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Volume 1 - 1867 to 1890, Volume 2 - 1890 - 1911
Vol. 3, 4, 5 - Dates not given
Film # 945505

This is an index of names for which there are death certificates available at the office of the
Manistee County Clerk.
Be forewarned that some of the spellings may be incorrect, not all are easily read. Keep in mind that some county deaths may have not been reported, and that more recent names are not included in this index. Death information for Volumes 1 and 2 are included on this film
(Family History Library # 945505)

If you know of a name that needs correction, please send me an E-mail.
Note the name as listed here, the Vol/Page number, and the correction.

Name Vol/Page
Quinby, Willie L. 1-1
Quinby, Katie M. 1-6
Qury, Michael 1-62
Qually, Lovely 1-92
Quoggum?, Chief 1-105
Qunn, Hugh 2-196
Quinn, Marion 2-250
Quiding, Edward 2-252
Quiel, Joe A. 2-301
Quade, Ferdinand 3-38
Quiel, Quenten Walberg 3-96
Quade, Augusta 3-145
Quale, Marie 3-278
Quisel?, Hermine 3-283
Quiel, Esther 4-19
Quinn, Infant 4-20
Quale, Alexander L. 4-154
Quinlin, Walter T. 4-160
Qu___, Henry Michael 4-189
Quigley, Cathrine Amelia 4-199
Quillin, Viva E. 4-235
Quarnstrom, Emma S. 4-294
Quiel, Mary 4-304
Quinn, Verna B. 5-8
Quade, Robert Arnold 5-11
Quintana, Consuelo 5-53

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