jane Beck, file fgs0765.htm
Jesse M. Goad and Hazel E. N. Risk, file fgs0477.htm
Joel Goad and Nancy Jane Beck, file fgs0424.htm
Joel Goad and Eliza Louisa Bynum, file fgs0446.htm
Joel Goad and Ellender E. Dawson, file fgs0407.htm
Joel Thomas Goad and Agnes Helen George, file fgs0587.htm
Joel Thomas Goad and Agnes Helen George, file fgs0415.htm
John Goad and Rebecca Asford, file fgs0018.htm
John Goad and Rachel Bourland, file fgs0788.htm
John Goad and Miriam Brooks, file fgs0838.htm
John Goad and Betsy Madge Bruce, file fgs0414.htm
John Goad and Hattie Bertha Cary, file fgs0815.htm
John Goad and Cathy Dalton, file fgs0041.htm
John Goad and Margaret Dobbins, file fgs0536.htm
John Goad and Martha Dove, file fgs0430.htm
John Goad and Mary Gilbert, file fgs0597.htm
John Goad and Mary Gilbert, file fgs0094.htm
John Goad and Sarah E. Graham, file fgs0502.htm
John Goad and Mary R.  Huddleston, file fgs0508.htm
John Goad and Elizabeth "Betsy" Humphreys, file fgs0223.htm
John Goad and Martina Hutchinson, file fgs0217.htm
John Goad and Permelia Kirby, file fgs0502.htm
John Goad and Eliza Minick, file fgs0088.htm
John Goad and Polly (Mary) Moody, file fgs0797.htm
John Goad and Martha J.  Pillow, file fgs0457.htm
John Goad and Susannah Pryor, file fgs0466.htm
John Goad and Sarah Jane Riley?, file fgs0390.htm
John Goad and Mary Server, file fgs0811.htm
John Goad and Anna Elizabeth Shepard, file fgs0329.htm
John Goad and Eliza Skidmore, file fgs0392.htm
John Goad and Mary J. Taylor, file fgs0059.htm
John Goad and Mary E. , file fgs0233.htm
John Goad and Permelia , file fgs0240.htm
John Goad and  , file fgs0306.htm
John Goad and Katherine , file fgs0522.htm
John Goad and Nancy , file fgs0673.htm
John Goad and Mollie , file fgs0675.htm
John Goad and  , file fgs0818.htm
John  Goad and Leucretia Phillips, file fgs0722.htm
John (of Bedford) Goad and Katherine , file fgs0209.htm
John (Rev.) Goad and Julia Wray, file fgs0834.htm
John A. Goad and Mary Burrough, file fgs0253.htm
John A. Goad and Louvina J. Powers, file fgs0601.htm
John A. Goad and Louvina J. Powers, file fgs0336.htm
John Alexander Goad and Lena Louise Cox, file fgs0539.htm
John Andrew Goad and Mary Jane Hammer, file fgs0642.htm
John Asford Goad and Leah Ann Andrews, file fgs0024.htm
John Aster Goad and Sarah Elizabeth Bond, file fgs0705.htm
John B. Goad and Josie , file fgs0827.htm
John C. Goad and Elizabeth Aldridge, file fgs0808.htm
John C. Goad and Elizabeth Harden, file fgs0833.htm
John C. Goad and Malee Melton, file fgs0770.htm
John C. Goad and Lucinda Pearcy, file fgs0108.htm
John Calvin Goad and Louisa Witham, file fgs0256.htm
John Clayton Goad and Saccie H. (Sackie) Passmore, file fgs0454.htm
John Edward Goad and June Ann Belton, file fgs0224.htm
John Elmer Goad and Mary Elizabeth Wood, file fgs0157.htm
John Ephraim Goad and Ida Lillian McCloud, file fgs0126.htm
John F. Goad and Rosa Katherine Wierbacher, file fgs0318.htm
John H.  Goad and Betsie , file fgs0730.htm
John J. Goad and Julia Angeline Wilson, file fgs0755.htm
John Jefferson Goad and Lucinda Fannie Pike, file fgs0096.htm
John Judson Goad and Eve Ilene Holbrook, file fgs0435.htm
John Lewis Goad and Lilth Ann Harris, file fgs0034.htm
John Lingamon Goad and Nola Anna Archio, file fgs0706.htm
John M. Goad and Elizabeth Louisa Ann Goad, file fgs0560.htm
John M. Goad and Anna Silvery, file fgs0630.htm
John Marlin Goad and Malinda Arbaugh, file fgs0111.htm
John Marlin Goad and Josephine Powell, file fgs0109.htm
John Maurice Goad and Dora Burns, file fgs0227.htm
John Melvin Goad and Adeline Elizabeth "Addie" Thomas, file fgs0393.htm
John Neill Goad and Miriam Peoples, file fgs0429.htm
John Newton Goad and Blanche Allen, file fgs0562.htm
John Newton Goad and Mildred Johnson, file fgs0260.htm
