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Portrait And Biographical Record Of Northern Michigan
Containing Portraits And Biographical Sketches Of Prominent
And Representative Citizens
Record Publishing Co., 1895

The family to which this well known business man of Manistee belongs has long been prominent in the annals of our country. It has furnished a President to the nation, and prominent officials to many of the states. As a rule, its members have been progressive, shrewd in business, discriminating in judgment, possessing talents far above the average, and being leaders in their places of abode.

The Pierce family was established in America in 1633, by Thomas Pierce, who came hither from England and settled in Charlestown, Mass. From him was descended President Franklin Pierce, whose grandfather was a brother of the great-grandfather of our subject. In the early history of Manistee, Franklin B. Pierce, and uncle of our subject, was a pioneer and prominent man, but afterward he removed to Ludington, where his death occurred. His daughter was the wife of D.L. Filer, from whom sprang the extensive Filer family of Manistee. Newton B. Pierce, a cousin of our subject, is the present State Entomologist of California, and has published a great deal of valuable information concerning his special subject.

From the above it will be seen that for several generations the Pierce family has borne an honorable part in the development and progress of our country. The parents of our subject, George B. and Mary (Britton) Pierce, were natives, respectfully, of New Hampshire and Ohio. The father died in Pleasanton, Manistee County, Mich. The mother, who is still living, makes her home in Chippewa Falls, Wis., and resides with her younger son, Paul. Her elder daughter, Mrs. Mary Bish, also resides in that city. Our subject is the second in the order of birth, and his younger sister, Miss Jessie, makes her home in his family. Two brothers are now deceased, one of whom, Winslow B., died at the age of about twenty-nine years. He was a namesake of his uncle, the noted Dr. Winslow B. Pierce, late of Indianapolis, who married a sister of Thomas A. Hendricks, late Vice-President.

The subject of this sketch was born in Independence, Ohio, June 7, 1863. His education was received in Pleasanton, Mich., and in the Valparaiso (Ind.) State Normal School, where he took a special course in music.  On the 8th of October, 1891, he married Miss Bessie, daughter of L.S. Marvin, of Frankfort, Mich., where she was born. She was educated in that city and in Ypsilanti, Mich., and is an accomplished lady, being especially talented as a musician.

In his political views Mr. Pierce is a Republican. However, he has little time to devote to public affairs, his attention being devoted mainly to his extensive business interests. He is the proprietor of the principal music house in Manistee. This is situated on River Street, and contains a full line of musical instruments and supplies. He makes a specialty of the Bradbury Piano, though he handles an extensive line of other first-class instruments. In organs he also has a large and fine assortment, including the "Moline" and "Chicago Cottage." Besides keeping on hand a full line of instruments, he also deals in sewing machines, handling, among others, the renowned "Standard."

It is about thirteen years since Mr. Pierce, in 1882, embarked in his [resent business, opening the store that he has since conducted. During that time his reputation as a reliable dealer and upright man has been established among the people of the county, who repose the utmost confidence in his judgment and place the greatest reliance on his opinion, especially in matters pertaining to the profession in which he is engaged.

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