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Wineland Genealogy Page
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Dedicated to information on families with the Wineland surname and their descendants, including variations of the surname such as Weinland or Wieland, where applicable.
Wineland Mailing List: - Mailing lists are remarkably simple: you send a piece of e-mail to the list's address, and the list retransmits that message to everyone who is subscribed. Check here for subscribing and unsubscribing instructions and other information about the mailing list.
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GenConnect Bulletin Boards
(see Tips, Hints and Guidlines to the left side of this page)  Please ensure in all postings to all boards to include enough information. On the all but the Query Board, this includes documentation information, such as sources for the information, where available.  On all boards, include all of the surnames in your posting in box that labeled surnames.
Query Board: Post and view Wineland related queries on this board and the answers to those queries, if any.
Bible Records Board: Submit and view  Wineland related Bible Records.  Include entries from one bible record in one post with all related surnames.
Biographical Sketch Board: Biographical sketches can provide historical insight into the lives of our Wineland families and ancestors. (Please refer to copyright guidelines to determine what may be posted)
Deed Board: Share and view Wineland deed information and other property related legal documents. These will generally be land, but could be other items for which deeds were recorded.
Obituary Board:  While intended for Obitiaries, other Wineland related death information, such as that from a funeral memorial, may be posted. (Please refer to copyright guidelines to determine what may be posted)
Pension Board:  This board is intended for Wineland related pension information, including applications and other pension related documents.
Will Board:  Use this board for Wineland related will and other estate document posting.
Surname Index of all the Wineland Boards.
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Tips, Hints, and Guidelines on the GenConnect boards
What is GenConnect? It is is a system of information collection and communication developed specifically for the Internet Genealogy Community.
What are “boards” that are used in GenConnect and how are they used? The boards are simply the media used for collecting and displaying queries and information that users provide.  They are “bulletin boards” for displaying information in specific topic areas to the genealogy public.
GenConnect topic areas:  Queries, Bible Records, Biographies, Deeds, Obituaries, Pensions, Wills (and other Estate papers). To visit one of these boards, simply select the applicable link.
Queries on the Query board only:  Boards are for specific purposes. If queries are placed on other boards, they’ll just be deleted.
Copyrights and the boards: Most information for the boards are either facts or in the public domain.  Facts are not copyrightable and public domain information is there because of lapse of copyright, deliberate placement into public domain, or information (such as legal documents) that cannot be copyrighted.  The major board where copyright is a concern is the biography board and, under certain circumstances, the obituary board. 
Biography board copyright requirements.   No unauthorized copyrighted material may be posted on the board.  Material that meet any of the following may be posted: 
  • Copyrighted material with permission of the copyright holder.
  • Original biographical sketches written by you.
  • Biographical sketches derived from the facts in other material, including copyrighted material. 
  • Biographical sketches from public domain material, which includes 
  1. Publications dated 1922 or earlier
  2. Works that do not include a copyright notice and were first published before 1978
Obituary board copyright requirements.   Most obituaries are written from a template which compiles facts into a standard format.  Such obituaries do not meet the standard of originality required by copyright law and may be posted to the board.  Lengthy obituaries, such as those prepared for notable individuals, may satisfy the standard of originality and should not be posted if there is any doubt.
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