John Newton Goad and Minerva McMiniss, file fgs0562.htm
John Overton Goad and Frances Florinda Roark, file fgs0357.htm
John P. Goad and Nancy Ellen Spencer, file fgs0575.htm
John Paul Goad and Gwendolyn Louisa Dunn, file fgs0022.htm
John R. Goad and Margaret Elliott, file fgs0647.htm
John R. Goad and Amanda "Mandy" Ellison, file fgs0647.htm
John R. Goad and Mary J. Hembree, file fgs0697.htm
John R.  Goad and  Wilson, file fgs0123.htm
John Reuben Goad and Mary Lou Harris, file fgs0433.htm
John Reuben Goad and Elizabeth Hightower, file fgs0566.htm
John Reuben Goad and Ivy Ellen Vashti, file fgs0112.htm
John Richard Goad and Rosalind  Lockhart, file fgs0033.htm
John Riley Goad and Ruth Anna Adair, file fgs0377.htm
John Samuel Goad and Ophelia Mae Mayberry, file fgs0032.htm
John Thomas Goad and Sarah Hand, file fgs0391.htm
John Thomas Goad and Mattie Josephine Waite, file fgs0819.htm
John W. Goad and Dora , file fgs0756.htm
John Wesley Goad and Mary Alice Goad, file fgs0115.htm
John Wesley Goad and Mary Alice Goad, file fgs0259.htm
John William Goad and Maria Bell Estes, file fgs0600.htm
John William Goad and Maria Bell Estes, file fgs0381.htm
John William Goad and Eada Amanda (Edie) Litter, file fgs0102.htm
John William Goad and Clarabelle Ola Simms, file fgs0644.htm
John, Jr. Goad and Margaret Haley?, file fgs0211.htm
John, Jr. Goad and Margaret , file fgs0208.htm
Jonathan Goad and Mary Phebe Bass, file fgs0027.htm
Jones Hiram Goad and Jenny Parker, file fgs0613.htm
Jones Hiram Goad and Jenny Parker, file fgs0564.htm
Jordan Goad and Lucinda Goad, file fgs0195.htm
Joseph Goad and Mrs. Frances Barnes, file fgs0304.htm
Joseph Goad and Catherine Burket, file fgs0219.htm
Joseph Goad and Elizabeth Carter, file fgs0328.htm
Joseph Goad and Martha Hodd, file fgs0727.htm
Joseph Goad and Arissa , file fgs0720.htm
Joseph Goad and  , file fgs0822.htm
Joseph Asford Goad and Lillian Marvel Webb, file fgs0025.htm
Joseph Edward Goad and Margaret Ann Read, file fgs0835.htm
Joseph Leo Goad and Ruth Etta Mays, file fgs0375.htm
Joseph Newton Goad and Hallie Ann Shockley, file fgs0383.htm
Joseph Newton Goad and Dolly Sue Vesper, file fgs0382.htm
Joshua Goad and Sarah Barnett, file fgs0089.htm
Joshua Goad and Emily A.  Grant, file fgs0267.htm
Joshua Goad and Eliza Grubber, file fgs0505.htm
Joshua Goad and Elizabeth Hobson, file fgs0019.htm
Joshua Goad and Norma Eunice Hopkins, file fgs0093.htm
Joshua Goad and Polly Hylton, file fgs0047.htm
Joshua Goad and Charlotte (Watts) Jones, file fgs0505.htm
Joshua Goad and Elizabeth "Bettie" Robbins, file fgs0693.htm
Joshua Goad and Sallie E. Smiddy, file fgs0715.htm
Joshua Goad and Sally (Toler) Towler, file fgs0496.htm
Joshua H. Goad and Tennessee Hackett, file fgs0504.htm
Joshua William Goad and Lucinda Ann  Ridgely, file fgs0021.htm
Judiah Goad and Rhoda Johnson, file fgs0104.htm
Judiah Goad and Judith Mildred Key, file fgs0099.htm
Kenneth Goad and Laura Lois Lane, file fgs0076.htm
Kenneth Edwin Goad and April Ann Lewis, file fgs0026.htm
Lacy L. Goad and Nancy J.  Simpson, file fgs0483.htm
Lawrence Goad and Elizabeth Anne Henry, file fgs0511.htm
Leary John Goad and Clara Jane Swaim, file fgs0816.htm
Leslie J.  Goad and Mabel Thomason, file fgs0282.htm
Leslie John  Goad and Thelma Cruise, file fgs0839.htm
Lewin Goad and Eliza Jane Fricke, file fgs0332.htm
Lewis Goad and Margaret Jane Moore, file fgs0525.htm

Lewis Goad and Isabella , file fgs0055.htm
Lewis Addison Goad and Virginia Caughron, file fgs0607.htm
Lewis Addison Goad and Virginia Caughron, file fgs0532.htm
Lewis Frederick Goad and Lena Taylor, file fgs0747.htm
Lewis Jonah Goad and Elizabeth Rhae, file fgs0639.htm

Lewis William Goad and Elinor Louise Hartselle, file fgs0542.htm
