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Manistee County

This marriage index is a compilation of names and marriage dates collected by Jack & Marianne Dibean of Ingham County, Michigan. Any questions regarding the content should be directed to them. Be forewarned that because of the variety of sources, all of the marriages may not be in the Manistee County Marriage Index, so marriage certificates might not be available from the Manistee County Clerks office.

If you have any marriages for Manistee County that are not included below, send a copy to Jack & Marianne Dibean at the E-mail address below.
Jack & Marianne Dibean

Cady, Charles David, Silbins, Leonora A,Manistee,,20 Aug 1876,, 
Cady, Hosea N, Huntington, Emma L,Manistee,,25 Oct 1873,, 
Cady, James E, Stine, Olive O,Manistee,,30 Nov 1881,, 
Caley -, James - Tanney,Manistee,,16 Jul 1881,, 
Califf, Emma -, Shores, Ugene -,Manistee,,30 Jun 1867,, 
Call, Joseph G, Londo, Emma -,Manistee,,26 Mar 1873,, 
Call, Linda -, Horhan, Scuiler W,Manistee,,10 Sep 1886,, 
Callet, Lucien -, Dubois, Mary -,Manistee,,16 Aug 1887,, 
Cameron, Dougal -, Mcfadgen, Caroline E,Manistee,,10 Dec 1874,, 
Cameron, Dougal -, Mcfadsen, Caroline D,Manistee,,10 Dec 1874,, 
Campbell, Edward A, Gould, Louisa A,Manistee,,25 Nov 1876,, 
Campbell, Henriette -, Wente, William -,Manistee,,20 Aug 1870,, 
Campbell, Malcom -, Mccarthur, Chather -,Manistee,,28 Jul 1868,, 
Campbell, Mary A, Whidden, William H,Manistee,,09 Apr 1867,, 
Campbell, Samuel -, Meeker, Lorinda L,Manistee,,14 Feb 1863,, 
Canfield, Frank W, Winn, Hariett, Manistee, 02 Jan 1890
Carlton, Ada T, Mcdavid, Ducan -,Manistee,,12 Apr 1879,, 
Carlton, Mary -, Durnett, John M,Manistee,,05 Dec 1868,, 
Carey,Mary - Cary, Wright,Alfred - Wright,Manistee,,13 Jun 1871,,,
Carnes, Hattie A, Hilliard, Allen -,Manistee,,29 Aug 1883,, 
Carney, Joseph -, Sesher, Mary -,Manistee,,01 Oct 1867,, 
Carpenter, Winfield S, Burham, Belle B,Manistee,,15 Nov 1866,, 
Carr, Henry -, Tromly, Mary L,Manistee,,15 Sep 1878,, 
Carr, Mary C, Sheldon, George E,Manistee,,30 Sep 1880,, 
Carroll, John Francis, Evans, Inkea -,Manistee,,27 Oct 1868,, 
Carter, Horace Albert, Perkins, Myrtle Lyona,Manistee,,08 Mar 1884,, 
Case, Albert Barnes Case, Randal, Catharine Jane Randal,Manistee,,27 Jun 1883,,,
Case, Edward P Case, Randall, Belle - Randall,Manistee,,29 Oct 1873,,,
Case,Charles Elmer Case, Lambert, Emily Louisa Lambert,Manistee,,16 Aug 1882,,,
Casselman, Orlinda - Casselman, Hower, Ira P Hower,Manistee,,22 Jan 1886,,,
Casselman,Ettie May Casselman, Stubs, George - Stubbs,Manistee,,22 Feb 1886,,,
Castello, Mary - Castello, Thomason, Thomas - Thomason,Manistee,,01 Jun 1874,,,
Casten, Claust - Casten, Salowski, Wilhelmina - Salowski,Manistee,,22 Dec 1880,,,
Castle, Elizabeth Rebecca, Ritsy, David -,Manistee,,23 Mar 1871,, 
Castle, William H, Lousley, Elizabeth R,Manistee,,20 Apr 1868,, 
