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Published by George A. Ogle & Co., Chicago

This 1903 Standard Atlas of Manistee County is located in the Manistee County Historical Museum. Keep in mind it is NOT list of original landowners, but those who owned land in the year 1903. Much of the land had changed hands by this time.

This patron list is from the back of this county atlas.

Name Date of Arrival   Township of Residence
ABELE, Ferdinand 1852 Brown
ABERNATHY, John 1862 Bear Lake
ADAMSKI, Joseph 1873 Filer
ALLEN, James 1866 Pleasanton
ALBRO, J.F. 1875 Chief
ALKIRE, Mrs. Elizabeth 1883 Pleasanton
ANDERSON, Anthony E. 1869 Bear Lake
ANDERSON, Hans S. Filer
APPLETON, George 1883 Pleasanton
ARNER, Ira 1867 Bear Lake
AUBREY, John 1884 Cleon
BABNAW, Vincent 1871 Arcadia
BACKING, Louis 1880 Filer
BAHR, Chas. 1856 Marilla
BLAIR, J.F. 1878 Pleasanton
BAKER, Harlan Manistee
BIALIK, Jacob 1875 Manistee
BALSEN, Fred 1868 Filer
BARR, Taylor C. 1879 Bear Lake
BARSTOW, Geo. A. Onekama
BAUMLER, John 1876 Bear Lake
BELL, George F. 1870 Springdale
BENE, Frank and August 1870 Filer
BENTON, Willis 1893 Bear Lake
BIGGE, Louis 1882 Marilla
BIGGE, Chas G. 1890 Filer
BLANCHARD, Frank 1869 Springdale
BOSS, Geo. W., Jr. 1871 Arcadia
BOWEN, John D. 1864 Arcadia
BOWEMAN, F.E. 1882 Bear Lake
BOYD, A.E. 1877 Springdale
BRADFORD, Fred R. 1867 Arcadia
BRADFORD, J.L. 1865 Arcadia
BRADFORD, John W. 1865 Arcadia
BRAY, C.E. 1901 Manistee
BRANDT, E. and L. 1875 Manistee
BRANDT, Henry 1866 Onekama
BRIEN, A. 1882 Brown
BRIMMER, Elmer E. 1866 Marilla
BRISKA, Otto 1881 Bear Lake
BRODIE, H.R. 1871 Bear Lake
BRODIE, John . 1871 Bear Lake
BRUESCH, Chas A. 1886 Stronach
BRUMAIS, F.E. 1902 Bear Lake
BRUSKE, Herman Filer
BRUSKI, Herman Filer
BUCHNER, Charles H. 1864 Bear Lake
BUCHNER, James A. 1866 Bear Lake
BURKE, Frank E. 1882 Springdale
BURLINGAME, Frank 1884 Springdale
BUTWELL, Mark 1886 Pleasanton
CANNIFF, C.B. 1874 Cleon
CARLSON, Chas H. 1878 Bear Lake
CARPENTER, Amos 1874 Cleon
CARPENTER, George 1877 Cleon
CHAMBERLAIN, Frank E. Manistee
CHUBB, G.L. 1867 Harlan
CLIFTON, George 1884 Cleon
COLE, Henry S. 1864 Bear Lake
COLE, Jesse 1881 Bear Lake
COLLINGWOOD, Bert 1881 Bear Lake
COLLINGWOOD, L.G. 1879 Arcadia
COLLINS, M.E. 1873 Bear Lake
CONE, Volney Brown
COVERT, Robert 1894 Bear Lake
CUSHING, J. 1864 Bear Lake
DANIELS, Charles H. 1884 Manistee
DAVISON, A.D. 1877 Springdale
DEEN, B.L. 1866 Cleon
DINGER, J.D. 1882 Cleon
DINGER, Peter 1882 Cleon
DIETZ, Aug. 1847 Brown
DUNKE, Michael 1865 Pleasanton
EDMONDSON, Joseph 1863 Bear Lake
ERDMAN, Henry 1882 Onekama
ERICKSON, Albert Manistee
ERLENBECK, Paul 1877 Manistee
EVENS, S.M. 1865 Marilla
EVENS, Thos 1865 Marilla
FARGO, Wm. H. 1875 Arcadia
FAUBLE, Michael 1887 Bear Lake
FINCH, L.L. 1874 Arcadia
