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Westwood Cemetery is located north of Kalkaska, left on Plum Valley Road then north on a dirt road. This report was done from township records and walk-thru. No death certificates were available.   Compiled by Bonnie Seeley in 1987.

Available at the Kalkaska County Public Library, Genealogical Section.

Allen, Sara E.
Allen, Clare B.
Arnold, Emily R.

Baldwin, Franklin H.
Baldwin, Remus A.
Baldwin, Mary J.
Bartholomew, Jane Eliza

Dice, Richard Theodore

Fitzpatrick, Theadore Collins
Fitzpatrick, Margart M.

Hefel, Gotthard
Hefel, Lucille L.
Hoopfer, George

Innis, Neila B.
Innis, William J.
Innis, Hildred
Innis, Wm.
Innis, Sarah J.

Lannin, Robert
Lannin, James Allen
Lannin, Rachel Ann
Lannin, Emma Jane
Lannin, Ida Helena

Neeley, Bryon W.

Smith, Raymond D.

Tyler, Mary C.
Tyler, Permelia

VanCamp, Mary
VanCamp, Richard

Young, Dale L.


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