Chamberlain, Cora E, Hale, Leo F,Manistee,,18 Dec 1880,, 
Chamberlain, Delfa -, Adam, Peter -,Manistee,,15 Apr 1868,, 
Chamberlain, Jennie -, Knowles, Gerard -,Manistee,,10 Nov 1883,, 
Chamberlain, Malvena -, Friend, William -,Manistee,,29 Jun 1868,, 
Chamberlain, Mary -, Scott, Edwin L,Manistee,,27 Oct 1883,, 
Chamberland, Cirial -, Blais, Seraphine -,Manistee,,20 Feb 1871,, 
Chamberland, Leon -, Fader, Louisa -,Manistee,,12 Jul 1880,, 
Chamberland, Mary -, St'Peters, Eugene -,Manistee,,12 Apr 1868,, 
Chamberland, Rose -, Blair, Joseph -,Manistee,,06 Sep 1886,, 
Chamberland, Zoe -, Poequet, Franc -,Manistee,,08 Nov 1869,, 
Chamberlin, Adaline -, Depre, Thomas -,Manistee,,21 Dec 1871,, 
Chapin, Adelbert B, Crosby, Letitia H,Manistee,,08 Jan 1879,, 
Chapin, Elva Cira, Moore, Lewis -,Manistee,,27 Apr 1872,, 
Chapin, Frank -, Valentine, Grace -,Manistee,,16 Jan 1886,, 
Chapin, Mary Arilla, Bradford, Howard Douglas,Manistee,,05 Apr 1876,, 
Chapin, Nelson B, Mcmurdy, Sadie -,Manistee,,08 Nov 1885,, 
Chapin, William W, Shipman, Mina -,Manistee,,17 Aug 1870,, 
Christens?,Ingeborg Caroline, Christensen, John -,Manistee,,08 Dec 1882,, 
Christense, Klaudine Martine, Hansen, Niels -,Manistee,,02 Sep 1885,, 
Christensen, Catrine Marie, Ogren, Carl Alfred,Manistee,,24 Mar 1887,, 
Christensen, Hans Henrik, Jensen, Karen Sofie,Manistee,,19 Nov 1885,, 
Christensen, Henry H, Ludike, Rosalia -,Manistee,,13 Apr 1867,, 
Christensen, John -, Christensen?,,Ingeborg Caroline Manistee,,08 Dec 1882,, 
Christensen, John -, Christs, Ingeborg Caroline,Manistee,,08 Dec 1882,, 
Christensen, Maren L, Hansen, Anton -,Manistee,,16 Nov 1873,, 
Christensen, Martha -, Skuw, James -,Manistee,,14 Apr 1866,, 
Christensen, Mary -, Scott, Thomas -,Manistee,,13 Jun 1885,, 
Christensen, Mette Helvig, Nielsen, Hans -,Manistee,,06 Jan 1883,, 
Christensen, Nels Hansen, Clausem, Audra -,Manistee,,01 Jul 1876,, 
Christenson, Amelia C, Lorentine, John Peter,Manistee,,14 Jan 1876,, 
Christenson, Annie Christin, Sorenson, John Peter,Manistee,,14 Jan 1876,, 
Christenson, Christina -, Nelson, George -,Manistee,,29 Nov 1875,, 
Christenson, Rasmus -, Larson, Sophia -,Manistee,,12 Oct 1871,, 
Church, Effie Eliza, Chichester, Orson -,Manistee,,05 Jul 1885,, 
Churchill, Charles A, Myres, Loeza -,Manistee,,24 May 1868,, 
Churchill, Charles H, Masters, Rosette N,Manistee,,25 Dec 1865,, 
Chycinski, John -, Wilmon, Pauline -,Manistee,,12 Jan 1885,, 
Cicholska, Apolonia -, Osnnialowski, John -,Manistee,,15 Nov 1886,, 
Cichy, Anthony -, Kowalski, Mary -,Manistee,,27 Sep 1885,, 
Cichy, Anthony R, Cichy?,,Mary Ann Manistee,,-- Abt 1886,, 
Cichy, Stanislaus -, Grzeske, Anne -,Manistee,,30 Apr 1883,, 
Ciecholski, John -, Jankowska, Anna -,Manistee,,18 Jul 1887,, 
Ciepert, John -, Strzelee, Mary -,Manistee,,28 Jan 1884,, 
Ciepluch, John -, Nornvek, Anne -,Manistee,,11 Feb 1884,, 