FLARITY, Wm. 1852 Brown
FREDERICK, Aug. 1872 Brown
FREEDLUND, Charles 1881 Manistee
FOWLER, Frank L. Manistee
FULLER, E.R. 1882 Cleon
GABEL, Jos. 1876 Arcadia
GALE, Reuben A. 1862 Pleasanton
GARRETT, James 1889 Springdale
GEAR, Jas. W. 1870 Arcadia
GENTZ, E.B. East Lake
GLEASON, A.L. 1898 Copemish
GLOVER, Charles W. 1867 Bear Lake
GIBB, Walter W. Manistee
GILBERT, Howard E. 1881 Arcadia
GILMORE, A.H. 1894 Arcadia
GODFREY, Zach. 1866 Onekama
GODFREY, Miss Mable Onekama
GOODMAN, W.R. 1901 Pleasanton
GORDON, Chas H. 1865 Onekama
GOULD, O.O. Springdale
GRAHAM, Robert W. 1870 Bear Lake
GRAHAM, Wm. 1870 Bear Lake
GRANT, John H. Manistee
GREGG, C.T. 1867 Cleon
GREGG, Frank A. 1877 Cleon
GREEN, A.N. Manistee
GREEN, David 1865 Pleasanton
GREEN, Mrs. Sarah M. 1880 Bear Lake
GREVE, August Manistee
HAINES, C.D. 1874 Maple Grove
HAHN, Wm. 1871 Manistee
HALL, Geo. W. 1881 Cleon
HALL, L.F. 1868 Marilla
HALL, W.F. 1876 Marilla
HANCE, C.M. 1870 Filer
HANSON, H.L. 1885 Brown
HANSEN, Hans 1881 Onekama
HENDRICKS, F. 1891 Brown
HARLEY, Herbert L. Manistee
HERMANSON, Magnus 1883 Brown
HERRMAN, Fred 1893 Bear Lake
HILLIARD, H.M. 1866 Springdale
HOLCOMB, James M. 1878 Bear Lake
HOLMES, Wm. 1880 Cleon
HOFFMAN, Henry E. 1882 Bear Lake
HOPKINS, Geo. W. 1864 Bear Lake
HORNER, Geo. A. Grand Rapids
HOWES, M.S. 1887 Marilla
HUFF, Theodore 1865 Brown
HULL, N.E. 1882 Bear Lake
HULL, D.A. 1865 Arcadia
HUNT, Thomas 1872 Brown
HURLBURT, Joseph N. 1864 Bear Lake
IRWIN, John 1881 Cleon
IRWIN, Wm. 1880 Arcadia
JAMES, Willard 1882 Bear Lake
JOHNSON, Aug. N. Manistee
JOHNSON, Nels Manistee
JOHNSON, J.M. 1863 Bear Lake
JOHNSON, J.T. 1880 Cleon
JONES, John E. Francis 1882 Pleasanton
JOSEPH, Francis 1881 Marilla
KALK, Simon 1885 Manistee
KEAGLE, J.L. 1886 Cleon
KEAGLE, J.H. 1885 Cleon
KEDDIE, A.T.L. 1889 Bear Lake
KEHL, Arnold 1883 Arcadia
KELTNER, W.M. 1868 Bear Lake
KERREY, Horace 1866 Brown
KING, Lyman T. 1863 Brown
KITZINGER, Gus Manistee
KOLB, Mrs. Anne 1885 Stronach
LAFEVER, John 1896 Maple Grove
LAKE, F.A. 1901 Pleasanton
LAMONT, J.P. 1873 Plesanton
LAMSON, M.D. 1892 Manistee
LANGE, Robert 1862 Onekama
LANGLAND, John Jr. 1890 Onekama
LARNE, O.A. 1868 Bear Lake
LARSEN, C. 1885 Filer
LATHWELL, J.N. 1878 Pleasanton
LEE, Russell H. 1885 East Lake
LEIGHTON, H.J. Manistee
LLOYD, William Manistee
LONG. L.C. 1866 Pleasanton
LUMLEY, John W. 1871 Pleasanton
LUMLEY, J.T. 1868 Pleasanton
LYKE, J.F. 1877 Cleon
McCURDY, C.D. 1873 Manistee
McCREGOR, John M. 1880 Bear Lake
McINTOSH, Asa C. 1888 Bear Lake
McINTYRE, A. Manistee
McKEEN, James M. 1865 Pleasanton
McKNIGHT, George W. 1866 Bear Lake
MADISON, J.S. Manistee
MADISON, James 1883 Manistee
MAISE, James 1875 Bear Lake
MALCOLM, Daniel 1869 Pleasanton
MARCH, John 1885 Pleasanton
MARCH, Robert H. 1885 Pleasanton
