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Manistee County Death Record Transcriptions

These are just a handful of records requested by researchers, or donated by researchers. If you have death records to contribute, send them to me here…thanks!

Babinau, Francis V1-50 died 04 March 1879, illegitimate, 21 days old, at Arcadia, of diarrhea. Mother: Addeline Babinau, Father: Unknown, mother resident of Arcadia.

Babnow, Julius V1-80 died 22 March 1883, age 4 months, 9 days, of brain fever (meningitis) born Michigan, to Julius Babnaw & Mary Babnaw.

Babnow, Phillip V1-80 died 17 Nov 1883, age 1 year, 5 months, cause unknown, born Michigan to Julius Babnaw & Mary Babnaw.

Babinaw, (Not named) Infant, V1-137 died 20 September 1888, female, 8 days old, at Arcadia, of croup. Born Michigan, to Vincent Babinaw & Catherine Babinaw of Arcadia.

Baby Twins, V2-89, stillborn infants of Cha. Standell & Sophia Freedlund.

Bladzik, Martin V2-293 died 22 Aug 1910, widower, age 78y, at Filer Twp. Cause: peritonitis. b. Poland, laborer, parents: Bladzik, of Poland.

Bladzik, Mary V2-293 died 01 July 1910, married, age 75y, at Filer twp. Cause: senile debility. b. Poland, housewife, parents: P. Bladzik of Poland.

Block, Ed died 07 Jan 1903, age 24y8m29d, of tuberculosis. born MI, laborer, Parents: Carl Block & Gusta Kruger.

Bohn, Jennie V2-16 died 21 Sep 1891, married, age 38, at Cleon, of childdbirth. born MI, housekeeper, parents unknown, of Cleon

Bohn, Infant male,  V2-16 died 30 Sep 1891, age 9d, cause unknown, born MI, parents: Conrad and Jennie Bohn of Cleon.

Bolter, Frank V2-310 died 21 Apr 1911, age 35y3m13d, at Filer Twp, of tuberculosis, born MI, laborer, parents: Frank Bolter & M. Maternoski of MI.

Brady, Julia Frances  died on March 21, 1903, age 12 years, 5 mos, 6 days, 470 Fifth Street, Manistee, edema of the heart and lungs Julia was the daughter of Michael E. Brady and Frances Marion Bennett Brady of Manistee. Researcher E-mail

Canfield, Helen A. V 2-299 died 02 Feb 1911, age 70y3m28d, at Manistee, of senility, born N.Y., housewife, father was Wm. Read, mother unknown.

Canfield, Frances V. V2 - 184 died 20 Sep 1904, a widow, age 68y4m29d, at Manistee, of chronic Brights disease, born Mass., parents: Abraham Wheeler and Lorinta Canfield of Mass.

Canfield, Frank V2 -102 died 12 Mar 1899, married, age 35y2d, of meningitis, occupation lumberman, parents: John Canfield and Frances Wheeler of Manistee, MI

Canfield, John V2-Pg117 married, age 69y, of absess of kidney, born Mass., occupation lumberman, parents: Roswell Canfield and Marion Harrison of Michigan

Carr, Frances died 09 Aug 1909, age 15d, at Manistee City, of acute indegestion, b. MI, to Wm. Carr and Priscilla McDonald, address: 284 1st Ave., Manistee.

Dahlka, Andrew V2-134 died Sep 16, age 21y2m, at Filer, of typhoid fever, born Poland, occupation laborer. Son of Frank Dahlka & Mary Doner, of Filer City.

Dahlka, Angela V2-134 died 03 Nov age 3y3d, at Filer Twp. cause: burnt? born MI, daughter of Peter Dahlka & Anna Switalski, of Oak Hill.

Dahlke, Isabella V2-166 died 25 Mar 1903, age 8days, of pneumonia. Born MI, daughter of August Dahlka & Tilda? Kowslowska

Dahlkey, Joseph V2-282 died 21 Mar 1910, age 15d, at Manistee City, of LaGrippe, born MI, to Jno. Dahlkey & Sophia Nowak, of Manistee.

