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Descendants of Augussawa

Generation No. 1

        1.  Augussawa1

Notes for Augussawa:
Name is given in notes by Henry R. Schoolcraft and he further states he is the father of 6 children.
Child of Augussawa is:
+        2        i.        Aiabens2.

Generation No. 2

        2.  Aiabens2 (Augussawa1)  He married Indian woman.  

Notes for Aiabens:
Signed Treaty with Sioux and Other Tribes at Prairie du Chien Wi. 1825
Gitspee X Jiauba, 2nd chief Chippewa Nation Sault Ste. Marie

1846 Annuity List
Sault Ste. Marie, Mi. Ayabaince had the following in his household: 1 man; 1 woman; 4 children

Listed in Ojibwa Chiefs 1690-1890 by John A. Ilko, Jr.
Lesser chief, headman, or warrior of the "Soo"; receiving $100.00 per 1836 Treaty.
1857 Annuity Roll of Sault Dte. Marie sorted by bands, numbers
2)  I Yaw Banse    belonged to O Shaw Waw No band 1/3/1/5

Children of Aiabens and Indian woman are:
+        3        i.        Magdeleine3 Aiabens, born in
+        4        ii.        Marie Anna Aiabens.
+        5        iii.        Jerome Aiabens, born 1796 in
Michigan; died September 04, 1876 in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mi..
+        6        iv.        Jane Aiabens, born 1804 in
        7        v.        Jean Aiabens, born 1808.
+        8        vi.        Susanne Aiabens, born Abt. 1818 in Prob. Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mi..

Generation No. 3

        3.  Magdeleine3 Aiabens (Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born in Michigan.  She married Augustus Lord October 03, 1836 in Mackinac, Mackinac Co., Mi. St. Anne's, son of Honoris Lord and Margarite Laporte.  

More About Augustus Lord and Magdeleine Aiabens:
October 03, 1836, Mackinac, Mackinac Co., Mi. St. Anne's
Children of Magdeleine Aiabens and Augustus Lord are:
        9        i.        Charles4 Lord, born 1830.
        10        ii.        Catherine Lord, born 1832.
        11        iii.        Joseph Lord, born
October 22, 1835.

More About Joseph Lord:
Baptism: March 10, 1836, St. Anne's Mackinac Island, Mi.

        12        iv.        Maddeleine Lord, born 1837.

        4.  Marie Anna3 Aiabens (Aiabens2, Augussawa1)  She married Charles Martin October 16, 1833 in Mackinac, Mackinac Co., Mi. St. Anne's.  He was born
August 10, 1802 in Michilimakinac.

More About Charles Martin:
Baptism: June 30, 1804, Godparents: Pierre Gausselin & Magdeleine Mongolpine (sic) McAlpine

More About Charles Martin and Marie Aiabens:
Marriage: October 16, 1833, Mackinac, Mackinac Co., Mi. St. Anne's
Child of Marie Aiabens and Charles Martin is:
        13        i.        Rosalie4 Martin, born 1834.

More About Rosalie Martin:
Baptism: April 25, 1834, Godparents: Louis Martin & Catherine Truckey

        5.  Jerome3 Aiabens (Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born 1796 in Michigan, and died September 04, 1876
in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mi..  He married Catherine Odaniwikijigokwe.  She was born 1796 in Mi..

Notes for Jerome Aiabens:
death record recorded Chippewa Co., Mi. gives his age at death as 70 years
Occupation: Fisherman
He is listed as "widow" on his death certificate Parents names not given
On the 1870 census, he is listed as age 64 yrs.

Notes for Catherine Odaniwikijigokwe:
listed as age 64 on the 1870 census in Sault ste. Marie. Probably younger than this as children were still being born in 1860.

her maiden name is given on the baptism of her daughter, Anchange.
Children of Jerome Aiabens and Catherine Odaniwikijigokwe are:
        14        i.        Archange4 Aiabens, born 1843.

More About Archange Aiabens:
October 12, 1843, Manitoulin, Canada

        15        ii.        Curtise Aiabens, born 1848.
        16        iii.        Charley Aiabens, born 1860.

