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John Shinn and Early New Jersey

John Shinn, Senior

A Migration to Virginia

Migration from North Carolina to Arkansas


The History of the Shinn Family in Europe and America

by Josiah H. Shinn, A. M.


Ex-State Superintendent of Public Instruction for Arkansas; Member of the St.
Petersburg (Russia) Historical and Geographical Society; Author of
"A History of the American People"; "A History of
Arkansas"; and of "A History of Education
in the South."

The Genealogical And Historical publishing Company.

Last Name Unknown
Jane (Wife of John Shinn (1))

Bartlett, Elizabeth
Bernethy, Alvin
Bernethy, Henry A.
Bernethy, Silas William
Berry, L.B.
Berry, Thomas

Gilbert, Ida Virginia

Hainen, John P.
Hildreth, Anna Mary
Hildreth, Anna Mary
Hildreth, Aquila
Hildreth, Bernice Henrietta
Hildreth, Beula May
Hildreth, Columbus Franklin
Hildreth, Emery Alvin
Hildreth, Emma Louisa
Hildreth, Florence Elva
Hildreth, George Kirkpatrick
Hildreth, Joshua
Hildreth, Minnie
Hildreth, Nettie Leona

Jennings, Franklin
Jennings, Helen Claire

Kinzie, Mary Anna
Kirrkpatrick, Cameron Thomas
Kirkpatrick, Imogene May
Kirkpatrick, Roscoe Conkling
Kirpatrick, Thomas S.

Lloyd, Harriet

Phillips, George Ulysses
Phillips, Jacob
Phillips, Luther

Saunders, Ida Myrtle
Saunders, James Clyde
Saunders, Lauretta Marie
Saunders, Lawrence A.
Saunders, Lenawee Gail
Shinn, Benjamin (113)
Shinn, Carolina
Shinn, Clement (30)
Shinn, Clement (167)
Shinn, David (170)
Shinn, Eliza Carlock (1031)
Shinn, Esther (8)
Shinn, Ezra Hickman
Shinn, Francis (9)
Shinn, George (3)
Shinn, Henrietta
Shinn, Isaiah
Shinn, James (5)
Shinn, John (1)
Shinn, John, Jr. (2)
Shinn, Jonathan (169)
Shinn, Josiah Carlock (355)
Shinn, Josiah Hazen (1020)
Shinn, Lavina
Shinn, Levi (168)
Shinn, Louisa
Shinn, Luther
Shinn, Mahlon
Shinn, Marion
Shinn, Martha (10)
Shinn, Mary (4)
Shinn, Mary (1706)
Shinn, Moses (1670)
Shinn, Moses
Shinn, Nellie Gertrude
Shinn, Norman Gilbert
Shinn, Samuel (23)
Shinn, Samuel (106)
Shinn, Sarah (7)
Shinn, Silas (109)
Shinn, Silas Benjamin (338)
Shinn, Thomas (6)
Shinn, Thomas
Spencer, Noel W.
Spencer, William K.