Dalka, Alonzo V2-177 died 08 Nov 1903, age 2m21d, of cholera morbus, born MI, to Stanislaus Dalka & Blanch Janowiak, of Poland.

Dalka, Anton V1-92 died 5 Aug 1884 at Filer, age 17y, of consumption. Born Prussia, son of Frank Dolka & Mary, of Filer.

Dalka, Anton/Anthonie V2-226 died 05 Nov 1906, female, 10y10m6d, of epilepsy, born MI, to Stanislaus Dalka & Blanche Janowiak of Manistee Twp.

Dalka, Bernard V2-61 died 02 Jun 1876 at Manistee, age 7d, of cramps. B. MI, son of August Dalka & Anthonia? Dalka, of Manistee.

Dalka, Christ V1-57 died 25 Jan 1880, married, age 50, at Filer City. Born Poland, laborer, parents names umknown, parents residence unknown.

Dalka, Helena V2-144 died 02 Apr 1901, age 1m, at Eastlake, of pneumonia. Born Eastlake, daughter of Stanislaus Dalka & Pelegas? Janoswick?

Dalka, John V1-57 died 03 Apr 1880 at Filer City, age 7, of diphtheria. Born MI. occupation: farmer. Son of Peter Dalka & Sophia Dalka

Dalka, Joseph V1-57 died 11 Apr 1880 at Filer City, age 5, of diphtheria, born MI, son of Peter Dalka & Sophia Dalka.

Dalka, Josepha V2-109 died 11 Feb 1899, age 18y at Filer, of consumption. Born Poland, daughter of Frank Dalka & Mariana of Filer City.

Dalka, Josie V1-124 died 23 Apr 1887 at Filer Twp, married, age 38y, cause: childbirth. Born Germany, daughter of Joseph Kramsa & Anna Kramsa of MI.

Dalka, Mary V2-293 died 2 Oct 1910, married, age 74y2m18d, at Filer twp., of toxaemia, born Poland, housewife, daughter of Frk Jan_chowski? & Jozefa Janowiak?, of Poland.

Dalka, Peter V2-274 died 7 Jun 1909, married, age 64, at Filer, of penl_mtis, Born Poland, Farmer, son of John Dalka & Unknown, of Poland.

Dalka, Regina V2-164 died 16 Nov 1902, age 5m29d, at Manistee twp., of pneumonia, daughter of Stanislaus Dalka & P. Janowak, of East Lake.

Daluge, Infant V2-32 age 7hrs at Manistee, of cramps. Parents: Emil & Louisa Daluze or Daluge of Manistee.

Danforth, Margaret Ella V2-102 Died 20 Apr 1899, Md., Age 38y0m, of gastro Enctoritis, at Manistee. Born Manistee, to Bernhart McCormick & Elizabeth McDonald of Manistee. Father deceased.

Dembinski, Charles V2-147 died 26 Oct 1901, age 8m19d, of Marasmus. Born MI, to Frank Dembinski & Stanislawa? Derolaka?

Dolka, Antonie V1-07 age 1y9m10d died at Filer City of Billuous Fever. born Germany, child of Michael Dolka & Rosa Dolka of Filer City.

Dolka, Edwin V2-310 died 10 Jan 1911, age 2m14d, at Filer Twp., of acute colic, born MI, to Leo Dalka & Close Jankowska, of MI.

Duke, Annie died 03 Apr 1892, at Manistee, of consumption, burial at Oak Grove Cemetery. Parents: James Duke and Anna McCormick.

Edel, Augusta V1-7 died 02 May 1869, age 5 months, at Filer City, of Fever. Born Filer City to A. Idel & R. Idel of Filer City.

Egan, Byron V1-60 died 07 Aug 1881, age 6m7d, at Onekama, of Typho Malarial Fever. Son of Everil & Ella Egan, of Onekama.

Egan, James Died 23 Oct 1904, age 19y8m0d, at Manistee, of Hemorrhage of bowels. Born MI, Occupation Sailor, Parents are Jno. Egan & Mary McCormick, of Manistee.

Egan, Patrick Ed. V1-92 died 14 Oct 1884, age 23y7m, of Consumption. Born Milwaukee, to Richard & Mary Egan, of Manistee. Occupation: Shingle maker.

