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Manistee Advocate
February 17, 1893

A.J. JENKINS, of Tanner, was in the city yesterday.

A.J. LANE and L.N. ROUSSIN went to Ludington to-day.

Sheriff WAAL took John BOND to the Pontiac Asylum, to-day.

Justice MORRIS assessed Henry LOBDELL $3.00 and costs, Wednesday.

John FLANSBERGH is dangerously ill at the County House, of pneumonia.

The case of the people vs. John HARNER, charged with slander, is set for Feb. 21st, before Justice Morris.

Mrs. M.J. SOMERVILLE slipped and fell upon the ice on First street, one day this week, and fractured her arm.

Thos. B. ROBINSON and Miss Olie PRESTON, of Eastlake, were married at the Congregation Parsonage yesterday by Rev. A.M. Brodie.

Pete SHEFFER, a brakeman on the F. & P.M.R.R., had the thumb and two first fingers of the right hand cut off while coupling cars at Stearns Siding, yesterday afternoon.

By invitation from the German Society at Ludington, a large delegation from the Manistee German Society went to Ludington to-day to assist in celebrating their annual anniversary.

Mrs. Mahala JOHNSON, aged 73 years, died yesterday afternoon, at the residence of her son, L.L. Johnson, 341 Sixth street, from the effects of injuries received by a fall some time since. Four sons and a daughter survive her. The remains will be taken to Monroe Center, to-morrow for interment.

For Sale - A good horse or in exchange for a good milch cow. Inquire at Miller's Home.

Manistee Daily News
04 Jan 1902

News of the Street
Mrs. Bridget HOGAN died at Fond du Lac, Wis., this morning of heart failure at the age of 78 years. The deceased lady was for fifty years a resident of Manistee and is well known here. The body will be brought here for burial and the service wil take place at the Guardian Angel church at 8:30 on Tuesday morning.

Paul and Eddie FRISKE, sons of Peter FRISKE, have returned to St. Francis Seminary, Wisconsin, where they are studying.

WINKLER and ROY, proprietors of The Marine, have dissolved partnership. H.E. ROY will continue the business at the same place.

The funeral of Mrs. Charles TRIBER has been set for Tuesday morning. Burial will take place at Oak Grove.

Eastlake Jottings
Miss CLARK returned Thursday evening after spending the holidays with her parents at Mt. Pleasant.

Mrs. G. CHILSON and daughter Carrie returned yesterday from Freesoil.

Manistee Daily News
07 Jan 1902

The funeral of Mrs. Bridget HOGAN took place here this morning. The service ws held at the Guardian Angel church and during the ceremony and burial the bells of the church were tolled. This was in accordance with a promise made to Mrs. HOGAN years ago by Father GRIMME when the bells were presented to the church by the deceased lady. A large number of sorrowing friends paid the last tribute at the graveside.

P.T. GLASSMIRE has been confined to the house for several days with a severe fever. Typhoid was feared, but the patient is much better today.

Manistee Daily News
02 Aug 1902

Miss Nell SEND and Miss Margaret BOUDREAU of Traverse City are visiting with Miss Susie DUNCAN of 260 Seventh street.

No Need To Avenge Kehoe's Evil Deeds
If He Had Not Been Paroled He Would Be Alive Today
The remains of Jack KEHOE were brought to the city Saturday evening by undertaker Charles NUNGESSER. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at nine o'clock at 122 Hancock Street.

The tragic death of KEHOE revives memories of the brutal murder he committed. Tom McCORMICK,  KEJOE's brother-in-law, holds a writing executed April 7, 1900 by which KEHOE agreed for the sum of $1500 to leave his wife and never again molest her. At that time he was under a cloud because of his connection with a counterfeit gang. It was proved that bad money had been pushed at Jack's saloon, but he succeeded in fixing the blame on his bartender, one VanDeusen, who was convicted and sentenced in the United States Court at Grand Rapids.

At that time Manistee was hardly large enough to hold KEHOE, and making a settlement with his wife, he went to Rhinelander, Wis., where he stayed about one year. The quarrel resulting in a double murder followed his return to his old haunt.

Tom McCORMICK felt the loss of his mother and sister very deeply and still reveres their memory. His father, Michael McCORMICK, was a well known lake sailor, who served in the Union navy with credit. He was an officer in the Mississippi squadron, and in an engagement on the Red River he was wounded while on the gunboat Signal. He came home to Manistee to die of his wound and a malignant fever contracted in the swamps of the south.

His son Tom cherishes a medal which the government issued after his father's death for gallant service for the Union.

Mrs. DUKE's youngest child (Annie) was the only one by her second husband, who was a carpenter by trade. He did not stay long in Manistee, but drifted away and has never been heard from.

Mrs. DUKE (Anna McCORMICK) was a forceful character, and older residents yet tell of her many charitable acts. She boarded woodsmen who used to come to the city in far greater numbers than now, and was all the mother that many of them knew of, thus getting the name of Mother Duke. She lived on Clay street, not at the KEHOE saloon.

Tom McCORMICK for a long time cherished a desire to avenge his mother's and sister's deaths. If he had met KEHOE there would probably have been trouble. Since Saturday's accident the possibility of any further trouble on this score is obviated.

If KEHOE had not been paroled he would have left prison on July 27 last, and would not have died under a logging wheel.

Mary Hendrickson Was Using Another's Check Book

Mary HENDRICKSON, a girl who lives at 330 Fifth avenue, and works at the home of W.H. NUTTALL, found what at first seemed to be a very easy way to get money. She observed Mr. NUTTALL draw a check to pay her. So she took his check book and drew a check for $6 signing it Thomas P. MORTENSON, after the Division street laundryman. J.E. SOMERVILLE cashed it. The she made one for $10 and John LORENZ cashed it. The first one was made July 26 and the second July 30. On Saturday August 30 she sallied forth with a check for $10 and wanted Ernest MILLER to cash it. He had been posted, however, and informed the police who took Mary into custody.

As she is a juvenile offender the case has been adjourned to permit state agent T.N. REYNOLDS to investigate.

Manistee Daily News
Dec. 24, 1903

Good Report From Fred J. GREEN of Calgary.

Fred J. GREEN arrived last evening from Calgary to spend a week or more with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GREEN. Mr. GREEN moved to Calgary three years ago, going into business with George WOOD, also of Manistee. He has not been back since, though Mrs. GREEN spent some time here last
winter for the benefit of their son, Varian's health.

GREEN and WOOD find many nice things in their Canadian home. Mr. GREEN says that Calgary has doubled in population during his stay there. It is a busy town with an excellent class of people. The stores open at 8:30 and close at 6:00. During the evenings, which are very long in the summer, owing to the high latitude, base ball games are played. There is light enough to play ball until ten o'clock.

