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Excerpts from deeds recorded in Maury County, Tennessee, Courthouse
1815 - 1859
  (from the files of Wanda June Goad Worland)

October 28, 1815, Thomas Goad bought 50 acres from Thomas Randol for $70

October 20, 1817, Robert Goad bought 148 acres from Samuel McLean for $97.50, on waters of Rutherford Creek and on a branch called Millers Branch.  Witnessed by Thomas Randol, Abner Dodson, and John Woolverton.

December 20, 1820, Thomas Goad sold to Daniel May the same 50 acres he bought from Thomas Randol in 1815

April 16, 1828, Robert Goad, Jr. bought 20 acres from his father, Robert, Sr. According to description in deed, they owned adjoining farms.  This tract also bounded by John Woolverton.

September 5, 1829, Robert Goad, Sr. sold 1 acre to William E. Davis for $7.  Bounded by MacQuires, Davis, Puckett, William Polk's 5,000 acres, Luke Sellers former farm.

October 14, 1829, Abraham Goad bought 31 acres from Robert Goad, Sr. for $160.  Tract located on west side of Miller's Branch.  Witnessed by Thomas J. Seigh and George W. Meese.

October 15, 1829, Abraham Goad sold the 31 acres described above to Robert Goad, Junior, the next day after having bought it from Robert, Sr.  Witnessed by A.O.Harris and J.A. Webster.

March 2, 1831, Robert Goad, Jr. bought 3 acres from Robert, Sr. for $35.  RoberSr. had boght from Thomas Mahan.  Bounded by Robert, Jr's present land. Part of a tract of 75 acrs entered by John Meese.  Witnessed by Michael R. Moore and Richard Goad. Located on west side of Rutherford Creek

July 20, 1832, Robert Goad, Sr. sold 18 acres on waters of Rutherford Creek for $92.50 to Robert Goad, Jr.  John Moore (also spelled Moor and More) and Richard Goad are witnesses.

August 19, 1834, Robert Goad bought 61 acres from Phillip and G. W. Meece for $175 on waters of Rutherford Creek, north side of Duck River, on Millers Branch.  Land was in a grant to John Meece dated 26 May, 1814.  Witnessed by Samuel Crawford and J. C. Sparkman

December 26, 1834, Robert Goad bought 167 acres from John Woolverton of Hardemann County, Tenn. for $150.  On waters of Rutherford Creek, bounded by Moore, McClain, 5,000 acres in name of William Polk, McNeal.  Witnessed by Richard Goad, Abraham Meece, and William C. Meece.  Variant spellings Goard, Gourd, and Goad all used in this deed.

December 26, 1834, Osborne Goad Osborne Goad bought 73 acres from John Woolverton for $250. On waters of Rutherford Creek, bounded by Moore, McClain, 5,000 acres in name of William Polk, McNeal.  Witnessed by Richard Goad, Abraham Meece, and William C. Meece.

February 6, 1835, John J. Latta owed $75.  Richard Goad went on his note.  Latta signed over his personal property to Goad, title to revert to Latta if Latta paid his note.  Property included one stillcap and worm, twoflakestands, 20 stilltube, 5 whiskey barrells, 18 head of hogs, 2 feather beds and furniture, one table and six chairs & 3 spinning wheels, also 3 pots, & two ovens, & one loom.

March 1, 1836, Osborne Goad sold 73 1/4 acres on waters of Ruthersford Creek to Jesse Dorch for $150 each plus $150 plus $50 Bounded by Jes. and Sam'l McLean 

(This is as typed in the transcription, do not know what it means)

August 4, 1837, Robert Goad , Abraham Meece, William C. Meece sold to David R. Dortch 102 acres of subdivided property.  Bounded by Robert Goad, John L. West, Osborne Goad, on waters of Rutherford Creek. 

(The deed describes this land as that bequethed by John Meece to Phillip, George, Abram, William & Richarcd Meece.)

(Handwritten in margin - "Grandsons of Robert, Sr.)