Finan, Catherine died 10 Oct 1910, widow, age 87, at Manistee, of senility. Born Ireland, to W. Cartary, of MI.

Finan, Francis died 29 Aug 1876, age 23y11m, at Manistee City, of Consumption. Born WI, to Owen & Bridget Finan, Occupation: Lumberman.

Finan, Michael died 24 Aug 1911, age 47y10m28d, at Cleon, of sclerosis of the liver. Born Ireland, to Michael Finan & Katherine carbary, of Michigan. Occupation: Saloon keeper.

Finan, Mike V2-11 died 14 Nov 1891, Md., age 74, at Manistee, of Uranis poisoning. Born Ireland, Parents unknown, Occupation: Farmer.

Flynn, Patrick J. died 28 Aug 1903, age 37y6m10d, of Appendicitis. Born NY, to Jno. Flynn & Mary Powers, of Copemish. Occupation: Hotel Keeper.

Flynn, Edward died 03 Mar 1904, age 6y6m5d, of Spinal meningitis. Born MI, to Jno Flynn & Carrie Wilson, of Oak Hill.

Flynn, Maggie died 17 Nov 1884, age 24, at Ann Arbor, of Tumor?. Born Filer, to John & Mary Flynn, of Filer.

Franckowiak, Clara V2-274 died 16 Feb 1909, age 2 hours, at Filer Twp., from premature birth, Born MI, to Paul Frankowiak & Matilda Raczmarek? of Filer City.

Franckowiak, Roman V2-293 died 27 Aug 1910, age 3y8m21d, at Filer Twp., of tubercular meningitis, born MI, to Paul Franckowiak & Antonia Kaczmarek? of Filer City.

Frankowiak, Katie V2-75 died 24 Jul 1897, age 7y4m10d, of diphtheria, B. MI, daughter of Joseph Franckowiak & Mary D., of Manistee

Friend, Effa died 09 Sep 1901, age 7y4m18d at Manistee, of scarlet fever, at Manistee, Student, daughter of W.G. Friend and Emma Pierce of Manistee.

Gust, Henrietta died 24 Feb 1895, married, age 43y11m at Manistee, of consumption. Born MI, Father: Michael Steinberg of Manistee.

Gutowski, Adam I. V2-138 died 24 May 1900, age 4y4m, of Dyphtheria. Born MI, to John Gutowski & Cathaline? Rosewier, of Manistee.

Gutowski, Anthony V2-267 died 22 May 1909, age 35y0m7d, at Manistee City, of Alcoholism. Born Poland, Occupation: Bartender, Parents: Jno. Gutowski & Kate Kazewcz?, of Poland.

Gutowski, Infant V1-153 died April, 1890, Male, was Stillborn. Born MI, to John Gutoski & Katharin Gutoski, of Manistee.

Jankowiak, Martin V1-134 died 15 Jul 1888, age 9m, at Manistee City. Cause unknown. Born MI. Son of Valentin Jankowiak & Franziska Lapostzka of Manistee.

Janowiak, Andrew V2-21 died 26 July 1892, age 1y4m of scarlet fever, born MI. Son of Simon Janowiak, residence at Manistee Twp.

Janowiak, Barbara V2-190 died 24 Dec 1904, married, age 41y3m9d, at Filer City, of pneumonia. Born Poland, Housewife, parents: Martin Kloszynski & Rose Popkowski of Oak Hill.

Janowiak, Blanche V2-281 died 31 Jan 1910, age 2y4m17d, at Manistee City, of diphtheria, born Michigan, to Peter Janowiak & Magde. Kukla, of Manistee.

Janowiak, Frank V2-208 died 31 May 1905, single, age 43y4m22d at Manistee Twp. Cause: Crushed by R.R. cars. Born MI, Occupation: Brakesman, parents are Martin Janoviak & Mary Vitchikoska.

Janowiak, Ignace V2-258 died 2 May 1908, married, age 34y3m10d, at Filer Twp., of pneumonia. Born Poland, laborer, son of Lawrence Janowiak & Anna Buganski of Germany.

