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Compiled by Marie Ritter and Bernadine Seeley, May 1987.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Clearwater Township is located on the south side of highway M-72, seven miles west of Kalkaska, Michigan in what is now the ghost town of Barker Creek.

The cemetery records are alpabetized by surname and include, when known, date of birth, date of death, age at death, and additional information. It also has a section of headstone descriptions and inscriptions, and a list of lot owners. Burial sites are numbered west to east. One row has five or six sites per lot numbers 50 through 57. All others have four graves per lot. There are several graves purchased but no markers.

This cemetery will be included in the Clearwater Township Cemetery book, and will be available at the Kalkaska County Public Library, Genealogical Section, in September of 1998. .

Antaya, Gerald
Antaya, Jacob

Beagle, Christopher
Briston, Thomas
Brokmayer, Franciska
Brookmayer, C.
Brookmayer, Wm.
Bubb, Henry
Bubb, Jane F.
Burns, Corey Elisabeth
Burns, Ellen
Burns, John

Callahan, John
Carr, Doris Mae
Caughlin, Wm.
Chwastek, Alexander
Chwastek, Helen
Couture, Bertha
Couture, Pierce H.

Dempsey, James
Dempsey, Kate A.
Dempsey, Mary K.
Dempsey, Rose V.
Devine, Bernard J.
Devine, Infant
Devine, Katherine
Devine, R. Joseph
Devine, Robert
Devine, Rose
Dockery, Bridgett
Dockery, Patrick
Donahue, Michael

Garvey, James
Garvey, Margaret Gassie

Kelley, Patrick John
Kennedy, Mary
Koenig, Charles

Leonard, Eva E.
Leonard, Hugh

Mathews, Michael
Mathews, Sophia
McCulley, Anne
McCully, Angela
Moran, Joseph
Moran, Margaret
Moran, Martin
Moran, Martin Jr.
Morison, Angus
Morrison, Flora A.
Morrison, John
Morrison, John Jr.
Morrison, Marion
Morrison, Michael
Morrison, Ronald
Mulrooney, Anna T.
Mulrooney, John M.
Mulrooney, Mary Ann

Peters, Michael Joseph

Ray, Charles
Ray, Helen
Riker, G.
Ritter, Fred D. Jr.
Robinson, Margaret M.
Robinson, Patrick

Smith, Edward
Spack, John V.
Stebbins, Wm.
Steve, John J.
Steve, Jospeh J.
Steve, Margaret A.

Tyler, Ann
Tyler, Wm. C.

Vermett, Mary D.

Warner, Albert J.
Wood, Madeline E.

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