Cieplusch, John -, Franckowiak, Arnea -,Manistee,,03 Aug 1885,, 
Cierpka, Martin -, Dulinska, Catharina -,Manistee,,17 Jan 1886,, 
Cieschanows, Gustav Adolph, Giese, Wanda Emilie,Manistee,,16 Aug 1884,, 
Cigelska, Amelie -, Kryslifiac, Joseph -,Manistee,,14 Jul 1883,, 
Ciszewska, Catharine -, Palcyn, Joseph -,Manistee,,03 Aug 1884,, 
Clab, Eliza -, Neall, Edward -,Manistee,,02 Feb 1864,, 
Claessens, Mary Jane, Glarum, Nils -,Manistee,,03 Jul 1882,, 
Clark(2),William Abraham, Mitchell, Sarah Eleanor,Manistee,08 Nov 1880,, 
Clark, Alexander -, Stephens, Mary -,Manistee,,26 May 1875,, 
Clark, Aurelia -, Revere, John -,Manistee,,27 Dec 1859,, 
Clark, Charles A, Bernard, Sarah A,Manistee,,10 Aug 1879,, 
Clark, David B, Wall, Maggie -,Manistee,,28 Nov 1882,, 
Clark, George R, Lewis, Laura L,Manistee,,04 Jul 1885,, 
Clark, Hazen C, Treibert, Eliza -,Manistee,,06 May 1893,, 
Clark, Hazen C, Triber, Eliza A,Manistee,,06 May 1893,, 
Clark, Irving -, Champlin, Ellen -,Manistee,,27 Feb 1886,, 
Clark, John F, Snyder, Mary -,Manistee,,25 Jan 1883,, 
Clark, Mellon L, Nelson, Christian L,Manistee,,02 Aug 1857,, 
Clark, Sarah Ann, March, James -,Manistee,,26 Jan 1884,, 
Clark, Terras E, Moldt, Minnie -,Manistee,,08 Oct 1873,, 
Clark, William H, Mitchell, Sarah E,Manistee,,08 Nov 1880,, 
Cleveland, Lestina Amelia, Conklin, James George,Manistee,,30 Mar 1868,, 
Clinger, Robert -, McConnell, Hannah Anne,Manistee,,25 Mar 1868,, 
Clint, Maria -, Nilson, Oli Dermand,Manistee,,24 Nov 1883,, 
Clisbee, Oscar F, Seely, Susan M,Manistee,,23 Jun 1870,, 
Clore, Rose -, Larson, Lewis -,Manistee,,22 Oct 1879,, 
Cloutier, Francis -, Dionne, Mary -,Manistee,,-- Abt 1866,, 
Clovitter, Caroline -, Newber, Frank -,Manistee,,22 Mar 1868,, 
Clow, Arletta -, Mckinzie, Kenneth -,Manistee,,25 Oct 1882,, 
Cockburn, Belle -, Hennesy, John -,Manistee,,11 Jul 1887,, 
Coddins, Everist -, Belding, Louisa -,Manistee,,12 Dec 1882,, 
Cody, Ellen -, Thomas, Morgan -,Manistee,,30 Sep 1882,, 
Cody, Miles S, Tillson, Myra E,Manistee,,28 Feb 1870,, 
Colbjorson, Mathea -, Oslbye, Christian -,Manistee,,14 Aug 1868,, 
Colbonson, Theodore -, Hanson, Mary A,Manistee,,26 Mar 1871,, 
Colborn, Eva -, Crowell, Charles F,Manistee,,23 May 1872,, 
Cole, Agnes M, Fauble, Isaac -,Manistee,,06 Sep 1885,, 
Cole, Elmer E, Laurence, Lucy J,Manistee,,21 Jun 1887,, 
Cole, Henry S, Hand, Mary A,Manistee,,28 Nov 1880,, 
Cole, Hylinda -, Boss, Charles -,Manistee,,06 Sep 1875,, 
Cole, Jesse -, Clifton, Minnie M,Manistee,,20 Mar 1887,, 
Cole, Marion A, Kirk, Loyd,Manistee,,20 May 1882,, 
Cole, Mary -, Hamilton, John -,Manistee,,18 Jul 1875,, 
Cole, Samuel E, Erickson, Annie H,Manistee,,13 Apr 1884,, 
Collins, Alice P, Johnson, Joseph S,Manistee,,16 May 1883,, 
Collins, Andrew -, Collins?,,Margarate - Manistee,,13 May 1885,, 
Collins, Ann -, Laidlow, John -,Manistee,,21 Feb 1887,, 
