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With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
of Some of Its Men and Pioneers.
Published 1882 by H.R. Page & Co., Chicago

In October, 1871, a county fair was held at Bear Lake. George B. Pierce, of Pleasanton, was president of the day; Russell F. Smith, Bear Lake, secretary; J.M. Tillson, Pleasanton, treasurer. A permanent organization was not effected until 1876. September 5, 1876, a meeting of the delegates from the various townships was held at Bear Lake for the purpose of taking preliminary steps in organizing a county fair association. At that meeting, James McKay, J. Hilliard and J.E. Bodwell were appointed a committee to draft constitution and by-laws. It was also voted that the fairs should be held at Bear Lake.

Final organization was effected at a meeting, September 14, at which the following officers were elected.

President, A.W. Farr; vice presidents, James McDiarmid, James Dodd, S.W. Patch, M. Orrorke, K. Dunke, J.B. Mason, S.W. Fowler, J. Hilliard, W. probert, G. McKnight, J. Bradford. Secretary, J.E. Boswell; treasurer, J.E. Cody.

EXECUTIVE BOARD - G.W. Hopkins, William Probert, L. Chamberlain, S. Calkins, E.G. Stokman, C.W. Perry, E.A. Bodwell, James Dodd, James McKay, S.W. Fowler, William Crosby.

The first fair of the association were held in Hopkins Hall, at Bear Lake, September 28, 1876. Fairs continued to be held in this hall until 1879, when it was held, September 30, and October 1, at the new grounds located about one hundred west of the village of Bear Lake. Buildings were erected and grounds fenced this year. The association is in a prosperous condition. The present officers are as follows: Michael Dunke, president; G.K. Estes, secretary; James Dodd, treasurer.

VICE PRESIDENTS. - S.W. Fowler, first vice; James McDiarmid, second vice; E.A. Bodwell, third vice.

EXECUTIVE BOARD. - George W. Hopkins, David Lumley, D.R. VanAmburg, E.A. Bodwell, Stillman Green, Nelson Keillor, Henry Danville, J.L. Bradford, S.W. Fowler, Appleton M. Smith, Josiah Hilliard.

James McDiarmid, general superintendent of the fair.

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