Lewis, Jr Goad and Nacy Dodson, file fgs0831.htm
Linwood Lewis Goad and Lucille Angie Woods, file fgs0650.htm
Magal Goad and Imogene Gibson, file fgs0691.htm
Littleton Goad and Sarah J. Isabell, file fgs0245.htm
Littleton Goad and Anne Johnson, file fgs0199.htm
Littleton Goad and Martha Jane Jones, file fgs0189.htm
Littleton Goad and Martha Jane Jones, file fgs0202.htm
Louis Clifford Goad and Frances Creek, file fgs0801.htm
Luke Goad and Martha Minick, file fgs0090.htm
Luke Lee Goad and Nancy Benton, file fgs0776.htm
Lush Wiley Goad and Annie Inez McCrete, file fgs0125.htm
Luther Clarence Goad and Bessie May  Watts, file fgs0749.htm
Mabry Goad and  , file fgs0823.htm
Magal Goad and Imogene Gibson, file fgs0774.htm
Manoah Goad and Malinda Eby, file fgs0309.htm
Marion David "Dutch" Goad and Susan (Lane) Sullivan, file fgs0740.htm
Mark S. Goad and  , file fgs0303.htm
Marlin Goad and Peggy Morris, file fgs0107.htm
Marshall Goad and Lisabeth , file fgs0726.htm
Marshall Brian Goad and Eleanor "Ellie" Walthall, file fgs0416.htm
Martin Goad and Elizabeth Nester, file fgs0054.htm
Martin Goad and Martha , file fgs0671.htm
Mathew Oliver Goad and Annie Kate Gentry, file fgs0370.htm
Matthew James Goad and Elizabeth Trimble, file fgs0423.htm
Micajah Goad and  , file fgs0643.htm
Mills Ray Goad and Bessie Green, file fgs0163.htm
Milton James Goad and Martha Elizabeth Taylor, file fgs0494.htm
Morris Goad and Mary Randall, file fgs0548.htm
Morris Goad and Mary Randall, file fgs0113.htm
Nathan Goad and Laura Poole, file fgs0437.htm
Nathan D. Goad and Elizabeth  Hamitton, file fgs0232.htm
Nathan R. Goad and Maude Hawkins, file fgs0422.htm
Neil Goad and Sina Gregory, file fgs0238.htm
Neill Goad and Cynthia Fitgerald, file fgs0420.htm
Newton T. Goad and Hester Estes, file fgs0568.htm
Odes Carl Goad and Alice Ann Martin, file fgs0371.htm
Odis Ray Goad and Lillian  Black, file fgs0160.htm
Orlando (Lando) Goad and Saletta Levenia Sutphin, file fgs0704.htm
Ottis Goad and Margaret "Peggy" Ann Rice, file fgs0588.htm
Ottis Goad and Margaret "Peggy" Ann Rice, file fgs0718.htm
Pagan W. Goad and  , file fgs0723.htm
Paschal Martin Goad and Mary Ellen Green, file fgs0243.htm
Payton Goad and Sophia Jones, file fgs0191.htm
Percy Hampton Goad and Valera Hurt, file fgs0623.htm
Peter Goad and Nancy Aldridge, file fgs0809.htm
Peter Goad and Amelia Higgins, file fgs0654.htm
Peter Goad and Calista Marshall, file fgs0510.htm
Peter Goad and Mary M O'Neill, file fgs0405.htm
Peter Goad and Dorothy (Dolly) Ragland?, file fgs0785.htm
Peter Goad and Moranda Roberts, file fgs0229.htm
Peter Goad and Bonnie Lou Scott, file fgs0825.htm
Peter Goad and Lucretia Semones, file fgs0063.htm
Peter Goad and Dicey Smith, file fgs0333.htm
Peter Goad and Amanda Wier Wilkins, file fgs0786.htm
Peter Goad and Nancy , file fgs0361.htm
Peter Goad and  , file fgs0832.htm
Peter Frederick Goad and Ethel Walters, file fgs0339.htm
Peter Martin Goad and Leonore Lee Breck, file fgs0340.htm
Peter Samuel Goad and America Independence Lacy, file fgs0792.htm
Peter Thomas Goad and Rosaline Holliman, file fgs0408.htm
Pinkney Benjamin Goad and Marsha Till, file fgs0406.htm
Polk Goad and Hilda Jean Park, file fgs0261.htm
Ralph A. Goad and Ottie  Ellis, file fgs0846.htm
Ralph Edward Goad and Dedra Rose Hamlin, file fgs0225.htm
Ray Vaughn "Bit" Goad and Reva D.  Arnold, file fgs0617.htm
Raymond Harris Goad and  , file fgs0514.htm
Reuben Goad and Nancy Ann Davis, file fgs0362.htm
Reuben Goad and Betsy Ellis, file fgs0485.htm
Reuben Goad and Mary Louisa "Molly" Harris, file fgs0397.htm
Reuben  Goad and Celestia Bobbitt, file fgs0044.htm
Reuben A. Goad and Elizabeth Johnson, file fgs0110.htm
Reuben D. Goad and Martha Bledsoe, file fgs0554.htm