GREEN and WOOD's business has prospered even more than they hoped for, and while they still look upon Manistee as their home, they are well pleased with their western venture.

John HUNTER has invented and patented a new remedy for headache; the stuff is called "whoopeyup," and John says it is O.K., at least he thought so a few evenings ago. For further par-
ticulars ask Charley TURNER, who is selling it on a royalty only during certain days of each week. -Copemish Progress.

Manistee News Advocate
July 13, 1906

Licenses to Wed
Leonard Anderson, 22, Ludington, Anna Sherberg, 22, Manistee
Hans Hansen, 22, Emily Seller, 21, both of Manistee
John Fuller, 24, Emily Steele, 17, both of Bear Lake
Oliver ___, __, Rochelle? Duncan, __?, both of Manistee
Charles W. Hartivy, 28, Milwaukee, Marie A. Pschera, 22, Eastlake
Charles E. Meeker, 29, Camden, Ark., Eva Marie Barr, 32, Bear Lake
E.S. Ellis, 31, Manistee, Ursula Randall, 26, Grand Rapids
Art Montey, 27, Bear Lake, Vida McComb, 17, Pleasanton
John Fox Fremont, 35, Manistee, Eliza Case, 28, Eastlake
Wilson T. Hurd, 28, Alice C. Tuttle, 21, both of Milwaukee
R.C. Sholbaski, 21, Mary Holbe, 20, both of Milwaukee
J. Leonard Johnson, 23, Clara Armstrong, 22, both of Manistee

Browntown Items
Mr. and Mrs. Breen have moved into their new home at Chief.
Mr. Chas. Henderson of Mayville, Wis., is the guest of his sister Mrs. Hugh Crawford.
Mrs. Adam Shira visited her daughter, Mrs. Barnhart at Manistee on Saturday.
Mrs. Peter Murphy and Mrs. B. O'Neil of Manistee visited friends here on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. David McCurdy visited at Jacob Laisy's on Sunday.
Quite a crowd picnicked at Chief Lake on Sunday.
Miss Winnie Breen and Jessie Clingelsmith visited at J. Laisey's Sunday evening.
August Feldhak made Manistee a business visit on Saturday.
Ernest Brant completed his work on J. Laisey's new barn. Mr. Laisey wishes to say to anyone intending to build a barn, will do well to see Mr. Brant as his work can not be beat and is a great credit to young man like him. (Also see July 25, 1906)
Mrs. Mary Lamrock is visiting her brother, Geo. McClellan.
John Lamrock is working at Breen's.
Mrs. Jacob McCary was a Manistee caller on Saturday.

Manistee Daily Advocate
July 25, 1906

Local Brevities
Over two hundred pleasure seekers went to Red Park last night on the Kansas. Mr. Sandenberg built a big bonfire which illuminated things for miles around. The crowd went in for a good time and many of them were very unwilling to come home when the time arrived. Mr. Sandenberg did everything in his power to accommodate the guests, who greatly appreciated his efforts. The proprietor will welcome them next Tuesday with another big bonfire.

Will Manseau of this city and Miss Katherine Baumann of Milwaukee were married in the latter city at four o'clock this afternoon at the Congregational church parsonage by the Rev. Heller. The happy couple will leave this evening for Chicago and other points on their honeymoon trip. They will be absent a week or ten days, and on their return will be at home to their friends at 475 First street. Mr. and Mrs. Manseau are both well and favorably known to Manistee citizens, who extend their congratulations.

George Nelson, the Parkdale milkman, was up before Justice Erb yesterday on the charge that his milk did not contain the required 3 per cent of butter fat. He pleaded not guilty and his hearing is set for Tuesday, July 31st.

Mr. Jacob Laisy, aged 63 years, died yesterday at his home in Browntown at 11 o'clock of tuberculosis after a lingering illness. The funeral services will be held from the house tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock. He leaves a wife and several children. Deceased is a pioneer resident of Browntown, having resided there for over 30 years.

The swift sailing yacht Badger, owned by J.W. Dempsey sailed from Portage Lake this morning for Northport, with the owner and a party of his friends, C.A. Palmer, Robt. Babcock, Adolph Nessen and Harry Somerville for pilot and sailing master. With the fair wind blowing today they will make Traverse Bay before supper time.

Society Chat
Mrs. Weaver and Miss Bellstine of South Bend, Ind., are the guests of Miss Leona Merrill.
Last evening a number of Mr. Hanselman's friends very pleasantly surprised him in honor of his birthday.
Miss Miriam Rothschild will entertain a number of girl friends at the home of her sister, Mrs. Simons, tomorrow afternoon in honor of her guest, Helen Witzer.
Miss Marian Larson entertained at Bridge whist Tuesday evening in honor of Mrs. Burden and Mrs. Waite of Detroit.
Miss Leona Merrill will entertain a few girl friends tomorrow afternoon in honor of her guests.
Miss Rene Gnewuch and Miss Elsie Kann entertained at the Country Club house on Monday evening in honor of Miss Kann's guest, Ruby Solomon. The evening was spent in dancing.
Master Robert Mauzy will entertain his little friends tomorrow afternoon in honor of his fifth birhday.
The Misses O'Neil of Chicago are the guests of their Aunt, Mrs. O'Neil. This evening a picnic will be given in their honor at the beach.
Miss Alma Cron and Miss Josephine Fields left yesterday for Saginaw. From there they will start on a trip up the St. Lawrence River.
Mrs. Hopper gave a picnic today at Stronach.
Mrs. Duncan will entertain tomorrow at cards in honor of Mrs. Fred Burken.
Miss Margaret Wellings (Weilings?) of Petoskey is the guest of Pearl Wollheim.
Ten ladies took supper at the Beach yesterday in honor of Mrs. Waite and Mrs. Burden.
Miss Ethel Larsen left Sunday for Chicago Sunday where she will visit friends.
Mrs. Libby left for her home in Saginaw after having visited her son Thomas.

Additional Locals
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marius Clauson of 407 Walnut street this morning a baby girl.
Dr. Payne is visiting in Ludington.
Mrs. Elmer McGaw, aged 27 years, died at her home 334 Third street at 10:30 this forenoon of tuberculosis. The funeral services will be held from St. Mary's church Friday morning at 9 o'clock and burial in the Catholic Cemetery. She is survived by a husband, one child, mother and several brothers and sisters.
An alarm of fire was turned in at 9:55 today from 28 Cross street. The house was occupied by Ole Gilbertson and it proved to be only a chimney fire. No material damage was done.