Notes for Charley Aiabens:
possibly a grand-son. Mother would have been 54 at this point.

        6.  Jane3 Aiabens (Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born 1804 in
Michigan.  She married Jean Baptiste Crochier.  He was born 1794 in Lower Canada.

Notes for Jane Aiabens:
Her year of birth and the person she married is given in the priest's book at Garden River, Algoma Co., Ontario, Canada
Her age on the 1870 census Chippewa co., at Sugar Island is given as 57 yrs, which would place her birth year about 1813 or 1814.

Notes for Jean Baptiste Crochier:
occupation: Boat builder

Children of Jane Aiabens and Jean Crochier are:
+        17        i.        Joseph4 Crochier, born September 1844 in Canada West.
+        18        ii.        Margaret Crochier.
        19        iii.        Jean Baptiste Crochier, born
June 25, 1837.

More About Jean Baptiste Crochier:
Baptism: July 25, 1838, St. Joseph Island,

        20        iv.        Joanna Crochier, born
December 04, 1839.

More About Joanna Crochier:
June 25, 1840, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mi.

        8.  Susanne3 Aiabens (Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born Abt. 1818 in Prob. Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Mi..  She married John Isaac Lavake.  He was born 1798 in
Canada or Vermont.

More About Susanne Aiabens:
July 07, 1833, St. Anne's Mackinac Island, Mi.
Children of Susanne Aiabens and John Lavake are:
+        21        i.        Susan4 Lavake, born 1835.
+        22        ii.        John Baptiste Lavake, born 1839 in
        23        iii.        Charles Lavake, born 1843.
        24        iv.        Marie Lavake, born 1845.
        25        v.        Joseph Lavake, born 1851.

Generation No. 4

        17.  Joseph4 Crochier (Jane3 Aiabens, Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born September 1844 in Canada West.  He married Mary Clara Payment September 18, 1869 in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., MI,.  She was born 1852 in Canada East.

Notes for Joseph Crochier:
occupation is given as farmer

More About Joseph Crochier:
Baptism: October 04, 1844, Godparents: Jean Baptiste Piquet & Angelique Bosquet

More About Joseph Crochier and Mary Payment:
Marriage: September 18, 1869, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., MI,
Child of Joseph Crochier and Mary Payment is:
        26        i.        Mary Jane5 Crochier, born December 06, 1872 in Garden River, Algoma County, Ontario, Canada.

        18.  Margaret4 Crochier (Jane3 Aiabens, Aiabens2, Augussawa1)  She married Charles Grant.  He was born 1850.
Child of Margaret Crochier and Charles Grant is:
        27        i.        Charles5 Grant.

        21.  Susan4 Lavake (Susanne3 Aiabens, Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born 1835.  She married Antoine Paquin.  He was born September 06, 1822
in Maskinonge, Louiseville, PQ.
Child of Susan Lavake and Antoine Paquin is:
        28        i.        John Isaac5 Paquin, born November 22, 1872 in St. Ignace, Mackinac County, MI; died February 03, 1952 in Muskegon, Muskegon County, Mi..  He married (1) Jennie Therrian; born 1872 in St. Ignace, Mackinac County, MI; died June 04, 1903
.  He married (2) Rose Suzanne Martell September 06, 1898 in St. Ignace, Mackinac Co., MI; born April 24, 1880 in St. Ignace Twp, Machinac Co., MI.

More About John Paquin and Rose Martell:
September 06, 1898, St. Ignace, Mackinac Co., MI

        22.  John Baptiste4 Lavake (Susanne3 Aiabens, Aiabens2, Augussawa1) was born 1839 in Michigan.  He married (1) Elizabeth.  She was born 1837.  He married (2) Catherine.  
Children of John Lavake and Elizabeth are:
        29        i.        John B.5 Lavake, born 1859.
        30        ii.        Louis Lavake, born 1861.

Child of John Lavake and Catherine is:
        31        i.        James5 Lavake, born 1869.

All data on the Aiabence family is a joint efforts compiled by Cindy Leutz, Terry Weller, Jim Lalone, and Betty Kienitz. Any use of this material is allowed as long as credit is given to the individuals who did the research.