Reuben D. Goad and Martha Bledsoe, file fgs0351.htm
Reuben D. Goad and Nancy A Hesson, file fgs0356.htm
Reuben F. Goad and Paulina Harriet Simmons, file fgs0480.htm
Reuben Jacob Goad and Paulina Jane Kuran, file fgs0666.htm
Rex Roark Goad and Nellie Woodward, file fgs0476.htm
Rhae Goad and Monta Farmer, file fgs0071.htm
Richard Goad and Janet Harrington, file fgs0629.htm
Richard Goad and Susan L. Hurt, file fgs0284.htm
Richard Goad and Mary Eliza. Jones, file fgs0117.htm
Richard Goad and Lucy Tuck, file fgs0604.htm
Richard Goad and Lucy Tuck, file fgs0619.htm
Richard Howard Goad and Elizabeth Roark, file fgs0551.htm
Richard Howard Goad and Elizabeth Roark, file fgs0358.htm
Robert Goad and Delilah Benjamin, file fgs0556.htm
Robert Goad and Delilah Benjamin, file fgs0637.htm
Robert Goad and Lori Jane Bowles, file fgs0661.htm
Robert Goad and Jeannie Brassley, file fgs0035.htm
Robert Goad and Polly Coleman?, file fgs0519.htm
Robert Goad and Catherine Dodson, file fgs0579.htm
Robert Goad and Polly Dodson?, file fgs0519.htm
Robert Goad and Cora Veronica Gray, file fgs0530.htm
Robert Goad and Caroline Harris, file fgs0540.htm
Robert Goad and Margaret "Maggie" Latta, file fgs0425.htm
Robert Goad and Julia Ann Webb, file fgs0057.htm
Robert A.  Goad and Jane Ragsdale, file fgs0352.htm
Robert Abraham Goad and Mary Ann Roark, file fgs0241.htm
Robert Big Robin Goad and Alley or Alby Durnel, file fgs0043.htm
Robert C. Goad and Mary Elizabeth Chumley, file fgs0087.htm
Robert C. Goad and Martha E. , file fgs0128.htm
Robert Charles Goad and Alberta Goad, file fgs0663.htm
Robert Clayton Goad and Karen Sue Davidson, file fgs0534.htm
Robert E. Goad and  , file fgs0174.htm
Robert Edward Goad and Emma Faye Perry, file fgs0662.htm
Robert F Goad and Martha Jane Fearnot, file fgs0200.htm
Robert Henry Goad and Minerva Jane Ward, file fgs0170.htm
Robert Ira Goad and Wilma June Eckert, file fgs0438.htm
Robert Jason Goad and Fanny Starking, file fgs0321.htm
Robert Jules Goad and Virginia Coffer, file fgs0035a.htm
Robert M Goad and Elizabeth Snyder, file fgs0404.htm
Robert M. Goad and Sarah Ellen Godwin, file fgs0258.htm
Robert P Goad and Deacy Brodger, file fgs0291.htm
Robert Thomas Goad and Winnie Jane Blount, file fgs0638.htm
Robert Walter Goad and Alice Synthia Hilton, file fgs0606.htm
Robert Walter Goad and Alice Synthia Hilton, file fgs0543.htm
Robert, Jr. Goad and Polly (Mary)  Mahon, file fgs0526.htm
Roof Goad and Kittie Goad, file fgs0355.htm
Ruben Goad and Sarah  Dern, file fgs0665.htm
Ruben James Goad and Elizebeth Willis, file fgs0567.htm
Rueben Goad and Mary "Polly"  Witcher, file fgs0346.htm
Rufus Goad and Mildred Lavenna Gordon, file fgs0561a.htm
Russell Louis Goad and Susie Ann Bailey, file fgs0624.htm
Ruthy Goad and Rebecca "Beccky" Woodworth, file fgs0082.htm
Samuel Goad and Albina , file fgs0091.htm
Samuel Goad and  , file fgs0226.htm
Samuel Anderson Goad and Caroline  Nicholson, file fgs0296.htm
Samuel Calvin Goad and Sarah Ellen Hudson, file fgs0783.htm
Samuel Clinton Goad and Patsy Brooke, file fgs0419.htm
Samuel Craig Goad and Dorothy "Dolly" Wright, file fgs0410.htm
Samuel Newton Goad and Neoma  Cook, file fgs0285.htm
Samuel R. Goad and Eliza Jane Slaton, file fgs0288.htm
Sebastian Goad and Elizabeth Breen, file fgs0620.htm
Simon Frances Goad and Rebecca McElheny, file fgs0635.htm
Smith Goad and Parthena Wiley, file fgs0254.htm
Spencer, Jr Goad and Lucy T. Cochran, file fgs0045.htm
Squire A.  Goad and Mary S. Nickes, file fgs0313.htm
Stephen Goad and Susan Pankey, file fgs0499.htm
Stephen Goad and Rachel Smith, file fgs0301.htm
Stephen Goad and Lucinda , file fgs0327.htm
Stephen L. Goad and Mary Jane  Yarborough, file fgs0769.htm
Steven David Goad and Lilly Monroe, file fgs0048a.htm