Manistee Daily News
April 22, 1909

The Zouaves were guests of Manager RAMSDELL at the theater last evening. The boys marched to the house in full uniform and the band played a number of selections on the street and from the balcony.

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. GIRDLER left this afternoon for Traverse City, the rest of their company having gone on an earlier train. The company will close the season about May 18. Mr. and Mrs. GIRDLER and Mr. FLETCHER will be in Manistee for part of the summer.

Fred DANIELS and John LORENZ were at Onekama today, returning at noon.

Miss Grace DAVIS arrived in the city this noon from Copemish.

A telephone message from Chicago today informed the News that the remains of John McCORMICK will arrive in this city tomorrow at noon and will be taken thence to Oak Grove for interment. He lost his life at Chicago early in the winter by drowning. Inquiry has disclosed the fact that a man of this name lived formerly on the north side, and moved from Manistee about six or seven years ago.

As Prof. NYVALL has been called to Chicago unexpectedly, the lecture to have been delivered this evening at the Swedish Mission church has been postponed until Saturday evening.

Mrs. Frank DIETRICH of Onekama died this morning at the age of 60. The funeral will be held at the village tomorrow afternoon.

Manistee Daily News
April 22, 1909

The remains of John W. McCORMICK, of Chicago, who was drowned Christmas day were recovered yesterday in Chicago river. They will arrive here tomorrow noon and burial will take place from the train. Interment will be  made in Mt. Carmel cemetery. Deceased was 38 years old and single. He is a relative of the late Frank McCORMICK of the ward.

John SEYMOUR arrived this noon from Chicago.

F.R. LYON and Wm. RATH returned this noon from a business trip to Chicago.

Christ PETERSON yesterday sold his saloon fixtures and liquor to Alfred JOHNSON and C.D. WILEY, who will continue to do business at the old stand.

A. KANN received nine horses on the Missouri this noon.

Ferry boat services will be resumed again between SANDS' and PETERS' docks Wednesday, March 24.

Roy HAGEN arrived this noon from Chicago enroute for his home in Traverse City, where he will visit his parents.

LOST-Wednesday between Ramsdell Theatre, court house and the telephone office, $15 in bills, $10 and $5. Reward if returned to 176 Lincoln street.

B. F. GIRDLER and wife were tendered a reception at the Ramsdell hall last night by a bunch of the Mozart, K. C. and Elks members. It was quite a noted affair and all had a delightful time. It was quite commendable in their friends to banquet them. It shows appreciation. Mr. and Mrs. GIRDLER are estimable people and are deserving of all the courtesies they received.

VANDEVEST's Boy's Band played between acts at the Ramsdell at "Ma's New Husband" entertainment last night. WENZEL's Zouaves also attended in a body. The Boy's band played several pieces in front of the theatre before the performance.

Max SMITH has opened his ice cream parlors and keeps constantly on hand all flavors and all kinds of
crushed fruits. Give him a call and test his ice cream.

Frank SCHLIEFF arrived today from Chicago.

The schooner Hall arrived today with a load of hay for J. L. MANSEAU & Son.

Members of the fire department have been supplied with the New York regulation fire caps. The chief
and assistant have white duck caps. The department is getting to be rather stylish.

Manistee Daily News
April 23, 1909

F.W. RAMSDELL left this morning for the east to open his summer home near Lyme, Conn. His family will follow later. Mr. RAMSDELL owns an old farmstead near Long Island sound in a locality where many artists spend their summers. He has spent portions of two previous years there.

Frank McCORMICK and his sister, who arrived yesterday accompanying the remains of their brother John, who was drowned  on Dec. 25 at Chicago, remained with relatives until today. John McCORMICK fell overboard from the steamer Chili and his body was not recovered until Thursday morning. He left two sisters in this city, Mrs. John EGAN of 172 Harrison street and Mrs. Fred SCHULTZ of 173 Harrison street.

The Misses Grace and Alice MARTIN arrived home from Milwaukee this morning after spending a week with their Aunt, Mrs. Jack MARTIN.

The Rev. R.H. BREADY of Cadillac and the Rev. Russell BREADY of Lowell have been guests during the past week of the Rev. J.A. BREADY of this city.

At the Baptist church tomorrow the services will be held at the usual hours. The Rev. McKAY will preach in the morning on "An Important Question" and in the evening on "Who Touched Me."

Miss Frances WENTE entertained a dozen young gentlemen and ladies at a chafing-dish party Wednesday evening in honor of her guest, Mr. LUND of Canada. Music was one of the diversions of the evening.

Mrs. Will H. NUTTALL is a guest of her sister, Mrs. MUNSON of Traverse City.

Mrs. A.M. HOWES left Tuesday on the Missouri for an extended visit at points south. It is hoped that the trip will assist Mrs. HOWES to regain her health which is at present seriously affected.

A number of Mrs. William LLOYD's friends arranged a surprise for heer on Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. PIERSON. At 6 o'clock a bountiful picnic supper was served and later bridge and pinocle were played. As a reminder of the nature of the occasion the guest of honor was presented with a handsome hand painted cake plate.

The members of the Blizzard club were guests of Mrs. Thomas TRIMBLE yesterday afternoon.

Miss Stella DEMPSEY is the guest of friends in Traverse City.

Mrs. James E. MERRITT has returned from Minneapolis.

Manistee Daily News
April 24, 1909

Charles DODGE, Jr., has gone to Chicago.

Twenty-two Eastern Star members went to Ludington this afternoon to attend festivities given by a sister chapter this evening. Among those who went were the Misses Pearl CANFIELD, Rilla OTTO, Dottie EMMONS and Mmes. PETTIGROVE, CHAPMAN, CARL, CUNNINGHAM, LUNDQUIST, and

H.E. SCOTT returned this noon from Glen Haven.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles WALL of Honor were in the city this afternoon.

Charles WAHLSTROM, a tailor, collapsed this afternoon while at his work, and was taken to Mercy Hospital by the city patrol wagon. The attack appeared to be a fit due to alcoholism. He is expected to recover.

Dr. G.W. WILCOX, who operated on at Mercy Hospital, is improving satisfactorily and will soon be at his office again.

Manistee Daily Advocate
10 Oct 1910

Mrs. HULLQUIST, of Reed City, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Tony KABUTSKY, returned home this noon.

Mrs. THOMAS and son, Adelore, of Ontario, who have been visiting at the home of Joseph St.AMOND, returned home this morning.

S.B. SOMERS, of Traverse City, arrived this noon.

H.J. LEIGHTON, of Bear Lake, arrived this noon on business.