Collins, Antony -, Paterson, Delia -,Manistee,,26 Oct 1879,, 
Collins, Catharine -, Uplegrove, Joseph George,Manistee,,06 Jun 1869,, 
Collins, Delia -, Welch, John -,Manistee,,15 Nov 1867,, 
Collins, John -, Hopkins, Mattie E,Manistee,,22 Nov 1884,, 
Collins, Mary Lisa, Stubbs, Fremont -,Manistee,,17 Oct 1877,, 
Collins, Thomas -, Parish, Mary -,Manistee,,17 Dec 1884,, 
Collins, Thomas B, Burr, Fannie E,Manistee,,08 Sep 1875,, 
Collins?,,Margarate - Collins, Andrew -,Manistee,,13 May 1885,, 
Comstock, James Warren, Briggs, Edith May,Manistee,,27 Dec 1883,, 
Conard, Frank -, Freagel, Bertha -,Manistee,,26 Jul 1872,, 
Conat, Charles W, Soper, Catherine -,Manistee,,06 Nov 1879,, 
Conat, Lettie E, Merritt, Charles W,Manistee,,18 Feb 1885,, 
Conavon, John -, Bush, Margaret -,Manistee,,17 Jun 1867,, 
Conklin, Clara -, Richmond, Elisha -,Manistee,,20 Aug 1876,, 
Conklin, James George, Cleveland, Lestina Amelia,Manistee,,30 Mar 1868,, 
Conklin, Jennie -, Enos, William -,Manistee,,04 Jul 1885,, 
Conklin, John F, Hilliard, Sarah Ellen,Manistee,,23 Jul 1881,, 
Conklin, Myrtie Minnie, Richmond, Albert T,Manistee,,20 Sep 1879,, 
Conklin, Nellie -, Field, Otto -,Manistee,,19 Jan 1884,, 
Conley, Mary -, Stoll, James -,Manistee,,12 May 1884,, 
Cook, Alexander H, Bruse, Emma F,Manistee,,27 Sep 1869,, 
Cook, Jennie May, Peterso, Benjamin Franklin,Manistee,,22 Sep 1887,, 
Cook, Joseph -, Schoveder, Lena -,Manistee,,17 Jul 1868,, 
Cook, William Edwin, Thomas, Martha -,Manistee,,01 Nov 1879,, 
Cook, William Leslie, Lawrence, Bernice Lucinda,Manistee,,06 Jul 1892,, 
Coon, Maggie -, Emmett, Elmer -,Manistee,,09 May 1886,, 
Coon, Volery -, Bump, Hellen -,Manistee,,14 Sep 1882,, 
Cooney, Martin -, Purdy ,George Emeline,Manistee,,08 Jun 1885,, 
Cooper, Amanda M, Brandt, Rudolph -,Manistee,,22 Jan 1881,, 
Cooper, Charles V, Flarity, Josephine -,Manistee,,20 Oct 1883,, 
Cooper, Edger -, Cronin, Mary -,Manistee,,01 Nov 1884,, 
Cooper, Edward -, Shattan, Emma Jane,Manistee,,05 Jun 1867,, 
Cooper, Ellen Ann, Dahl, Christian P,Manistee,,05 Jul 1877,, 
Cooper, Emma J, Whittaker, F J,Manistee,,03 Jun 1871,, 
Cooper, Frederick A, Kelly, Susanna -,Manistee,,18 Oct 1884,, 
Cooper, Lewis -, Hilliard, Elizabeth -,Manistee,,-- Abt 1867,, 
Cooper, Louis -, Williams, Elizabeth -,Manistee,,07 Nov 1867,, 
Cooper, Robert -, McAnley, Mary -,Manistee,,04 Feb 1883,, 
Corbett, Mary Ann, Moulden, C Henson,Manistee,,02 Aug 1870,, 
Cota, Edward -, Springer, Estellie -,Manistee,,10 Sep 1882,, 
Cougill, Mary Q, Mallison, James -,Manistee,,02 May 1869,, 
Coulter, Florence Mary, Burke, William Henry,Manistee,,20 Jun 1883,, 
Cowen, Ann Maria, Patterson, Hugh -,Manistee,,27 Oct 1866,, 
Cowgill, John W, Roberts, Annie B,Manistee,,21 Aug 1886,, 
Cowgill, Martha M, Wade, David W,Manistee,,01 Mar 1882,, 
Cramer, Bertha L, Cone, John W,Manistee,,31 Oct 1875,, 