November 14, 1837, Robert Goad bought 7 acres on waters of Rutherford Creek for $42 from David R. Dortch.  Bounded by John Meece (deceased), R. Goad.  Deed witnessed by Osborne Goad and Daniel Pain

August 8, 1839, Osborn Goad bought 97 acres for $437 from James C Sparman.  Tract on waters of Reatherford's Creek, Millers Branch.  Bounded by Catherine Meece, Charles Partee, Mangerames, G.L. Fories, R. Goad, D.R. Dortch.  Witnessed by Reuben Goad and David R. Dortch.

August 24, 1839, Osborn Goad sold 5 acres for $27 to David R. Dorch.  Located on Millers Branch on waters of Rutherford Creek, bounded by John Meece and Catherine Meece.

October 19, 1839, Osborn Goad Osborne Goad sold 112 acres on Millers Branch, wmptying into Rutherford's Creek, to Booker Nevills for $500.  Bounded by Robert Goad, D.R. Dorch, Catherine Meece, John Mease, Barry Mangrum, G.L. Voorhies.  Apparently no witness to this deed.

November 6, 1840, Lewis Goad bought 56 3/4 acres on Duck River for $383.50 from David C. Eudspeth.  Witnessed by ______ Dawson and Wiley T. Goad

(In margin: "I don't have proof of Wiley's relationship to Lewis.  One of Lewis's great-grandchildren was named Wiley)

January 18, 1842, Wiley Goad sold a yellow horse six years old, one Spanish saddle, 3,000 # corn to satisfy (judgement) debts to James W. Hudson on a note against Wiley T. Goad and Reuben Goad

November 19, 1842, J.C. Goad bought farm and houshold goods from Andrew and John Mills.  No indication of J. C. Goad's name


In margin "John? Age 20)

October 17, 1844, James Haley  and Osburn Goad owned a tract of land together and bought and adjoining tract from James S. Thurmond. This tract contained 25 acres.  Deed Witnessed by Abraham Meece and Lewis Goad

May 5, 1846, James Haily and Osborne Goad bought 2 tracts of land in District # 20 from James S. Thurmond.  Bounded by Hudspeth, Smith, Alexander.  Witnessed by Thomas Hanks and James S. Renfro.

January 6, 1851, Lewis Goad bought 94 acres from George Pigg on waters of Knob Creek, bounded by Wesley Witherspoon, Thomas Taylor, McKeel, B. Alderson

March 3, 1851, Reuben Goad bought 59 3/4 acres from Wm. S. Alderson in 20th District on waters of Ruthersford Creek, bounded by Robert Goad and Wm. M. Keeton

August 11, 1852, Lewis Goad bought 33 acres on Knob Creek from Greenville Hanks of McNairy County, Tennessee.  Tract began at a rock in the center of Knob Creek on Wesley Witherspoon's N. boundary.  Creek and bluff form one boundary of tract.  Witnessed by T. A. Dodson and Elijah Hanks

October 20, 1852, Lewis Goad sold to James Wisner the tract (purchased August 11, 1852) and also "Miller Tract" bounded by McKeel (now Robert Alderson), bounded also by l. Goad's present home place and a tract sold to Thomas A. Dodson. 

December 10, 1852, Rec'd of Lewis Goad five hundred dollars in payment for a negro girl named Eliza about 8 years old.  I warrant said girl to be sound in body and mind and a slave for life, and I hereby warrant and defend the title to said girl to said Goad against the lawful claim or claims of all persons whatsoever - given under my hand and seal this day and date above written.  Wm. M . Keeton

December 10, 1852, Lewis Goad sold negress named Eliza, 23 yrs. old and her boy child, John, to John J. Mangrum for $800

April 15, 1853, Lewis Goad sold Eliza, a copper-complexioned slave, nine years old for $500 to Benjamin C. Sedberry.  Note that this is apparently the same slave that Lewis Goad bought from Wm. M. Keeton in 1852.  Vol. 2, Book "G", p. 521 of Deed Book.