Steven James Goad and Marion Lila Guest, file fgs0262.htm
Stevenson Edward Goad and Lucy Graves, file fgs0266.htm
Sylvester Goad and Ellen R. Williams, file fgs0234.htm
Terry H. Goad and Malise E. Latham, file fgs0558.htm
Theodore "Ted" Goad and Marjorie Lynne Mitchell, file fgs0075.htm
Thomas Goad and Carrie Byerly Benson, file fgs0640.htm
Thomas Goad and Elizabeth "Betsy" Bundy, file fgs0799.htm
Thomas Goad and Mary J Chambers, file fgs0821.htm
Thomas Goad and Sarah Ellen Creek, file fgs0028.htm
Thomas Goad and Sarah  Curron, file fgs0636.htm
Thomas Goad and Fanny James, file fgs0547.htm
Thomas Goad and Fanny James, file fgs0116.htm
Thomas Goad and Rebecca Linwood, file fgs0648.htm
Thomas Goad and Sarah "Sally"  Matheny, file fgs0084.htm
Thomas Goad and Mary Mock, file fgs0640.htm
Thomas Goad and Elizabeth Starks, file fgs0790.htm
Thomas Goad and Anabelle Sublette, file fgs0287.htm
Thomas Goad and Sarah Toler, file fgs0106.htm
Thomas Goad and Julie Toler, file fgs0360.htm
Thomas Goad and Sally Haranah (Sale) Towler, file fgs0236.htm
Thomas Goad and  , file fgs0547.htm
Thomas Goad and  , file fgs0237.htm
Thomas Goad and Rachel , file fgs0283.htm
Thomas C. Goad and Lollie Mae Logan, file fgs0180.htm
Thomas Clayton Goad and Mary Frances Hobbs, file fgs0456.htm
Thomas Clifford Goad and Clarissa Barlow Adams, file fgs0802.htm
Thomas H. Goad and Winifred Duskey, file fgs0595.htm
Thomas H. Goad and Winifred Duskey, file fgs0826.htm
Thomas H. Goad and Henrietta Monroe, file fgs0771.htm
Thomas Jacob Goad and Martha "Marth" Clara Lee, file fgs0649.htm
Thomas LeRoy Goad and Martha Jane Dowell, file fgs0594.htm
Thomas LeRoy Goad and Martha Jane Dowell, file fgs0455.htm
Thomas LeRoy Goad and Jeannie Eliza Hayes, file fgs0455.htm
Thomas LeRoy Goad and Mildred Hunter, file fgs0455.htm
Thomas Newton Goad and Ruby Laura Jones, file fgs0570.htm
Thomas Robert Goad and Joanne Quill, file fgs0242.htm
Thomas Robert "Toler" Goad and Elizabeth Neal, file fgs0580.htm
Thomas V. Goad and Mary Catherine Seeley, file fgs0299.htm
Thomas W. Goad and Lila Franklin, file fgs0418.htm
Timothy Daniel Goad and Sallie E.  Bailey, file fgs0489.htm
Tyre W.  Goad and Emilene , file fgs0683.htm
Tyre William Goad and Julia Ann (July) Compton, file fgs0518.htm
Uriah Goad and Sally George, file fgs0610.htm
Uriah Goad and Sally George, file fgs0618.htm
Uriah Goad and Synthia Jane Lynch, file fgs0618.htm
Van Curtis Goad and Alice Frances Peters, file fgs0124.htm
Vincent Steven Goad and Amy Louise Hale, file fgs0249.htm
Vincent Steven Goad and Cathey Roena Haley, file fgs0248.htm
W (Neil) Goad and Martha J. Huddleston, file fgs0239.htm
Wade Coleman Goad and Zina Amy Newman, file fgs0378.htm
Wade Coleman Goad and Lucinda "Lucy" Ann Young, file fgs0388.htm
Walter Goad and Lela Ann Weakley, file fgs0538.htm
Walter Martin Goad and Mary J.  Seagler, file .htm
Wesley Goad and Tobitha Gardner, file fgs0050.htm
Wilber Lewis Goad and Doris Pamela Jones, file fgs0531.htm

Wiley Thomas Goad and Frances A. (Timmons) Carragan, file fgs0439.htm
William Goad and Virginia Jane "Jeanie" Allison, file fgs0583.htm
William Goad and Virginia Jane "Jeanie" Allison, file fgs0798.htm
William Goad and Mary Jane Arthur, file fgs0509.htm
William Goad and Katherine Atkinson, file fgs0628.htm
William Goad and Delilah Elizabeth Campbell, file fgs0762.htm
William Goad and Patsy Bryan, file fgs0073.htm
William Goad and Delilah Elizabeth Campbell, file fgs0020.htm
William Goad and Elizabeth Cox, file fgs0714.htm
William Goad and Jemimah Dalton, file fgs0105.htm
William Goad and Elizabeth Davis, file fgs0817.htm
William Goad and Tabitha Dixon?, file fgs0077.htm
William Goad and Mary Downman?, file fgs0523.htm
William Goad and Elizabeth Field, file fgs0627.htm
