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Mackinac County People Found In Mission Records At
Oka, L'annonciation Deux-Montagnes County, Quebec

Note: The number 8 was used by the priests at Oka frequently to aide them in pronouncing the "wha" sound in the Ottawa language. It made a whispery airy sound like in the word wheat. A soft "w". The k8e at the end of a name is basically the same as Quay.

28 Oct. 1784 Baptism of Marie Genevieve, born 15 January, 1784, natural daughter of Paul Godin dit Bouvier who has lived for a long time with Kwessens. The have just arrived from Michilimackinac to take part in all the prayers.

8 Oct 1797 Baptism of Catherine Messinabik8e of Michillimackinac aged about 30 years. Sponcers: Paul Pat8wois and Catheriine Papanitchi8anok8e.

31 August 1802 ceremonies of baptism for Francois 8cha8en, aged 4 years, son of Iabichigan, Ottawa of Michilimackinac, but reared by his grandparents, Onacon and Ki8egaba8ik8e, privately baptised when in danger of death. Sponcers : Francois Enoassin and Marie Magdeleine Maya8a8atchi8anok8e.

31 August 1802 baptism of Paul Pango8wich, aged 3 years, son of Onacon and Ki8egaba8ik8e, Ottawa of Michilmackinac. Sponcers: Paul Chevalier and Marie Louise, his sister. 28 September 1802 Ceremonies of baptism for Guillaume Amable Pissine, aged 17 years; Michel Mess8e8inini, aged 14 years and Vincent Ata8wich, aged 18 years, privately baptised when in danger of death, all three sons of Onacon and Ki8egaba8ik8e of Michilmakinac. Sponcers for Guillaume: Quillaume Gagigo8ich and Catherine, the wife of Paul Chevalier; sponcers for Michel: Paul Chevalier and Marie Louise, his sister; sponcers for Vincent: Vincent Kaketch8an and Amrie Angelique Makonsik8e.

25 July 1805 Louis Vincent Ning8t8k, Ottawa from Michilimakina, aged 14 years, son of Kitchahiaha and Pissitissi. Sponcers: Nichael Ness8einini and Marie Magdeleine Maya8atchi8anok8e

21 August 1805 Baptism of Francois 8ab8indigo, Ottawa of Michilimakinac, aged 19 years; sponcers: Sieur Francois Xavier St. Germain and Dlle. Marie Clothilde, his sister.

30 August 1805 Baptism of Marie Rose Pissitissi, Ottawa of Michilimakinac, aged 34 years. Sponcers Pierre Louis Constant and Marie Marguerite Nipa8ik8e.

30 August 1805 Nupual blessing for the marriage of Marie Rose Pissitissi and Kitchahiaha contracted in idolatry and recognition of their children: Jacques Michael Ki8echkam, aged 14 years and Catherine Ki8anoke, aged 5 1/2 years. Present: Pierre Louis Constant, Ignace Saganeogotch and Ki8echkam.

23 October 1807 burial of Francois Charron, son of Wabinagan and Dlle. Migisikwe, Ottawa of Crooked Tree (Michilimakinac) who died the day before yesterday aged 9 years. Present: Francois Benjamin Bernard and Hyacinthe Assenabe.

12 July 1809 conditional baptism of Augustin, aged 3 1/2 years, and Angelique born 19 February 1808, children of Sissingok and Kakepikok8e, Ottawa of Pointe St. Ignace of Michilmakinac. Sponcers for Augustin : Octave Am8et and Marie Josette Pitanak8atok8e. Sponcers for Angelique: Dlle. Clotilde St. Germain.

12 July 1809 baptism of Marguerite, aged about 4 years, and Jean Baptiste, aged 17 months, children of Michabose and Otisk8agamik8e, Ottawa of Pointe St. Ignace of Michilmakinac. Sponcers for Margarite: Magdeleine Onipikinam and the sponcer for Jean Baptiste: Simon Iki8enzi.

9 January 1814 Baptism of Basile William Mary, aged 14 1/2 years, of Michilmackinac. Sponcers: Sieur Basile Hiacynnth Charlebois and Dlle. Adelaide Charlebois.

22 April 1814 Baptism of Marie Amable Niganikamokwe, born near Michilmackinac, aged 30 years. Sponcers Amable Pakwakona and Marie Angelique Gastongay.

30 January 1818 Baptism of Jacques Notinons, Ottawa of this mission, born at Pointe St. Ignace, aged 20 years. Sponcer: Jacques Manitonin, his grandfather.

26 June 1827 Conditional baptism of Marie, born the 28th of February 1823 near Lake Huron of the marriage of Jean Baptiste Croteau, voyageur, and Marie Laronde. Godmother: Marie Amable Nigans.