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. JONES, of Onekama, were guests of the city today.

Erick BENSON leaves tomorrow for Ann Arbor to be operated on for nervousness.

Christ SHERMAN returned to Onekama this morning after spending Sunday with his parents.

Mrs. John PETERSON left this morning on a visit to Traverse City.

Emery SHERK, aged about 70 years, died at the Salt City Hospital yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock of cancer of the stomach. He was operated on in the early spring, for the same trouble and practically recovered, but the immediate cause of death is attributed to dilatation of the heart. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. J.O. BATEY, of Stockton, Cal. The funeral services will be deferred until her arrival, which will be Wednesday or Thursday.

Mrs. Katherine FINAN died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C.L. VARNEY, 50 Clay street, at the advanced age of 92 years. She is survived by a large family most of whom are now residents of this city. Mrs. FINAN had been a resident of this city for nearly fifty years. Her death was due to old age. The deceased was a native of Ireland.

Manistee Daily Advocate
11 Oct 1910

Mrs. Katherine FINAN, aged 92 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C.L. VARNEY, 50 Clay street, yesterday afternoon of general debility. The funeral services will be held from Guardian Angel church Thursday morning at 9 o'clock and interment will be made in Mt. Carmel cemetery. She is survived by seven children: Mrs. H.A. RIDLEY, of Manistee, John FINAN, of Superior, Wis., Mrs. C.L. VARNEY of Manistee, James and Tom FINAN of Onaway, Mich., Mrs. M.W. BARRY, of Chicago, Mike FINAN, of Copemish. She is also survived by a sister, Mrs. McMANUS, of Springfield, Ill., and a brother, Pat CARBRAY, of Massachusetts. Deceased was born in Sligo county, Ireland, in 1818 or 92 years ago. She came to this country in 1847 and settled in Massachusetts. In 1848 she was united in marriage to Michael FINAN, they having crossed the ocean on the same boat. After residing in Massachusetts for a year, they came to Manistee in 1849 or 61 years ago. She was the mother of nine children and two of whom, Hugh and Edward, have preceded her to the great beyond. Mr. Michael FINAN, passed away 19 years ago. Deceased was a remarkable old lady although she had been in feeble health for a number of years. It is requested that friends will please omit flowers.

12 Oct 1910-
James FINAN, of Onaway, and Mike FINAN of Copemish, arrived last night to attend the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Katherine FINAN, tomorrow morning.

Manistee News - Advocate
October 27, 1911

Wm. McCURDY was granted a decree of divorce today in the circuit court by Judge WITHEY from his wife, Lucy McCURDY.

Gustave LUCZYK was arraigned before Justice RICHMOND today on the charge of failure to send their son, Andrew, to school, but upon investigation it was found that Andrew was about 17 years, and not subject to the law compelling children to go to school. He was therefore discharged.

Louis McCOBE, of Bear Lake, was up before Justice ERB today on the charge of being disorderly. He was given 5 days in the lockup.

Lewis W. HEATH and Miss Ella SOMERVILLE were married at the home of the bride's parents, at 8 o'clock last night by Rev. J. J. STALEY. The happy pair left at 10 o'clock last night for Ludington, and from there they will go to Chicago and other points on their honey-moon trip before going to house keeping an Hastings, where the groom is employed.

Rev. V. OBLOM arrived this forenoon from Milwaukee.

Mrs. D. McGUINNEAS left this afternoon for Frankfort to visit her husband, who has a fruit farm there.

E. J. KINGSCOTT and wife, of Bear Lake were guests of the city today.

Alfred TUXWORTH visited friends in Free Soil this afternoon.

R.W. SMITH left this noon for Charlotte to visit his brother, Congressman SMITH for a few days.

W.H. NUTTALL arrived this noon from a couple of weeks' visit with his brothers and sisters in Louisiana.

Joe POPA and Aug. PIRSIG left this noon for Fountain to visit the farmers.

D. RILEY left this noon on a business trip to Detroit.

Mrs. Josephine TAFT arrived this morning from Menominee, accompanied by her daughter, Ruth.

Mrs. Drs. COMBS returned this morning from a visit to Chicago.

Mrs. C. J. DOVEL arrived this morning from a visit to Milwaukee.

Mrs. W. D. WHITE arrived this morning from a couple of weeks' visit in St. Paul, Minn.

Miss Ella STEINBERG and Mrs. Clara- __ returned to their home in Chicago this noon after being here to attend the funeral of her father.

Henry OSTLUND left this morning for Ludington to attend a conference of Swedish Mission.

Miss Ruth LEIGHTON, of Whitehall, who has been visiting her Aunt, Mrs. Paul ROBINSON, returned home this morning.

Joe RUMBELL crossed the lake to Milwaukee last night.

Donald LUXFORD left last night for Washington D.C., to act as stenographer for Senator SMITH.

Miss Bessie WENTE left last night for Chicago to visit her sister, Mrs. Harry Seymour for a few weeks.

Mrs. Fred MARTIN left last night for Milwaukee to visit her sisters for a few weeks.

Albert and William REINSCH left this morning to visit Oscar REINSCH, in Detroit, who lies dangerously ill of typhoid fever in St. Mary's hospital.

Miss Grace McEWEN arrived yesterday from Milwaukee to visit friends for a few days, after which she returns to Milwaukee for the winter.

Mrs. Harriet SEBRING returned home last night from Detroit, where she attended a meeting of the State Federation of Woman's Clubs.

J. E. TUBBS and wife left this noon for Baldwin and Peacock to spend Sunday with friends.

Miss Lottie WILLIAMS left this noon on a visit to Flint.

Mrs. C. A. CONAT left this noon for Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. C. N. COGSWELL, of Lowell, Mich., arrived this noon to visit their daughter, Mrs. Hugh McKENZIE.

Nathan LOEB is confined to his room at the Hotel Northern with an attack of tonsillitis.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Gerrard of 120 Sibben street, announce the arrival of a bouncing baby boy. He has already been christened Neil Leonard Gerred. (misspelling?)

Will ALBERTSON arrived this noon from Free Soil.

Frank HIGGINS left Saturday for Hobon, Ont., to work as time keeper on a railroad construction gang. Ward CLARK, an old time friend, preceded him several months ago.

Miss Grace McEWEN returned to Milwaukee last night after visiting her mother for a few days. She expects to spend the winter there.

Miss FERGUSON left this morning on a visit to Bay City, on a few weeks' visit.

Arthur SOMERVILLE returned to his studies in Lansing this morning, after being here to attend the wedding of his sister, Ella.

Nels JOHNSON, the clock maker, left this morning for Big Rapids, to look after a tower clock he is erecting there.