Janowiak, Jadwiga V2-280 died 27 Jan 1910, age 4y7m19d, at Manistee City, of diphtheria, born Michigan, to Peter Janowiak & Magdalene Kukla of Manistee.

Janowiak, Peter V2-280 died 25 Jan 1910, age 1y5d, at Manistee City, of diphtheria, child of Peter Janowiak & Magdalene Kukla, of Manistee.

Janowiak, Rose V2-167 died 5 Apr 1903, age 4y8m5d at Manistee, of ceral spinal meningitis, born MI, to Simon Janowiak & Malvine Wiverich? of Manistee.

Kehoe, Mrs. Jack (Nellie McCormick) died 04 Apr 1892, burial at Oak Grove Cemetery.

Kenny, Theresa died 11 Apr 1902, married, age 35y5m6d, at Brown, of double pneumonia, born MI., Housewife, daughter of Patrick O'Neil and Catherine Sylvan?

Kenny, Thomas died 15 Oct 1910, Married, age 69y8m8d., of acute dilitation of the heart, b. Ireland, occupation merchant, son of Jos. Kenny & Cath. Dowling?

Kinney, Samuel died 3? Jan 1908, age 48y9m2d, at Bear Lake, of pneumonia, b. Canada, son of Ephraim Kinney & Juliette Grifford? of Canada.

Kolanowski, Jno. V2-286 died 18 Oct 1910, Single, Age 22y2m4d, at Manistee, of Fractured pelvis & lacerated bladder. Born MI, to Stan Kolanowski & Agnes Budnick?, of Manistee.

Kolanowski, Stanley (Stanislaus) V2-241 died 27 Aug 1907, Married, age 44y6m7d, at Filer Twp., of Concussion of Brain. Born Poland, to Valentine & Mary Kolanowski, of Germany.

Kruszka, Elizabeth V2-202 died 14 Nov 1905, age 18d, at Manistee, of Scarlet Fever. Born MI, to Kruszka, Frank of Poland & Nowakowski, Rose of MI.

Kruszka, Theresa V2-74 died October 4, 1897, age 5m15d, at Manistee, of Cholera Infantum. Born at MI, to John Kruszka & Marina? Stofnik?

LeDuc, Antoine V1-47 Died 02 Aug 1879, Male, 1 year 5 months old, at 2nd Ward, Manistee City of Summer Complaint. Parents: Antoine LeDuc, Ellen LeDuc of Manistee.

Leduc, Walter V2-118 Died 07 January 1900, Age 14 years, 6 months, of Injury to bowels. Born MI to Antoine LeDuc and Ellen Smith, of Manistee.

Leggett, Jno. W. died 17 Mar 1909, Married, age 42y4m14d, at Manistee City, of convulsions, b. MI, son of Jno. W. Leggett of Washington, and Hannah Boland.

Lehrke, John V2-66 died 27 October 1896, age 3 years, 5 months, at Manistee, of croup; born Michigan, to Albert Lehrke & Caroline Lehrke of Manistee.

McCormick, Patrick died 11 Jun 1883, age 26, laborer, of consumption. Parents: John & Mary McCormick.

McCormick, Anna (Duke) died 20 Jun 1891, Md., age 53, murdered, born Ireland, Unknown Parents.

McCormick, Anna died 20 Mar 1893, age 26y2m, at Manistee, of Consumption. Born Brown Twp., to Bernhard McCormick & Elizabeth, of Manistee, Occupation: Dressmaker.

McCormick, Clara Maud, V1-143 died 20 Dec 1889, Age 19y8m21d, at Manistee, of diphtheria. Born Manistee, to Frank McCormick & Mary Flynn, of Manistee.

McCormick, Frances V3-278 died 19 Nov 1931, Widow, Age 82y9m25d, at Onekama Village, of Bronchitis. Born NY, to James Konos & Rebecca Carr, of Ireland.

McCormick, Frank Died 16 Feb 1901, age 73y, at Chicago, of Cirrhosis of liver, heart failure. Born Canada, Occupation: lumber. Burial: Manistee, MI.