MARTIN, John C. 1894 Pleasanton
MANE, Charles 1868 Bear Lake
MASON, Charles W. 1865 Bear Lake
MATCHEKOSKY, Herman   1875 Stronach
MATHEWS, I.J. 1887 Bear Lake
MEISTER, Daniel 1883 Bear Lake
MERRIMAN, James 1893 Bear Lake
MILLER, Chas F.S. 1868 Onekama
MORKE, L. Filer
MORRIS, Louis E. 1874 Manistee
MORPL, L. Filer
MORPLE, C. 1870 Filer
MORPLE, Louis Filer
MULLEN, James 1885 Manistee
MUNDY, J.S .1894 Manistee
MURPHY, John 1868 Bear Lake
MYERS, D.P. Bear Lake
MYERS, M.H. 1887 Bear Lake
NESSEN, J.O. Manistee
NORMAN, Edward Stronach
NOUD, John 1884 Cleon
NURNBERGER, Carl 1889 Pleasanton
OLSON, Peter C. 1889 Manistee
OLSON, Andrew and H.P. 1880 Manistee
OLSON, Peter 1890 Manistee
OPYRCHASKI, Rev. Leopold   1900 Manistee
O'RORKE, Michael 1867 Arcadia
PALMER, C.A. Manistee
PARKER, W.E. 1882 Manistee
PATCH, Asa J. 1865 Onekama
PIGEON, Jerry 1900 Springdale
PIRSIG, Fredrick 1869 Onekama
PLOWMAN, Frederick 1872 Marilla
PORTER, C. 1893 Cleon
PRATT, Alex 1866 Cleon
PRESTON, Alexander 1874 Pleasanton
RADEMAKER, Henry Manistee
REITZ, Emanuel 1881 Marilla
READ, J.H. 1884 Cleon
REED, A.E. 1882 Marilla
REEVES, Levi 1886 Maple Grove
RICE, Douglas 1901 Cleon
RICHMOND, E.J. 1867 Manistee
RIDOUT, W.J. 1886 Marilla
RINARD, Robert 1867 Marilla
ROBINSON, John 1883 Marilla
RUMBELL, J.E. 1862 Arcadia
RUSSELL, Frank 1874 Filer
SANDS, Louis Manistee
SEARS, S.M. 1872 Springdale
SCHINKE, Wm. 1863 Bear Lake
SCHMIDT, Gustaf A. 1877 Cleon
SCHMIDT, John 1877 Cleon
SHELDON, Wm. F. 1876 Springdale
SHIGLEY, Ernest 1879 Arcadia
SHIMMEL, Frank 1886 Maple Grove
SHIRIA, Adam 1867 Brown
SHIRTLIFF, L.D. 1866 Bear Lake
SHORT, Mrs. Lydia 1869 Bear Lake
SHOWALTER, A.L. 1878 Bear Lake
SIVERLY, James 1863 Brown
SLOAM, W. 1866 Bear Lake
SMITH, Frank 1873 Bear Lake
SMITH, Mark 1867 Bear Lake
SMITH, Samuel 1883 Bear Lake
SORENSON, F.W. 1883 Brown
SPANGLER, Calvin 1882 Cleon
SPELTZ, Nicholas 1888 Stronach
STANTON, J.C. 1880 Marilla
STARKE, Chas J. 1880 Arcadia
STIVER, Frank 1876 Cleon
STIVER, John E. Cleon
STIVER, Chas 1876 Cleon
STRONACH, Mrs. J.M. Manistee
SWANK, S.C. 1880 Manistee
TOMKE. M. Brown
TOMLIN, C.J. 1874 Manistee
TOMLINSON, Dr. J.W. 1902 Bear Lake
TONDU, L. 1859 Arcadia
TONDU, Joseph 1859 Arcadia
TRAUTMAN, August 1885 Manistee
TUNWELL, Robert 1865 Bear Lake
UPTON, Geo. E. 1885 Onekama
VanBUSKIRK, Owen 1867 Arcadia
WADE, David W. 1878 Bear Lake
WAGNER, Aug. 1880 Cleon
WALKER, Geo D. 1895 Bear Lake
WARE, John H. 1869 Bear Lake
WELLS, Peter D. 1889 Cleon
WERLE, Adam 1872 Arcadia
WILLIAMS, Edward 1870 Marilla
WILLIAMS, James 1888 Bear Lake
WILLIAMS, Richard 1867 Cleon
WILLIAMSON, A.K. Maple Grove
WOOD, Wm. W. 1880 Cleon
WOOLF, G.E. 1896 Copemish
YOUNG, E.B. Filer
ZELLER, E. Henry Manistee

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