Mrs. Caroline RINGEL, age 85 years died Saturday at 12 o'clock of old age. She leaves one son and three daughters. Funeral services tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house. Interment at the German cemetery.

Miss Ella FLATTEN left last night for Duluth, Minn., to reside.

Jack KANN arrived this noon from Free Soil.

Geo. DONNER and wife left this noon for Free Soil to attend the wedding reception of Andrew TOMASZEWSKI and bride this evening.

Andrew TOMASZEWSKI and Miss Juial ZERGOSKI were married this morning at St. Joseph's church by Father OPRYCHALSKI. The happy couple and the guests numbering about 30 left this noon for Freesoil the home of the bride where a reception will be given in their honor this evening.

Aug. PETERSON left this morning on a visit to Chicago.

Dr. SWEETNAM and son, John, arrived this noon from Grand Rapids.

F. J. EATON arrived this noon from a business trip to Munising.

W.R. HALL left the city yesterday on a business trip to Chicago.

Henry OSTLUND arrived this noon from Ludington, where he attended a Swedish Mission conference.

G. W. JOHNSON left this noon on a business trip to Baldwin.

Mrs. David McGUINNEAS returned home this noon from Frankfort, where she spent Sunday with her husband.

P. R. L. CARL left this noon on a business trip to Grand Rapids.

Mrs. Thomas RABEY and daughter have returned from a visit to Ludington.

Geo. NYE and wife left this noon on a visit to Chicago.

Dr. RAMSDELL leaves tonight for Detroit after his auto.

Hiram MAYRAND and wife of 610 Hopkins street announce the arrival of  a baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gebott HILL announce the arrival of a boy at their home yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray WOLTERS of Cedar street announce the arrival of a little daughter at their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morr__ of Filer street are the parents of a girl.

Mrs. Frances WISCYORIK died Sunday.

Gard SWEETNAM left this morning for Jacksonville, Fla., where he expects to spend the winter.

Mrs. E. C. SCHOOLEY left the city on a couple of weeks' visit to Detroit and Canada.

Wm. WENTE left this morning on a business trip to Grand Rapids.

Fay WITTMER paid Justice Richmond $5 and costs yesterday for disorderly conduct.

William SELL of Oak Hill was operated on Sunday for gangrenous appendicitis.

F. W. CLARK left yesterday on a months' sojourn in Jacksonville.

Claude WAITE and wife have returned from Ludington.

Will LUSCHER left this morning for Freesoil to do some work.

Lewis McKAY of Bear Lake before Justice ERB today on the charge of disorderly conduct. He was - during good behavior.

Manistee Daily Advocate
January 17, 1912

The Queen Esther Circle consisting of about 25 young ladies, met at the home of Miss Alice SLINGERLAND on Second street last evening. Luncheon was served at 10 o'clock.

Closing out sale at Miss HANSEN's Millinery Store. All trimmed hats at $1.50. Any shape at 50c. One-fourth off on all fancy feathers and plumes. Store will be closed after January 27, excepting Saturdays during the month of February. Mrs. T. SEELY, Mgr.

Dudley A. SIDDALL, late of Kalamazoo, Mich., has become the editor of the News to succeed Herbert L. HARLEY, who retires to take up legal work. Mr. HARLEY will continue to be president of the News Pub. Co. Martin KROGEN joins the news as reporter. At a recent meeting of the stock holders of the News Mr. HARLEY was elected president, George A. HART, vice president, Thomas LIBBY, secretary and Harry BONNER, treasurer.

The case of Wm. REAM vs. Ella M. ROGERS, trespass on the case is still occupying the attention of the court and will probably last all afternoon.

Geo. KINGSHOTT and wife of Third street are the parents of a baby boy born this morning.

O.D. SHELDON, of Copemish, representing the World's Mfg. Co., left this noon on a business trip to Fountain.

Mrs. Susan SOLOMON, of Onekama, left this noon for Boston, where she expects to remain the balance of the winter.

Miss SORENSON, of Onekama, arrived this noon en route for Battle Creek.

H. L. HARLEY left this noon for Gr. Rapids and Chicago. He will probably be gone three or four weaks at least.

Sandy THOMAS has gone on a business trip to Freesoil.

J. R. MAYRAND left this morning on a business trip to Copemish.

Rev. A. SORENSON, of Onekama, arrived this noon.

Ed. OWENS has gone on a business trip to Milwaukee.

Edward BUCKLEY and wife left last night on a visit to Chicago.

S. J. NOWAK makes a fine court officer. He is one of the deputy sheriffs of the county.

Manistee Daily Advocate
10 Dec 1912

That woman do not know how to buy Good Cigars.
We know better. After a little advice from us a woman can select as good a cigar for the man as he can select for himself. Just drop in and let us show you the wisdom of giving him a box of cigars for Christmas.
F.C. Adamski, Prop.
380 River St. 'Phone 657
"We Deliver."

The remains of Mrs B.McCORMICK will arrive from Esterville, Ohio, on Wednesday evening at 6:20. They will be taken to the home of John Egan, 155 Harrison street. The funeral services will be held Thusrday morning and interment will be made in Mt. Carmel cemetery.

The National Garage Co. has just received a nice 1913 Model Ford. Drop in and see it.

Jim CHRISTIANSON and Joe LITUS were up before Judge GREVE last night, on the charge of disorderly conduct. CHRISTIANSON was fined $2 and costs; LITUS paid the costs, $4. Wm. HANSEN was arraigned on the same charge, but pleaded not guilty and is in jail awaiting his hearing.

C.H. MOREY left this morning on a business trip to Chicago.

Fred SWANK left this morning for Ludington on business.

Louis SAUER returned to Ludington this morning after transacting business here.

John A. HIGGINS returned to Lansing this morning after spending Sunday.

Mrs. V.L. SIMONS was called to Ionia Saturday night on account of the alarming illness of her mother.

Louis HINELINE arrived home last night from Cleveland, where he has been sailing during the season, to spend the winter with his family.

Dr. E.J. ANDERSON, Dentist. Rooms No. 201 and 202, Savings Bank Building. Office hours 8 to 12 and 1 to 5, p.m. 'Phone 203J. Evenings by appointment.

Manistee Daily Advocate
11 Dec 1912

After the special meeting of the water board last evening the commissioners together with the superintendent, clerk, and newly elected secretary, John RADEMAKER, repaired to the Briny Inn, where a farewell supper was tendered to Commissioner FAY, who is to soon leave to make his home in Pasadena, Cal.