McCormick, Maggie (Margaret), died 02 Dec 1895, Age 36y, at Chicago, of Consumption. Born WI, to Francis McCormick & Mary Ann Flynn, of Chicago. Burial: Manistee, MI.

McCormick, Mary Ann Flynn died 30 Jul 1903, Age 61y, at Chicago, of shock following operation. Born Ireland. Burial: Manistee, MI.

MacDonald, Wm. died 23 Aug 1908, Married, age 61y2m12d, at Cleon Twp., of acute meningitis, born Canada, Farmer, parents: Randolph McDonald and Ryda Duguid? of Cleon.

McDonald, Charles died 07 Mar 1906, age 2days, at Manistee, of pneumonia, born MI., to John McDonald and Margarate? Sullivan.

McDonald, Infant died 04 Jun 1902, female, of premature birth, at Manistee City, daughter of John A. McDonald and Etta? Sterrett of East Lake.

McDonald, Randal died 25 Mar 1884, age 1y10m25d, of inflamation of the lungs, at Cleon, son of John & Susan McDonald.

Nichols, James V1-150 died 18 Apr 1889, single, age 75, at Manistee Twp., of old age, born Scotland, occupation laborer, parents unknown, of Scotland.

Nichols, Sarah V2-6 died 28 May 1890, widow, age 74y1m4d, at Springdale, of old age, born Ohio, parents unknown.

Nichols, Infant V2-88 died 28 Aug 1898, male, age 1m24d, at Manistee, of blood poison, born MI, son of Arthur Nichols & Ella Quick, of Manistee.

Nickols, Frank V2-88 died 29 Aug 1898, married, age 42y4m24d, at Manistee, killed in saw mill, born Penna, occupation saw filer, son of F.A. Nickols & Emma Dier?

Nicholas, C.D. V2-91 died 28 Apr 1878, male, age 3m21d, at Manistee, of copillary __tis, born at Eastlake, to D.F. Nichols & Alice C. Gaffney of Eastlake.

Nichols, Michael B. V2-128 died 29 May 1900, married, age 73, of general debility, occupation laborer, born MI, nothing for parents names.

Nichols, Carl F. V2-134 died 29 Oct 1900, widower, age 84y2m23d, at Filer, of old age, born Germany, occupation laborer, Father: Fred Nichols, residence unknown.

Nichols, George Arthur V2-289 died 31 May 1910, married, age 71y7m23d., at Bear Lake Twp., of apoplexy. born Canada, occupation farmer, son of Richard Nichols & Elizabeth Graham, of Ireland.

Nowak, Anna died 06 Nov 1880, age 7 years, at Filer, Burned to death. Born MI, Parents Unknown.

O'Neil, Wm. A. died 6 Jul 1910, age 32y8m18d, at Manistee, of pulmonary TB, b. MI, occupation cook, parents: John O'Neil & Bridget Rynn

Parnham, Sarah B. died 18 Feb 1908, Married, age 49y11m5d, at Manistee Twp., born Canada, to August McDonald & Sarah McDoundol? of Parkdale, MI.

Ramsdell, Nettie V1-15 died 17 Jul 1872, age 1y9m, at Manistee, of Cholera. Born MI, to T.J. Ramsdell & Nettie Stanton, of Manistee.

Ramsdell, John C. V1-42 died 10 Jun 1878, age 1y1m11d, at City of Manistee, of Cholera Infantum. Child of T.J. & Nettie Ramsdell, of Manistee.

Ramsdell, Shirley V1-54 died 29 Aug 1880, age 14d, of disease of stomach. Mother: Nettie L. Ramsdell.

Ramsdell, Edith V2-197 died 10 Mar 1905, age 17d, of premature birth. Parents: Jas. M. Ramsdell & May Kirley of Michigan.

Ramsdell, Lida V2-300 died 27 Mar 1911, widow, age 80y8m8d, of cerebral hemorrage & arterio sclerosis. Born NY, to Thomas D. Ramsdell & Martha VanDusen.

Salling, Earnest N. died 25 Jul 1909, age 66y4m10d, at Manistee City, of arteriosetorosis, born Denmark, Lumberman, Father: Christian A. Salling, of Denmark.