William Goad and Mary Gibbs, file fgs0468.htm
William Goad and Elizabeth Gregory, file fgs0589.htm
William Goad and Elizabeth Gregory, file fgs0276.htm
William Goad and Elizabeth Gregory?, file fgs0273.htm
William Goad and Sarah Johnson, file fgs0222.htm
William Goad and Zelma Frances Kerner, file fgs0625.htm
William Goad and Mary Mount, file fgs0464.htm
William Goad and Laura Pennia, file fgs0660.htm
William Goad and Aline Mittie Pressmaker, file fgs0571.htm
William Goad and Mary Merilla (Cary) Snow, file fgs0509.htm
William Goad and Mary A. Wilson?, file fgs0081.htm
William Goad and  , file fgs0119.htm
William Goad and Mary , file fgs0172.htm
William Goad and Margaret (Betsy) , file fgs0214.htm
William Goad and Lucinda , file fgs0389.htm
William Goad and  , file fgs0793.htm
William  Goad and Mrs. Mary Goad, file fgs0463.htm
William "Willie" Goad and Sarah E.  Welles, file fgs0777.htm
William A. Goad and Sarah A. Wells, file fgs0293.htm
William Aaron Goad and Betsy Rice, file fgs0609.htm
William F. Goad and Nancy C. (Dickenson) Stone, file fgs0689.htm
William Allen Goad and Melvina Jane McCool, file fgs0341.htm
William Arthur Goad and Irene June Withers, file fgs0453.htm
William Basil Goad and Mandy Missouri  Penland, file fgs0153.htm
William C. Goad and Martha Gregory, file fgs0469.htm
William C.  Goad and Susan M. Barclay, file fgs0315.htm
William C.  Goad and Catherine Bourland, file fgs0787.htm
William C.  Goad and Belle Wright, file fgs0473.htm
William D. Goad and Amanda Davis, file fgs0325.htm
William Delmar Goad and Mary Katherine French, file fgs0800.htm
William Elmer Goad and Mary Jackson, file fgs0342.htm
William F. Goad and Nancy C. (Dickenson) Stone, file fgs0255.htm
William Frank Goad and Mollie C. Wall, file fgs0612.htm
William Frank Goad and Mollie C. Wall, file fgs0794.htm
William G. Goad and Nancy A. Stuart?, file fgs0775.htm
William H Goad and Amanda J. Barclay, file fgs0330.htm
William H Goad and  , file fgs0040.htm
William H. Goad and Elizabeth Frost, file fgs0300.htm
William H. Goad and Polly Sevier?, file fgs0039.htm
William H. Goad and Sarah J. , file fgs0092.htm
William J. Goad and Mathenia Adeline Haywood, file fgs0578.htm
William J. "Billie" Goad and Amanda Younger, file fgs0603.htm
William J. "Billie" Goad and Amanda Younger, file fgs0488.htm
William Jasper Goad and Alice Almeda Duncan, file fgs0781.htm
William Jasper Goad and Avis Lund, file fgs0207.htm
William John Goad and Anne Pearson, file fgs0387.htm
William L.  Goad and Margaret Harriet "Hattie" Griffith, file fgs0731.htm
William M Goad and Sarah E. Bell, file fgs0804.htm
William M. Goad and Huldy , file fgs0372.htm
William M. Goad and Catherine , file fgs0674.htm
William M.  Goad and Mary Catherine Bow, file fgs0698.htm
William M.  Goad and Catherine Godwin, file fgs0527.htm
William M.  Goad and Sarah Ann Tompkins, file fgs0698.htm
William O. Goad and Lucinda Cartwright, file fgs0500.htm
William R. Goad and Mary Catherine Edwards, file fgs0779.htm
William Sterling Goad and Rosalie Hill, file fgs0552.htm
William Sterling Goad and Rosalie Hill, file fgs0470.htm
William Thomas Goad and Sophie Ann Tucker, file fgs0677.htm
William V Goad and Stella E. McNair, file fgs0294.htm
William V Goad and Nancy Phillips, file fgs0294.htm
William V Goad and Barbara , file fgs0294.htm
William W. Goad and N. Anna. E.  Haskinson, file fgs0122.htm
William Wilson Goad and Nancy Matheny, file fgs0085.htm
Willie Paul Goad and Iva Agnes Thomas, file fgs0572.htm
Winefield Goad and Cornelia Warner, file fgs0478.htm
Wm Jubal Goad and Vera Mavis Walker, file fgs0380.htm
Wyatt Goad and Susannah Officer, file fgs0507.htm
Wyatt B. Goad and Harriet B.  Hubbard, file fgs0503.htm
Allen Goade and Zetta Baugh, file fgs0298.htm