The body of Mrs. B. McCORMICK, mother of Mrs. John EGAN, 155 Harrison street, will arrive in the city this evening. Mrs. McCORMICK died Saturday at Esterville, O. The funeral will be held at the house of Mrs. EGAN tomorrow morning at 10:30 and interment will be at Mt. Carmel cemetery."

Mrs. Robert JOHNSON died last night at her home, 239 5th street, at the age of 60 years. She leaves a husband and one daughter. The funeral will be held at the home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. J.J. Staley will officiate and burial will be at Oak Grove cemetery.

Christ PETERSEN, proprietor of the Pabst saloon, was arrained before Justice RICHMOND this morning charged with keeping his saloon open after the legal closing hour. He waived examination and was bound over to the circuit court for trial. Bail to the amount of $300 was furnished by William BEVERLY.

Mrs. Michael MARTIN and daughter Alice have returned from a visit to Milwaukee.

John SEYMOUR left last evening for Chicago.

Joseph RUMBELL went to Grand Rapids last evening.

Mrs. A.L. ANDERSON of Chicago, who was called to Onekama on account of the death of her father, S.H. GILBERT, returned home today.

Mrs. KOGLEN returned to Chicago today after visiting her parents at Onekama.

Mrs. Abe FRIEDMAN returned to Belding today after visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. HERZBERG.

Manistee Daily Advocate
13 Dec 1912

Christ PETERSON left this noon for Freesoil to look after his farm interests.

My wife, Susie STEINKE left my bed and board without cause or provocation and I will not be responsible for any bills contracted after this date.

Chas. PECKAT and family left today for East Gary, Ind., to reside. Mr. PECKAT has been working for the Manistee Iron Works.

Tom SIMMS arrived this noon from Scottville.

Bert HENDEL and John SEYMOUR arrived this noon from Grand Rapids.

Nels BENSON of Freesoil arrived this noon.

Fred NOBLE left this noon for Ludington on business.

Ladies' and Gents' house Slippers, the very latest, at HALLOCK and CHISEL's.

Albert JESKI returned to Grand Rapids this noon, where he expects to get employment.

The Death of Mrs. McCormick
The burial of Mrs. Byron McCormick, aged 80 years, who died at the home of her grandson, William Danforth, in Esterville, O., Dec. 9th, were held here yesterday. Deceased was one of the oldest residents in Manistee, coming to this city over 50 years ago, and resided here up to 10 years ago. She was well and favorably known by a host of Manistee people. She is survived by four children, three daughters and a son, besides 18 grandchildren and 16 great grand children. Grandma McCormick was proud of her children and especially her grand and great grand children. The relatives have the sympathy of all in their sad bereavement.

The attending physician says that Frank TYRAN is resting easy and is doing all right.

The screens ordered for the post office building in July has just arrived and are being fitted to the building by Thomas W. HAW, Jr.

Three booths will be opened for the sale of Red Cross stamps on Saturday. One at the City Drug Store will be in charge of Miss Stella OVERPACK and Miss Edna WELLMAN; one at the post office in charge of Miss Eloise WOODHEAD; and one at the 99 Cent Store, for which an attendant has not yet been secured. They will be open on Saturday from 9 until 5, except the postoffice, which will only be open in the afternoon. The management expects to have another sale before Christmas.

Geo. BROADHEAD left this morning on a business trip to Buckley.

Dr. NELSSON was called to Buckley this morning on professional business.

You can get anything you wish for Christmas presents for cash or on Easy Payments at NORDHOUSE & Co., 341 River street.

Mrs. Fred SCHULTZ, Frank DANFORTH, Frank McCORMICK and Miss Martha McCORMICK, who were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. B. McCORMICK, will return to Milwaukee tonight.

Watches, Jewelry and Silver-Ware make fine and useful presents for the holidays. We have a full assortment. We invite you to call and look around and get prices.
J. BRANDSTETTER, 331 River St. JEWELER Manistee, Mich.

Manistee Daily Advocate
September 16, 1913

William STRAND returned last night from a two weeks' trip to Detroit and Chicago, where he visited relatives. While away he saw games in both the American and National leagues.

Miss Rose OLSON, Sibben street, has gone to Ludington, Grand Rapids and Milwaukee to spend two weeks vacation.

Mrs. Madge McLARTY and Miss Pyrrah GARDNER will leave this evening for Vancouver, B.C., where they will visit Mr. and Mrs. W. H. TURNBULL. Later they will go to Portland, Ore., to visit their brother, Rex GARDNER.

Louise, the five days' old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles JOHNSON, 321 Seventh street, died this morning. The funeral will be held in the home Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be at the German cemetery.

A serious operation was performed upon Charles DAMRAU, 1409 Manistee street, this morning at Mercy hospital.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph KUKLA, Davis street, this morning.

Louis SEVERSON left today for Detroit, where he has been transferred by the Michigan State Telephone company. SEVERSON will act as inspector of privets branch switch boards at Detroit.

James DEMPSEY and Dr. James MURPHY left this afternoon for Grand Rapids.

W. A. ALBERTSON was in Scottville on business this morning.

Dudley A. SIDDALL and Miss Ruth SOMERVILLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. SOMERVILLE, were married this morning at the home of the bride's parents, Fourth street. They left this afternoon for Grand Rapids, where they will live. Mr. SIDDALL, who was at one time editor of the Manistee Daily News, is at present state editor of the Grand Rapids Press.

Manistee Daily Advocate
29 Aug 1914


Thomas McCORMICK aged 55 years, died suddenly in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon. He went to Milwaukee either Monday or Tuesday night for the purpose of having his eyes operated on. His friends here heard nothing of him since he left until his death was reported. Mr. McCORMICK was an old resident of Manistee, having been born and raised in this city and practically lived here all his life. Deceased has no relatives here except a cousin. His remains will be brought here for burial tomorrow morning. Interment will take place Monday morning in the family lot.

Manistee Daily News
29 Aug 1914

City In Brief
Mr. and Mrs. George A. JOHNSON left today on a trip to New York city.

Mr. and Mrs. John STEGENGA, of Grand Rapids, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John GUSTAFF, Fifth street, returned home this afternoon.

LaVerne DAILEY went tp Pittsburgh this afternoon to take a position as engineer with the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Bridge company. Mr. DAILEY was graduated from the engineering department of the University of Michigan last June.

William LAUTERBACH arrived this afternoon from Holland to attend the wedding of his sister, Miss Bertha LAUTERBACH to Ernest A. MARTINSON of St. Paul. The wedding will take place next Wednesday.

Ruby MILLER, who has been engineer on a lower lake steamer out of Cleveland, is spending a few days vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Christ DAHL, Second street.

