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Will, James Phillips, Lancaster County, Virginia
January 30, 1689/90

Lancaster County, Virginia, Inventories and Wills No. 8, 1690 - 170936 page 2

IN THE NAME OF GOD Amen, I JAMES PHILLIPS being sicke and weake in body but of p:fect sense and memory praise bee to Almighty God, doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme as followeth; I bequeth my Soule to God that gave it mee in hopes of Eternall Salvation through the merits and mercy of Christ Jesus my Redeemer and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken with Christian buriall and as for my worldly Estate which the Lord in his mercy hath lent mee, I doe dispose of as followeth:

Secondly, I give unto my Sone, JAMES PHILLIPS, and his lawfull heires, my Plantacon in the Freshes of Rappahanock where I did once live my selfe, to have an equall share of tht Devident of Land with his other two Brothers hereafter named, and in case my Sone, JAMES, should dye without lawful issue, then his part to all to my Sone, GEORGE PHILLIPS, and his lawfull heirs and if my Sone, GEORGE, dye without lawfull issue, then to fall to my Sone, SAMUELL and his lawfull issue;

Thirdly, I give unto my Sone, GEORGE PHILLIPS, my Plantacon in the Freshes of the Rappahanock that is by the side of the Cattyle Swamp, with an equall share of the same devident that is to say a third part with his Brother, JAMES, and in case my Sone, GEORGE, dye without lawfull issue, then his part fall to my Sone, JAMES, and his lawfull issue and in case hee dye without issue, then to fall to my Sone, SAMUELL, and his lawfull issue.

Fourthly, I give to my Sone, SAMUEL PHILLIPS, and his lawful heires, one part of of my devident of land before menconed with his two Brothers, JAMES PHILLIPS and GEORGE PHILLIPS, and in case my Sone, SAMUELL, dye without lawful issue then the land to returne as before menconed;

Fifthly, I give unto my Sone, JAMES PHILLIPS, and his heires forever, one Negro called Aaron, likewise I give to him my Pistolls holsters bridle and saddle and all my working tools and likewise one of my best suites of clothes, and two shirts and two paire of Drawers and one Sword and belt and what plate I have to be devided between my Sone JAMES, and my Sone, GEORGE, likewise, I ive my Sone, JAMES, two Bibles, one Great Seaman Booke in folio and a Booke called "The Practice of Piety," and one new Catechisin and one new Booke of the same nature and hee to bee possest with his Estate p:sently after my death;

Sixthly, I give unto my Sone, GEORGE PHILLIPS, and his heires forever, one Negroe called by the name of Quendew, likewise I give him two books called "The Exposition of the Assembly of (?)

Seventhly, I give unto my Wife, MARY PHILLIPS, dureing her life one Negroe woman called by the name of Sarah, and after my wifes death, I give the said Negroe to my Sone SAMUELL PHILLIIPS and further if there bee any issue by the Negroe woman, the first childe when weanable I give to my Sone James, and if there bee more issue, I give the second Childe to my Sone, GEORGE, and if more, the next to my Sone, SAMUELL when weanable and GEORGE PHILLIPS to bee delivered when weanable; I give my Wife the Childe of my England Servts. labour, she paying what charges belonging to him dureing his time yet being for the bringing up my Sone, SAMUELL PHI:LLIPS;

Eighthly, After my debts being paide, then the remaineing part of my Estate reall and p:sonall that is not already disposed to bee equally devided to my Wife and Children; And in case my Wife dye before my Sone, SAMUELL comes of age, then my Sone, SAMUELL and his Estate to be put in my Sone, JAMES PHILLIPS, hands till hee shall comeof age, so to the deviding of my Estate in equall shares between my Wife and my three Sones above menconed is my desire;

Ninethly, And further I do appoint my Sone, JAMES, and my Sone, GEORGE PHILLIPS, whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, And all the rest of my Books to bee devideed between the fore mentioned above;

And I appoint my loveing Frend, Mr. ANDREW JACKSON, Minister, to take into his owne my Sone, GEORGE PHILLIPS, and his Estate bot p:sonell and reall according to Will and for yor: trouble and care, I give him thirty p:cent of the p:duce and proffit of my Sones Estate reall and p:sonell, you payeing the charges till hee comes of age, likewise I desire you advise my Wife for the rest; And likewise, I appoint Mr FRANCES DOUGHTY, Minister, to advise and direct my Sone JAMES PHILLIPS, in all his concernes till hee shall come of age, and in case of Mr. DOUGHTY death, then I request Mr. FRANCIS TOLLEFORRO to the same office; And to the confirmacon hereof, I have herunto set my hand and seale this the 30 day of January 1689/90.

Signed sealed and delivered in pr:sents of us
JNO: PHILLIPS, ...............................................................JAMS PHILLIPS

Probat in Cur Com Lancastr: nono die Aprilis 1690. Teste JOHN STRECHLEY, Cl Cur


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