October 20, 1853, Lewis Goad bought 59 3/4 acres from Samuel Morris for $600.  Property on Rutherford Creek, bounded by Robert Goad, Hendley, C. Goad, Wm. M. Keeton.  Witnessed by T. A. Dodson and Coleman Goad.

November 22, 1853, Lewis Goad bought 64 1/2 acres from Wm. M. Keeton for $500.  Property on waters of Rutherford Creek.  Deed unwitnessed.

December 16, 1853, Wm. H. Goad bought personal property from D. H. & K. W. Phillips Trust for $192.70.  Vol. 2 Book H. p. 158

March 15, 1855, Lewis Goad bought a slave from B. C. Sedberry.  Text as follows:  Be it known that I B. C. Sedberry have this day bargained and sold to Lewis Goad a negro girl named Eliza aged about ten years and eleven months of a copper complextion in consideration of six hundred and seventy-five dollars in hand paid the right of which is hereby ackowledged.  I also warrent said girl to be sound in mind and body and to be a slave for life.  I will defend the title of the same to the said Lewis Goad and his heirs against the claim of all persons whatever I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal March 15, 1855.  B. C. Sedberry.

August 27, 1855, Lewis Goad  sold to John Trotter for $500 the same 56 3/4 acres that he bought from Hudspeth on November 6, 1840.  Vol 2, Book I - J, p. 527

No date, Lewis Goad sold 61 acres to D. R. Dortch bounded by Brooke, Paine, Foster, W. C. West.  Volume 2, Book K  (illegible in typed transcription) p. 343

December 31, 1855, Lewis Goad bought 74 1.2 acres from Ethelbert Kirby for $745.  Tract was in District 20 on waters of Knob Creek, bounded by John L. West and Dowell.  Deed not witnessed.

January 16, 1856, William Goad issued penal bond for $1,000 as surety for care of Soleman Perry and wife and two daughters and one grandchild.  When Soloman Perry and wife died,  William Goad was to have obtained clear title to the land.  Tract of 92 acres was involved and location is unclear - appears to be 6th district.  Copy of bond adjacent to deed describing conditions of the agreement.

July 12, 1856, Lewis Goad sold 61 (illegible in typed transcription) acres to Robert Alderson, bounded by D. R. Dortch and Robert Goad, p. 112

December 18, 1856, Lewis Goad bought 103 acres from E. A. H. Foster for $1600.  Located in 19th District, bounded by Robert Lockridge.  Title to be held by Lewis Goad only for the natural life of Elizabeth H. Foster, wife of E.A.H. Foster and no longer.  Witnessed by W. D. Hendley and T. H. Briggs

March 7, 1857, Deed of reliquishment  - Each party agreed to release the other from the  agreement of Jan 16, 1856 (William Goad issued penal bond for $1,000)

August 28, 1859, Lewis Goad sold to F. A. Polk 103 acres, bounded by Lockridge.  Vol 2, Book L, p. 25

September 10, 1859, Lewis Goad mortgaged one negress named Nelly 55 - 60 yrs. old, 14 - 15 acres cotton, 8 - 10 acres tobacco, 15 acres corn, one rifle gun, one double-barrel shotgun, two saddles, much more personal and farm equipment.  Mortgaged to R. A. Mackey.  Vol 2, Book L, p. 57

No date, (probably 1859) Robert Goad sold 181 acres to Squire Timmons in 20th district.  Witnessed by Coleman Goad (The location in the deed book not noted, believed to have been in Vol. 2, Book L, page 52)

No date,  (Probably 1859) Robert Goad sold 55 year old negress named Delphia.  Colemand Goad and David Dortch were witnesses (The location in the deed book not noted, believed to have been in Vol. 2, Book L, page 53)

No date, (Probably 1859) Lewis Goad sold his assetts consisting of accounts for "seasoning of mares by his stallion named Compromise".  A lengthy list of uncollected accounts is listed, among whom is Robert (M or W) Goad.  The sale was to settle accounts with John C. Moore who had gone on his note for $234.  (The location in the deed book not noted, believed to have been in Vol. 2, Book L)


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