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Manistee County

This marriage index is a compilation of names and marriage dates collected by Jack & Marianne Dibean of Ingham County, Michigan. Any questions regarding the content should be directed to them. Be forewarned that because of the variety of sources, all of the marriages may not be in the Manistee County Marriage Index, so marriage certificates might not be available from the Manistee County Clerks office.

If you have any marriages for Manistee County that are not included below, send a copy to Jack & Marianne Dibean at the E-mail address below.
Jack & Marianne Dibean

Taber, Herschel - Taber, Anna - Hughes,Manistee,,30 Dec 1874,, 
Tabor, Ester - Tabor, Maggie - Hilden,Manistee,,02 Jul 1880,, 
Tabor, James Oscer Tabor, Amelia - Buhl,Manistee,,15 Nov 1879,, 
Tabor, Sumner Sanford Tabor, Margaret - Hughes,Manistee,,15 Oct 1879,, 
Tacobus, Michael - Tacobus, Ludorica - Dembenlke,Manistee,,05 Nov 1881,, 
Tagget, Edgar A Taggert, Anna - Spath,Manistee,,07 Dec 1869,, 
Tainer, Franz Johann Herman Tainer, Ottilie Emilie Schroder,Manistee,,12 May 1881,, 
Teck, Thomas Cotters Teck, Agnes - Blondel,Manistee,,06 Jul 1887,, 
Tectaw, Mary Anna Tectaw, Antoni - Franckowiak,Manistee,,11 Jul 1885,, 
Thompson, Anna L Thompson, Lewis A Mccombs,Manistee,,09 Sep 1884,, 
Thompson, Cornelia - Thompson, Simon - Stevenson,Manistee,,11 Oct 1862,, 
Thompson, Florence - Thompson, Hiram W James,Manistee,,11 Jun 1878,, 
Thompson, Hans - Thompson, Martha - Rasmuson,Manistee,,23 Dec 1882,, 
Thompson, Jens - Thompson, Lina Christina Pederson,Manistee,,04 Aug 1883,, 
Thompson, Julia - Thompson, Joseph - Seymour,Manistee,,18 Dec 1886,, 
Thompson, Mary Kathrine Thompson, Nels Peder Hansen,Manistee,,11 May 1877,, 
Thompson, Melvine - Thompson, Honora - Kirby,Manistee,,10 Dec 1885,, 
Thompson, Nils - Thompson, Johanne Christine Jenson,Manistee,,02 Dec 1882,, 
Thompson, Sarahina - Thompson, Eddie - Johnson,Manistee,,30 Nov 1877,, 
Thompson, William H Thompson, Elmamida - Johnson,Manistee,,12 Jul 1873,, 
Thorsen, Inger G Thorsen, Guinerius - Bentson,Manistee,,19 Nov 1878,, 
Thorsen, Mary - Thorsen, Erik J Knute,Manistee,,07 Nov 1874,, 
Thorsen, Thora - Thorsen, Andrew Peter Anderson,Manistee,,09 May 1885,, 
Thorsen, William Robert Thorsen, Caroline May Canfield,Manistee,,23 Jun 1886,, 
Thorson, Peter - Thorson, Mathena - Olsen,Manistee,,30 Nov 1872,, 
Tibbitts, Henry S Tibbitts, Mary A Nims,Manistee,,06 Apr 1871,, 
Timmerman, Timmerman,Lizzie M, , Conrad W,Manistee,,01 May 1882,, 
Totsch, Henry Albert Emile Totsche, Auly,Clara Jane Auly,Manistee,,06 Mar 1877, Taraflorist@Mindspring.Com,,
Totsch, Herman Emil Albert Totsch, Sonnenberg, Emilie Wilhelmine Sonnenberg,Manistee,,18 Sep 1886,,,
Truskowski, Alexander - Truskowski, Josefa - Wladislawska,Manistee,,21 Feb 1887,, 
Tunwall, Earnest E Tunwall, Bell H Willard,Manistee,,18 May 1886,, 
Tunwell, Francis Marion Tunwell, Emma - Higby,Manistee,,11 Dec 1871,, 
Tunwell, Phebe - Tunwell, John J Kirchmar,Manistee,,16 May 1867,, 
Turk, Minnie - Turk, Herbert John Foster,Manistee,,21 Feb 1913,, 
Turnell, Charles W Turnell, Olluphene - Longrin,Manistee,,06 Aug 1876,, 
Turner, Frank - Turner, Josephine - Panthier,Manistee,,-- Abt 1866,, 
Turner, Frank H Turner, Mary - Myers,Manistee,,24 Aug 1873,, 
Turner, Hugh - Turner, Nora M Foltz,Manistee,,23 Jan 1886,, 
Turner, Malcom C Turner, Anna C Davidson,Manistee,,19 Apr 1880,, 
Turner, Minie - Turner, William - Springborn,Manistee,,25 Jun 1870,, 
Tuttle, Aden Allen Tuttle, Martha - Hall,Manistee,,30 Dec 1886,, 
Tuttle, Win H Tuttle, Annie E Sutton,Manistee,,06 May 1876,, 
Tyler, Anna Olivia Tyler, Piercapher - Hower,Manistee,,19 May 1842,,

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