Mrs. E. CROWLEY left this afternoon for Grand Rapids, Detroit and other points to study the spring styles.

Miss Besse CAMPBELL went to Grand Rapids this afternoon to spend a few days visiting friends.

Miss Florence BURNS left today for a week's visit with friends at Saginaw.

Miss Miriam ROTHSCHILD returned to Big Rapids this afternoon after spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. ROTHSCHILD. Miss ROTHSCHILD is a teacher in the art department at Ferris Institute.

Mrs. Dana BROWN, who had been visiting relatives here, returned to Bay City this afternoon.

Fay HORNKOHL left today on a visit with friends at Grand Rapids.


Was A Character In Manistee Pioneer Days

Had Gone To Milwaukee To See A Specialist In Regard To His Eyes

Thomas McCORMICK, known to many old timers in Manistee as "Deaf Tom Duke," was taken ill suddenly on the streets of Milwaukee Wednesday and upon being taken to Emergency hospital died without regaining consciousness. The cause of death is given as acute Bright's disease and heart trouble.

McCORMICK, who spent most of his life here, left Monday for Milwaukee telling his friends that he was giong to consult a specialist about his eyes, which were failing. He had lost his hearing and has been fearing blindness for some time.

A Character-

McCORMICK was a character in the old days when Manistee was a wild lumber town and a son of Mrs. (Anna) DUKE, who was murdered by Jack KEHOE, her son-in-law in 1891. Mrs. Jack KEHOE, who was almost killed at the time Mrs. DUKE was murdered, was McCORMICK's sister.

The body will be shipped tonight and will arrive on the Pere Marquette boat tomorrow morning and will be taken to Nungesser's undertaking rooms. The funeral will be held at Nungesser's undertaking rooms Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be at Oak Grove cemetery.

Society Notes

Mrs. Frances KING, Mrs. E.N. SALLING, Mrs. E.J. WING, Mrs. G.L. SMITH, and Mrs. L. Verna SIMONS are hostesses at the Country Club this afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard SHORT and family have returned from an auto trip through the east.

Miss Fannie MERRITT of Battle Creek is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles RUGER.

Miss Hazel HENDERSON left Thursday evening for Michigan City, Ind., where she will teach school the coming year.

Miss Helen RAMSDELL, who was operated upon Monday, is reported doing nicely.

Miss Mina and Clifton LOUISELL, who have been the guests of Mrs. Flora MOQUIN, have returned to their home in Detroit.

Miss PALMER of Big Rapids is the guest of Mrs. C.J. DOVEL.

Mrs. Frederick BROWN of Detroit is the guest of Mrs. Charles BIGGE.

Yesterday afternoon Mrs. George HART, Mrs. Sydney KANN and Miss Pearl HART charmingly entertained at an informal tea. During the afternoon bridge was played and Mrs. BURR won the prize.

Mrs. Harry KANOUSE and Miss Marion KANOUSE, who have been the guests of Mrs. E.N. SALLING, have returned to Detroit.

Miss Else EBERT, who sprained her ankle Tuesday, is doing nicely.

Mrs. Mabel STANSELL and Edith have returned from a delightful western trip.

Mrs. George A. AUSTIN and Miss Pearl WOLHEIM were the guests of Mrs. Gust KITZINGER at Onekama Thursday.

E.P. HOVEY of Muskegon, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard SHORT, has returned to his house.

Manistee News-Advocate
November 4, 1915

Miss Esther MERTENS and Mrs. RECKNAGLE and son Julius returned last night by automobile to Ar-
cadia, after attending the STUERMER - KNUTH

Hunting licenses were issued yesterday by County Clerk PAPENGUTN to Harry W. LEACH, William RENGO, John W. FREIDENBERG, John MALINA, Fred A. FIELD and Nels THOMPSON.

Mr. and Mrs. F. F. WHITE, accompanied by Miss Frances WHITE, left this afternoon for Oberlin, Ohio, where they will visit their daughter, Miss Eleanor. While there they will attend the football game at Oberlin.

Ten Years Ago - Capt. Matthew SMITH, brother of Capt. John SMITH, a resident of Manistee for 40 years and long master of a harbor tug, died following an unsuccessful surgical operation. Capt. SMITH was a very well known and highly esteemed citizen.

Mrs. Anna STIRRETT of Millerton was arraigned this morning before Justice ERB on the charge of disorderly conduct on River street last Night. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail. Officer Cierpka made the arrest.

John GOLDENBOWSKI was brought into Justice ERB's court yesterday to face a charge of embezzling
a suit of clothes from the H. W. NORDHOUSE store. He pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and costs, or serve 69 days in jail. He went to jail.

On the charge of non-support preferred against him by his wife, Joseph GALATKA was arraigned before Justice ERB yesterday. He pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to pay a fine of $25 and costs or serve 75 days in jail. He was remanded to jail pending the raising of the fine.

Patrick NOUD left last night on a business trip to Milwaukee and Chicago.

M. C. BAXTER returned this noon to Ludington, after attending to business.

Manistee News-Advocate
March 19, 1917

BABY BOY WAS BORN to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph MUSCULUS, 110 Elm street, yesterday.

PRIVATE DANCING PARTY to be given by Floyd Schaab and John Christiansen in F.C. Larsen's pavilion Tuesday evening, has been postponed until Thursday, March 29.

MISS EDNA TALBOT was the high bowler at a private match given by Joe Madden and Henry Mertens at the Clement & DeCair alleys last night. Miss Talbot had a score off 163 for a five game total. Mertens was the lowest man in the contest with only 103. Twelve players participated.

MARRIAGE LICENCES have been issued to:
George Graf, 29, of Arcadia, and Miss Inez Field, 24, of Arcadia;
Rubie King, 32, of Manistee and Miss Julia Hansen, 32, of Manistee.

EDWARD M. (TED) VINCENT is going about town with his pockets bulging with cigars for free distribution and his face wreathed in smiles which don't come off. Reason is a little girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sunday at the home of Grandpa and Grandma Mr. and Mrs. Charles Christianson.

Manistee News-Advocate
October 8, 1917

Manistee Couple Is Wed in Port Huron Tuesday, October 2

Ronald MURPHY and Miss Mildred HUGHES, both of Manistee, were married Tuesday morning in the Catholic church at Port Huron, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Fr. RHYN. The couple was attended by Miss Laura JOHNSON and Fay MURPHY, also from Manistee.

The groom is a member of the state constabulary stationed at Port Huron, and the young couple will make their home at the barracks near that city.

Manistee News-Advocate
August 27, 1919

When a young fellow is teaching a pretty young girl to swim he always acts as though he hopes she'll need at least another lesson or two.