Sass, Thomas died 22 Nov 1908, age 3m13d, at Manistee twp., of malnutrition, son of John Sass and Anna Steinberg of East Lake.

Scultz, Robert , died 21 Jan 1903, age 2m10d, at Manistee, of convulsions. Born MI, to Fred Schultz & Myrtle Danford (Maybe Myrtle Danforth?).

Sherman, John J., died 15 Jul 1910, age 33y11m26d, at Arcadia Twp., of asthma & heart disease, b. MI., son of George Sherman & Brigit Daily.

Smith, John A. V2-132 died 01 Oct 1900, age 39y by falling tree. Born Indiana, to John A. Smith & Deat Matutinger?, of Copemish.

Smith, Capt. John died 18 Aug 1925, cause: drove car off dock into Manistee River.

Smith, John V2-161 died 10 May 1902, Md., of Chronic Gustrice?. Born Germany, Parents Unknown, Occupation: Shoemaker.

Smith, John O. V2-229 died 19 Sep 1906, Md., age 49y15d, at Bear Lake, of Hemorrhage of lungs. Born Sweden, to Ole Smith & Carrie Johnson, of Bear Lake. Occupation: Farmer.

Smith, John J. V2-245 died 21 May 1907, Md., age 56y8m19d, at Bear Lake, of Pulmonary TB. Born Sweden, Father: John Smith. Occupation: Sailor.

Smith, John Henry V2-304 died 29 Aug 1911, widower, age 56y2m10d, at Manistee, of Urinal Taxaemia. Born MI, to Wm. Smith of Manistee. Occupation: Sawyer.

Smith, Mike V2-202, Died 05 Nov 1905, Married, Age: 51y1m28d, at Manistee of Uremus poisoning, shock following operation. Occupation: Capt. Steamboat, Born: NY to Patrick Smith & Nettie Boyne of Iowa.

Somerville, Eva  Died 20 Dec 1889, age 8, of diphtheria, at Manistee. Born Manistee, to Frank Somerville & Nellie McCormick, of Manistee.

Somerville, Frank Died 08 Jun 1947, age 89y4m20d, at Chicago, of Chronic mycarditis. Born Lansing, MI, to James Somerville & Margaret Jand Haite.

Somerville, James E. V1-83 Died 26 Jan 1883, Md., Age 59, at Manistee, of Pneumonia. Born Ireland, Parents Unknown, Occupation: Merchant.

Somerville, Margaret J. Haite Died 04 Nov 1915, Age 84y10m16d, at Manistee, of Acute Dilitation of Heart. Born NY, to Thaddeus Haite & Eliza Cosman. Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Manistee.

Somerville, Nellie McCormick died 04 Dec 1942, Age 81y8m10d, at Chicago, of Chronic myocarditis & arterio sclerosis. Born Manistee, MI, to Francis McCormick & Mary Ann Flynn.

Stark, Minnie, died 13 Mar 1909, Married, age 22y1m26d, at Marilla, of exhaustion, b. MI, to E. Reitz & Sadie Evens of Marilla.

Stark, Sadie Leona died 29 Mar 1909, age 27d, at Marilla, of exhaustion, b. MI, to Orla D. Stark & Minnie Reitz.

Steinberg, Anna V2Pg254 died 06 Nov 1908, married, age 73y6m9d of senile disability. Born Germany, housekeeper, Parents: unknown of Manistee.

Steinberg, Elfriede V1Pg122 died 01 July 1887, age 3m6d, at Manistee of Summer Complaint. born MI, parents: Gustave Steinberg & Ernestine Muller of Manistee.

Steinberg, Eric E. V2Pg74 died 09 Oct 1897, age 5d, at Manistee. Cause: low vitality. Born Manistee, parents: Robert Steinberg & Bertha Radke of Manistee.

Steinberg, Gertrude V2Pg231 died 06 Jan 1907, age 1y2m16d at Manistee, of congenital heart disease. Born MI, parents: Gust Steinberg & __ Miller of Germany.

Steinberg, Herald V2Pg 165 died 08 Feb 1903, age 44y3m12d at Manistee. Cause: congestion of brain (meningitis) Born MI, Parent: Robert Steinberg.

