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The town, known in the 1880s as The Warehouse, was a supply depot for the Mackinaw Lumber
Company and was named for Judge Henry Brevort, a surveyor from Detroit, assigned to subdivide
this area. Settled in 1884 as a fishing village, the permanent settlement was formed mainly by
immigrants from the island of Aland, Sweden (now Finland). The population of 75 in 1893 had grown
to 100 by 1905.
In the Brevort area, the Mackinaw Lumber Company (incorporated in 1896) dominated the cutting of
virgin white pine and hardwood. It appeared to everyone that the lumber supply was inexhausible and
cutting could go on indefinately. White pine had always been in great demand. Some of these virgin
trees were five feet in diameter and often more than 200 feet in length.

The above excerpt is taken from, "Moran Township - When the Moon is High." Written by John
L. Hagen and Georgia M. Rhodes, 1976.