Cramer, John W, Granger, Martha -,Manistee,,24 Sep 1883,, 
Crandle, Minnie -, Nelson, Peter -,Manistee,,12 May 1886,, 
Crane, Alace -, Farworth, Frank -,Manistee,,15 Jul 1872,, 
Crane, Alice Naomi, Tuxworth, Frank -,Manistee,,11 Jul 1872,, 
Crawford, Agnes Lydia, Bohall, Leonard Miller,Manistee,,02 Oct 1875,, 
Crawford, Ann C, Vandervert, Eugene -,Manistee,,23 Nov 1873,, 
Crawford, Hugh -, Henderson, Mary Ann,Manistee,,10 Sep 1859,, 
Crawford, John Montgomery, Goorich, Angelia Mary,Manistee,,12 Jan 1868,, 
Crawford, Lewis P, Bremmer, Estelle E,Manistee,,20 Nov 1883,, 
Crawford, Malden R, Uchll, Louisa M,Manistee,,30 Aug 1869,, 
Crawford, Mary E, Phillips, Carodon W,Manistee,,24 Dec 1876,, 
Crawford, Mary Elizabeth, Phillips, Charles P,Manistee,,24 Dec 1876,, 
Crawford, Paulina -, Downing, Adelbert -,Manistee,,22 Jul 1882,, 
Crawford, Pauline -, Kinley, Dennis -,Manistee,,20 Sep 1865,, 
Crick, Lucinda J, Paker, Willie E,Manistee,,10 Oct 1883,, 
Crites, George A, Curalt, Christina -,Manistee,,04 Jul 1871,, 
Cron, F W , Utech, Emma, 08 Dec 1877
Crook, James Walter, Lewis, Eva Maria,Manistee,,16 Sep 1881,, 
Crooks, Nellie Eliza, Givern, Rush -,Manistee,,24 Dec 1885,, 
Crosby, Alice -, Ellis, Rubin -,Manistee,,14 Nov 1882,, 
Crosby, Charles -, Smith, Margaret -,Manistee,,18 Feb 1880,, 
Crosby, Henry J, Bardwell, Alice -,Manistee,,11 Jun 1877,, 
Crosby, Letitia H, Chapin, Adelbert B,Manistee,,08 Jan 1879,, 
Crosby, Sarah Ann, Bertleson, Nels Christian,Manistee,,05 Apr 1876,, 
Cross, Curtis D, Cornell, Deana -,Manistee,,16 Apr 1868,, 
Crosset, Maggie -, Lanbenthel, Mathes -,Manistee,,29 May 1883,, 
Crouch, Clark D, Hanniford, Ida Anett,Manistee,,14 Nov 1883,, 
Crouch, Nenry C, Archer, Charlotte Emma,Manistee,,04 Sep 1883,, 
Crowch, Henry C Crowch, Archer,Lottie - Archer,Manistee,,01 Sep 1883,,,
Crowell, Charles F, Colborn, Eva -,Manistee,,23 May 1872,, 
Crowell, Lillian F,Samuel - Arner,Manistee,,03 Jul 1870,, 
Culver, Fred -, Kerley, Mary -,Manistee,,29 Dec 1882,, 
Culver, Lida -, Chambers, William H,Manistee,,02 Sep 1883,, 
Cunningham, Ellen -, Shea, Cornelius -,Manistee,,05 May 1885,, 
Cunningham, Lucinda -, Cone, Henry L,Manistee,,14 Jan 1873,, 
Cunningham, Mary -, Limbert, John -,Manistee,,29 Apr 1876,, 
Cunningham, William E, Hilden, Mary -,Manistee,,31 Dec 1881,, 
Cunningham, William E, Hilden, May -,Manistee,,31 Dec 1881,, 
Curtis, Cora E, Ross, John Edward,Manistee,,05 Jan 1887,, 
Curtis, George E, Fulton, Harriet S,Manistee,,04 Apr 1886,, 
Cushing, Emma -, Dailey, Erastus -,Manistee,,26 Sep 1886,, 
Cushing, Mariah Anna, Edmondson, Joseph -,Manistee,,28 Mar 1868,, 
Cushing, Robert John, Buckner, Nellie Mary Elizabeth,Manistee,,08 May 1886,, 
Cutler, Arthur Brown, McKinstry, Jane -,Manistee,,10 Oct 1885,,
Czyzewicz, John -, Skrzeta, Eva -,Manistee,,21 Nov 1886,,

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