Steinberg, Infant V1Pg96 died 30 July 1884 age 2m at Stronach. Cause unknown. Born Stronach, Parents: Jos. & Lizzie Steinberg of Stronach.

Steinberg, Isabel Annie V2Pg284 died 14 July 1910 at Manistee, age 7days, of convalesance due to meningitis. Born MI, Parents: Joseph Steinberg & Gustie Nousski?

Steinberg, Jenny V1Pg96 died 04 May 1884, age 2y1m at Stronach of scarlet fever. Parents: Jos. & Lizzie Steinberg of Stronach.

Steinberg, John V1Pg96 died 01 May 1884, age 6y1m of scarlet fever at Stronach. born Germany. Parents: Jos. & Lizzie Steinberg of Stronach.

Steinberg, Jos. V2Pg99 died 09 Sep 1898 age? at Stronach. Cause?, born Stronach, parents: Theophilus Steinberg & Valeria of Stronach.

Steinberg, Leon V2Pg235 died 17 Sep 1907, age 1y2m22d at manistee of cholera infantum. Born MI, parents Jos. Steinberg & Szonstaberry? Nowacki of Manistee.

Steinberg, Richard V2Pg52 died 21 Nov 1895, age 8y18d at Manistee. No cause listed. Born MI, parents: Gustave Steinberg & Ernestine of Manistee.

Steinberg, Rose V2Pg6 died 12 Nov 1890, age 3d, at Stronach, of Cramps?, b. MI, Parents: Jo Steinberg & Lizzabet Steinberg of Stronach.

Steinberg, Valeria V2Pg182 died 26 May 1904, age 3y7m23d at Manistee of scarlet fever. Born MI. Parents: Robert Steinberg & Bertha Radtke of Germany.

Szteinberg, Sophia V2Pg215 died 11 Mar 1906, age 5y10m4d at Manistee of Asthaenia Toxaemia, born MI. Parents: Konstantine Szteinberg & Sophia Nowacki.

Tuxworth, Fanny, died 06 Aug 1899, Md., age 33y10m26d, of Pulmonary TB, born England, to Joseph Ridout.

Udell, Henry S., died 14 Jul 1887, Married, age 63y4m., at Lake Co., MI., Killed on Railroad, b. NY, occupation surveyor, Parents: Gardner Udell & Almira? of NY.

Wager, Willie V1-107 Died 26 Feb 1886, age 3 days, at Manistee, of Inflammation of bowels. Born MI, to William & Mary Wager of Manistee.

Zimmerman, Amiel Vol 1 Pg 141. Died 03 Aug 1889. 10 Days old. Died at Manistee City. Cause: Cholera Infantum. Parents: Amiel & Emma Zimmerman.

Zimmerman, Arthur Vol 2 Pg 170 Died 16 Oct 1903, age 2 months, 12 days, of Marasmus/Cholera Infantum. Born Manistee. Parents: Fred Zimmerman & Rickie Dummer.

Zimmerman, Arthur G. Vol 2 Pg 1. Died 19 March 1890. Age 5months, 21 days. Death at Arcadia. Cause: spasms. Parents: Gustaf & Augusta Zimmerman, of Germany.

Zimmerman, Egmund. Vol 2 Pg 247 Died 26 Jan 1908, married, age 69y4m2d. Died at Manistee. Born in Germany. Cause: diabetes melitis. Parents: Unknown, in Germany. Occupation: Carpenter.

Zimmerman, Friedrick Vol 2 Pg 10. Died 29 March 1891, age 3 days, at Manistee. cause: naval rupture. Parents: Aug. & Emma Zimmerman, of Manistee.

Zimmerman, Martin. Vol 1 Pg 139. Died 06 Dec 1888. Married. Age 72y11m6d. Died at East Lake. Cause: Inflammation of bowels. Occupation: merchant. Born in Penn. Parents: Joe & Lizzie Zimmerman of Penn.

Zimmerman, Paulina Vol 1, Pg 103. Died 17 June 1885, married, 53 years, 5 months, 11 days. Died in Manistee. Cause: consumption (TB). Born in Germany. Parents: Paulina & Edwan Zimmerman.

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