Nathaniel Goade and Sarah But, file fgs0465.htm
Samuel Goade and Martha Nunn, file fgs0297.htm
Jesse Louis Goard and Edna Rachel Robertson, file fgs0778.htm
William Gourd and  , file fgs0626.htm
Mathew Ham and Caroline Bridgman, file fgs0742.htm
Nathaniel Scott  Ham and Mary Goad, file fgs0842.htm
Riley  Harpe and Sarah Elizabeth Goad, file fgs0176.htm
Charles Clifford Harris and Vennie Mae Holland, file fgs0449.htm
Elijah Harris and Mary Susan Bynum, file fgs0448.htm
Charles Henry "Buster" Harvey and Pearl Verlina Goad, file fgs0550.htm
R. J. Harris and Albina Mary Dallas Goad, file fgs0837.htm
Arthur Hembree and Dortha Anne Drake, file fgs0140.htm
James H.  Henderson and Susan Webb, file fgs0844.htm
Richard Bennett Henderson and Rachel Rutha Goad, file fgs0363.htm
William Henderson and Margaret Elizabeth Abernathy, file fgs0143.htm
William Henderson and Margaret "Peggy" Elizabeth Abernathy?, file fgs0843.htm
William Henderson and Margaret , file fgs0144.htm
William Benjamin Henderson and Sarah Counts, file fgs0146.htm
Warren Howard and Sarah H. Goad, file fgs0166.htm
William Hewett, Hurt or Hughett and Elizabeth Goad, file fgs0632.htm
Nathaniel Edward, Dr.,  Hyder and Eliza Jane Randall, file fgs0127.htm
Solomon N. Isamingo and Amanda Goad, file fgs0171.htm
Stephen A. Jones and Laura Goad, file fgs0168.htm
James Wellington Kirby and Polly Anna Goad, file fgs0498.htm
Joseph Kirby and Martha Goad, file fgs0501.htm
Douglas Benjamin Lillard and Ora Leona Goad, file fgs0345.htm
John Martin and Susannah "Susan"  Henderson, file fgs0150.htm
John E. Martin and Nellie B.  Goad, file fgs0395.htm
Samuel?  Matlock and Mary Ann  Williams, file fgs0734.htm
Edward Maxwell and Bertha Nance, file fgs0136.htm
Joseph Josiah McEntire and Martha Goad, file fgs0678.htm
Ambrose McKee and Catherine Goad, file fgs0274.htm
Ambrose McKee and Catherine Goad, file fgs0277.htm
George W.  Moore and Sarah C. Faucett, file fgs0599.htm
George W.  Moore and Sarah C. Faucett, file fgs0132.htm
Wm Barzilla Morgan and Mary Jane Goad, file fgs0754.htm
Charles F. Morrow and Minnie Belle Goad, file fgs0739.htm
Daniel Nester and Elizabeth Hewitt, file fgs0069.htm
Ernest Fugit Nester and Mary Etta Goad, file fgs0070.htm
Frederick Nester and ? Goad, file fgs0066.htm
Frederick Nester and Sarah Ann Goad, file fgs0272.htm
Jacob Nester and Catherine Goad, file fgs0065.htm
Jonathan Nester and Polly Eskue, file fgs0068.htm
Joshua Nester and Rebecca Cock, file fgs0067.htm
Bernard Noel and Nancy Goad, file fgs0813.htm
James G. Pendleton and Bertha E. Faucett, file fgs0130.htm
Tobias Phillips and Hannah Goad, file fgs0591.htm
Tobias Phillips and Hannah Goad, file fgs0524.htm
Tobias Phillips and Margaret Jennings, file fgs0121.htm
Charley Preston and Francis O. "Fannie" Goad, file fgs0167.htm
James Levi Quesenberry and Amanda Goad, file fgs0713.htm
John W.  Rains and Florence Nance, file fgs0134.htm
Drewery "Drury" Reeves and Mary , file fgs0138.htm
John Riddle and Arminda J. Goad, file fgs0194.htm
James Baekley Robinson and Josey  Waldrip, file fgs0139.htm
Thomas Ross and Alice Goad, file fgs0165.htm
George Washington  Seamans and Margaret Peggy  Henderson, file fgs0149.htm
Loyd Sebastian and Zula Lillian Goad, file fgs0751.htm
Ephraim Shckley and  , file fgs0849.htm
Amos Shockley and Jemima Franklin, file fgs0871.htm
Booker Shockley and Hannah Dalton, file fgs0848.htm
Charleton Shockley and Susanna , file fgs0868.htm
David Shockley and  , file fgs0854.htm
David Shockley and Elizabeth , file fgs0856.htm
David Shockley and  , file fgs0867.htm
Esau Shockley and Elizabeth Farmer, file fgs0872.htm
Isaiah Shockley and Ruth Young, file fgs0864.htm
Isham or Isom Shockley and  , file fgs0881.htm