Marriage license was issued yesterday to Stephen J. POLCYN, 36, of 530 Davis street, and Miss Josephine A. STEFANIAK, 29, 303 Seventh street.

Harold MORTENSEN of the Rainbow Division, who has been in active service at the front for the past 18 months, is now back on his old job with the FERGUSON Electric company.

Manistee News-Advocate
25 Sep 1919


Head Of One Of The First Three White Families Here Passes Away This Morning

John FLYNN, a pioneer resident of Manistee, died early this morning at Mercy sanitarium, where he has made his home for over seven years. The remains were taken to the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Max SHERASKA, 182 12th Street.

Mr. FLYNN was born in Waterford county, Ireland, Aug. 7, 1835. In 1852 he was united in marriage to Mary POWERS in England. In 1853 Mr. and Mrs. FLYNN came to America and made their home on Long Island, remaining there for nine years.

He then came to Manistee with his family and was one of the earliest settlers, there being but two other white families in this locality at that time.

Mr. FLYNN leaves to mourn his death three children, Mrs. William LARSEN, Thomas FLYNN, California, and John of Montana, besides a number of grandchildren and a host of friends. Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at 9 o'clock in Guardian Angel church and burial will be in Mt. Carmel cemetery.

(Note: The date of his arrival in Manistee as given may be incorrect. To be one of the first three white families in the area, he would have arrived in the late 1840s to early 1850s)

Heard in Manistee
Max HENSICK, formerly circulation manager of the News-Advocate, left today for the University of Michigan, where he will enter his first  year.

The following persons secured hunting licenses: Ernest ROBINSON, John G. WAHR, Fred FIELD, John W. MEYER, Martin PLATT, Ernest R. GAMBS, Joseph DESCHAINE, Arch COTA, and Joseph ZAMROWSKI.

Edward FREEDLUND left this city for Detroit, where he has secured a position.

Miss Harreit KITZINGER left this noon for Ann Arbor, where she will enter the University of Michigan.

Kenneth ANDERSON left today for Ann Arbor to begin his third year of study in the University of Michigan.

Ernest HANSEN and Lawrence GOLDEN left Tuesday morning for Ann Arbor to attend the Univeristy of Michigan.

Mrs. H.F. MERTENS left this morning for Detroit, to visit relatives. She was accompanied by her daughter, Esther.

Miss Annabelle LARSEN left today for Kalamazoo, to resume her studies in a kindergarten course at the State Normal school.

The case of Orville C. PURDY, who was arrested and brought from White Cloud Monday by Sheriff E.M. HALLOCK charged with issuing worthless checks, has been adjourned until Friday morning at 9 o'clock.

Manistee News - Advocate
June 19, 1920

The last regular meeting of the Parkdale Community club was held at the school house yesterday afternoon at which the officers for the ensuing year were elected. The following officers will serve for the next year: President, Mrs. George LUMSDEN; first vice-president, Mrs. P. O. PETERSON; second vice-president, Mrs. M. GRILL; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. A. C. CLEMENT. A social hour followed at which Mrs. P. O. PETERSON acted as the chairman. The social feature was a farewell surprise to the teachers who are leaving to teach in the city schools. In behalf of the club Mrs. A. C. CLEMENT presented the teachers with an electric grill and a beautiful plant as a token of the high regards in which
they are held. Mrs. Katherine THOMPSON and Miss Mollie MAGNES have taught in the Parkdale schools for a number of years, and the community regrets very much to have them leave.

Mrs. H. H. TAINER and children, Butte, Montana, are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. O. TAINER, Second street, and also her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. DOBEL.

Miss Winnifred LOVELL and Miss Mabel ANDERSEN entertained the teachers of the Lincoln school at a 6:30 dinner last evening at the home of Miss ANDERSEN. Miss ANDERSEN, who will teach in Kenosha next year was given a beautiful picture as a token of remembrance.

Miss Anna GREVE will return this evening from Hillman, Mich., to spend her vacation with her  parents, Justice and Mrs. August GREVE, after teaching the past year in that city.

The teachers of the Lincoln school are entertaining this evening with a picnic supper on the lawn of Miss Adele BERENTSEN's home honoring Miss Rose REYNOLDS, Miss Mabel ANDERSEN, Miss Ruth HAINER and Miss Blanche GLASS.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward VOLLMER have returned from an extended visit to Detroit, Flint and Grand Rapids.

Mrs. Nelson C. COOPER returned yesterday from Kenosha, where she spent several days.

Miss Vera PARDEE, Detroit, is spending a vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. LaVALLEY on Maple street.

Mrs. J. M. PETERSEN entertained the Silent Eight Bridge club members today.

Miss Grace ANDERSEN will return this evening from Lansing, where she spent several days.

Miss Helen ANDERSON has returned from the University of Michigan to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. ANDERSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric LARSON, Sixth street, entertained at dinner last evening in honor of Mrs. Charles W. NELSON, Cadillac. Covers were laid for 14.

Mrs. E. PETERSON and daughter, Helen, have returned from Buffalo, N.Y., after spending two weeks with relatives. Miss Mabel PETERSON, daughter of the former and clerk in the county clerk's office, has also returned from a vacation to Grand Rapids.

Children's Day Program
Because of Children's Day tomorrow in the Congregational church the morning services and Sunday school will not be conducted but a fine program has been arranged for the mothers and the public by the primary department at graduation of the little folks. Supplementing this feature the High school baccalaureate address will be given by Dr. A. F. HESS in the evening at 7:30. A large attendance is also requested at the Forum class, as plans will be made for the Forum picnic to be given soon.

The following program will be given tomorrow, including the reception of members and baptism of children: Roll call of the cradle roll; recitation by Emogene EDIE, Helen BELOW, Donald BERGLUND and Peggie ROBINSON; prayer for the babiies, James WISWELL; graduation and baptism song, "I'm Very Glad That Spring Has Come." This program will be given by the primary department.

The third grade program follows: Greetings by Ruth CLARKSON; Rosebud, Misses Margaret MARKLE, Margaret MILLER, Harriet CLARK and Dorothy CRON; recitation, Donald HITTLE; "Yellow Buttercups," beginners; recitation, Pearl HANSEN; song, Gertrude MARKLE; recitation, Cora NIELSEN, recitation, Williard ZIEGENHAGEN, James WISWELL, Dick EMUNSON; Japanese song; recitations, Walter TRACY, Jean MILLER, Corrine VOLLMER, Marjorie WISWELL, Edith JOHNSON; song, Marguerite HASKINS; The Flower, by the school; ten commandments, and third grade graduation.

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