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Manistee County Record of Deaths - Extracts

Film # 945505

Volume 2, Pages 1-2

Volume 2, Page 1

Name Date
of Death
Cause Place
of Birth
20 Apr 1890 Md. 55y15d hydropharrow? Denmark Unknown Unknown
William Scott 11 Apr 1890 /Laborer blood poison Canada Unknown Canada
Clara R. Saile 12 Mar 1890 10y3m7d congestion of brain Manistee Joseph & Josephine Saile Manistee
Chas E.
01 May 1890 Wid 67y3m
cancer of stomach Sweden Unknown Sweden
Arline Caroll 14 Jul 1890 Md. 24y7m purporal convulsions OH Unknown OH
Carroll, Infant 13 Jul 1890 stillborn Manistee Chas F. Caroll & Arline Caroll Manistee
Minna Sell 02 Jul 1890 1m9d cholera infantum Manistee Jacob & M. Sell Manistee
Caroline W.
01 Aug 1890 Md. 33y4m22d arbortus Manistee Ed? & Wilhelmine Baumgarten Manistee
Raatz stillborn Manistee Julius & Caroline Raatz Manistee
Eddy, Jean 29 Aug 1890 10m infl. of brain Manistee Unknown Unknown
Nels Nelson 24 Oct 1890 26
shock Sweden Unknown Sweden
Jenny Panny 12 Aug 1890 Md. 57 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Emil Peterson 13 Sep 1890 21y3m congestion of lungs Sweden Unknown Sweden
C. Mary Cash 17 Oct 1890 28y19d consumption Denmark Unknown Denmark
Hans Rasmusson 07 Oct 1890 Md. 66
apoplexy Denkark Unknown Denmark
Jacob Hoops 24 Jun 1890 Wid. 83
debility of old age Germany Unknown Germany
Andrew C. Anderson 12 Jun 1890 29y9m
Saw Filer
consumption Norway Christian Anderson Norway
Mary Chackelton Nov 1890 12d convulsions Manistee J. & J.M. Chackelton Manistee
F. Badwin 03 Jul 1890 8m consumption Manistee Peter & Emma Badwin Manistee
Offilia B. 3 Jul 1890 2y fits Manistee Julius & Larry Bevernow Manistee
McCully 17 Aug 1890 stillborn Manistee Peter & Gisly? McCully Manistee
Anna Larson 16 Jun? 1890 1y lung fever Manistee Paul & Margaretha? Larson Manistee
R.J. Butts 02 Oct 1890 Md. 49y
dysentary MD Unknown MD

Name Date
of Death
Cause Place of 
Eugene Mathis Olson 15 May 1890 12d unknown MI John & Anna Olson Manistee
Gusta Wertezorak? 15 Jul 1890 Md. 21y3m6d cold Prussia John & Mary Block Manistee
Joseph Wertezorek? 11 Aug 1890 7m3d unknown MI Albert & Mary Wertezorek Manistee
Anton Marcoi 03 Dec 1890 7m3d cold on lungs MI August & Julia Marcoi Manistee
Helena Jarki 28 Sep 1890 2y6m unknown Manistee Frank & Anna Jarki Manistee
Richard Mukler 17 Jun 1890 9y2m drowned MI August & Bertha Mukler Manistee
John Sundquist 16 Oct 1890 2d unknown MI Erick & Anna Sundquist Manistee
Pelagi Tiram 01 Sep 1890 10m unknown MI Michael & Julia Tiram Manistee
Groth 22 Feb 1890 unknown MI Charli & Mathilda Groth Manistee
Stanislaus Kupa 05 Dec 1890 Md. 32y
billuous fever Poland Michael & Mary Kupa Manistee
Mads Evald Dalstrom 14 Jan 1890 10m fitz MI Andrew G. & Christina Dalstrom Manistee
Anna Krusheski 07 Aug 1890 9m diphtheria MI Emil & Josefa Krusheski Manistee
Solomon Kuba 15 Aug 1890 10m unknown MI Jacob & Agnes Kuba Manistee
John Novongzki? 25 Jul 1890 2m unknown MI Albert & Helena Novongzki Manistee
John Mashinski or Washinski 04 May 1890 12d unknown MI Stanislaus & Mary Washinski Manistee
Anna Friski 20 Apr 1890 5y2m typhoid fever MI Peter & Mary Friski Manistee
Arthur G. Zimmerman 19 Mar 1890 5m21d spasms MI Gustaf & Augusta Zimmerman Germany/
Fredrick H. Schneider 07 Jun 1890 1m3d spasms MI Edward & Augusta Schneider Germany/
Isabel Sherman 26 Nov 1890 4y9m29d scalded accidental MI Edward & Nettie Sherman IL/NY
Saralphena Chamberland 29 Aug 1890 Md. 38y2m1d childbirth took cold Canada Peter Blair deceased
Mary Toohey 14 Dec 1890 Wid. 64y3m26d unknown Ireland Patrick & Mary Toohey deceased
Manda Cole 12 Dec 1890 1y4m20d pneumonia MI Jessie & Minnie Cole Bear Lake
Lewis L. Johnson 02 Aug 1890 1y6m membranous croup MI Asa & Nettie Johnson Bear Lake

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