Isiah Shockley and Malinda Campbell, file fgs0875.htm
James Shockley and  , file fgs0852.htm
James Shockley and Elizabeth , file fgs0866.htm
John Shockley and Elizabeth  Toler or Towler, file fgs0860.htm
John Shockley and Sarah , file fgs0853.htm
John Shockley and Mary , file fgs0855.htm
John Shockley and Phebe , file fgs0874.htm
Levi Shockley and Rebecca , file fgs0851.htm
Meredith Shockley and Drusilla DeHavens, file fgs0869.htm
Meredith Shockley and Sarah Worrell, file fgs0865.htm
Owen Shockley and Elizabeth Briggs, file fgs0850.htm
Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Atkins, file fgs0863.htm
Richard Shockley and Ann Boyden, file fgs0857.htm
Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Briggs, file fgs0878.htm
Richard Shockley and Anees (Anne?) , file fgs0861.htm
Robert Shockley and Belinda Elliott, file fgs0859.htm
Samuel Shockley and Polly  Hollandsworth, file fgs0862.htm
Samuel Shockley and Lucinda , file fgs0847.htm
Samuel Shockley and Darcus , file fgs0879.htm
Thomas Shockley and Elizabeth David, file fgs0877.htm
Thomas H or J Shockley and Catherine , file fgs0880.htm
Thomas Vincent Shockley and Rachel Crider, file fgs0873.htm
Uriah Shockley and Rebecca Cox, file fgs0876.htm
William Shockley and Polly Crawley, file fgs0858.htm
William R. Shockley and Rebecca Copeland, file fgs0870.htm
Wilson Shockley and  , file fgs0882.htm
Phillip Smith and Emelia (Millie) Adkins, file fgs0213.htm
William, Jr. Smith and Rhoda A.  Goad, file fgs0721.htm
George Sparkman and Martha Bryant, file fgs0147.htm
Soloman Sparkman and Agatha Henderson, file fgs0148.htm
Aaron Robert Stockman and Nelly Ona Pigg, file fgs0421.htm
Thomas J. Sweet and Nancy Goad, file fgs0173.htm
Thomas Thurman and Phebe Goad, file fgs0079.htm
 Tomlinson and Rose Ann Goad, file fgs0732.htm
Calvin Jenkins Tompkins and Mary Jane Goad, file fgs0725.htm
Charley Wallace and Della Nance, file fgs0133.htm
Miles Williams and Lucy Lane, file fgs0733.htm
Cooper Wilmoth and Sarah Bilbreys, file fgs0145.htm
Frances Marion Wilmoth and Permelia Driver, file fgs0746.htm
James Lewis  Wilson and Bertha Almeda Ham, file fgs0743.htm
William M. Wilson and Lula M. Nance, file fgs0135.htm
John Young and Rebecca Goad, file fgs0728.htm

    These family group sheets are from the work of the late Wanda June Goad Worland.  Many of them originated from other researchers.  However, almost all of the handwriting is June’s and she certainly added added her own notes, in many instances continuing on the back of the sheet and on additional sheets.  No effort will be made to differentiate between June’s notes and that of the contributor of a group sheet.  Some group sheets here will be compilations of  information of  2 or more of the originals, where the information on childrens’ sheets are not significantly different and they have no children of their own  indicated.
   Since the group sheets here represent the work and collection of Wnada June Worland, no corrections of errors in her work will be made.  However, I will added additional clarifying  information as notes on the group sheet with proper citation to the originator of the clarifying information.
   With one exception, no information other than names from family group sheets will be posted on the internet for anyone born after the year of the most recently released United States census, currently 1920.  The single exception is for information for individuals who are deceased.
 (Mike Goad - August 18, 1999)

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The pages of this site may be freely linked to. Information from this site may be freely used by individuals. None of the following may be duplicated without consent:

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